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One of the best in the Mediterranean region Built on a 5500m2 closed area, the hospital offers services to the entire Mediterranean region, especially in Antalya province, with a total of 30 intensive care beds and 75 beds, including 16 incubated Newborn Intensive Care Units, 6 internal, 6 surgical and 2 coronary. 24/7 uninterrupted health service is provided to patients with departments of Anesthesia and reanimation, brain and neurosurgery, nutrition and dietetics, biochemistry, dermatology, child health and diseases, oral and dental diseases, physical therapy and rehabilitation, general surgery, eye diseases, chest diseases, internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology and obstetrics, With departments such as ENT, neurology, orthopedics and traumatology, radiology, urology, cardiology and emergency departments, hair transplantation, rehabilitation center, imaging center, laser hair removal unit, endoscopy unit, internal, surgical and coronary intensive care units and neonatal intensive care unit.


Emergency Service

In the emergency department, observation rooms equipped with Modern medical devices, the first treatment and observations of patients are carried out by experienced doctors.

Oral and Dental Health - Dentistry

This department consists of aesthetic dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, implant specialists, Periodontologists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, endodontics specialists, certified dental technicians and dental health nurses.

Anesthesia and reanimation

In this unit, applications designed to ensure that patients do not feel pain during surgery, do not remember the operation after surgery, and comfort are performed.

Nutrition and Dietetics

It provides patients with healthy eating habits, programming disease-specific nutritional therapy in inpatient services and outpatient clinics, and organizing the necessary nutritional support therapy in the patient's recovery process.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It is a branch of medicine that uses surgical methods to treat and prevent diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system.


Biochemical mechanisms in health and disease, prevention of diseases, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring in the construction of the test results, medical reviews, laboratory diagnosis and counseling is a medical specialty that includes clinicians and patients.

Child Health and diseases

In addition to treating children's diseases with experienced specialist physician staff, sound child monitoring is also carried out.


Internal Medicine

It is the unit where the diagnosis and treatment of all internal diseases are carried out successfully.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

Within the scope of the treatments in the physical medicine and rehabilitation discipline, it also provides services in the evaluation and treatment of sports injuries, the biodex isokinetic system and the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system diseases and neurological diseases.


In this department, there are endoscopy units prepared in ideal conditions for endoscopic examination and procedures that prioritize patient comfort and where doctors and medical personnel can work comfortably.

General Surgery

24-hour service is provided with applications containing the latest technological innovations and expert, experienced staff.


All respiratory-related diseases are treated by specialists.

Eye Diseases

All eye diseases are treated with the support of state-of-the-art medical devices.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

This unit provides services for women and newborn babies with advanced technology facilities.


The service is provided with the understanding of protecting heart health and diagnosing and treating heart diseases at world standards.


In this department, diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat and related head and neck diseases are carried out.


In this department, measures are taken to identify diseases caused by microbes, to find out which microbe is responsible for a disease or symptom, to recommend drugs or strategies for treatment, and to protect against diseases.


In this unit, the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system examine the diseases of the muscles, diagnosis and treatment applications other than surgery are carried out.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit serves babies in need of intensive care.


Orthopedics and Traumatology

The diagnosis and treatment of diseases that develop in the musculoskeletal system are made.


A team of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists conducts psychological evaluation and psychotherapy practices for patients undergoing medical treatment in our hospitals, people who are admitted with psychological problems, and the community.


In this department, Direct X-ray, mammography and ultrasound procedures are performed under the supervision of an experienced doctor. The diagnosis and treatment process is accelerated by preparing reports in the radiology department, which serves its patients 24/7.


Rheumatology is a top branch of the Department of Internal Medicine and serves in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Hair Transplantation

In cases where hair loss continues despite the medical treatments applied, hair transplantation, which is a surgical method, can be applied.


Urology is a surgical medical science that deals with the urinary tract and organs of men and women, as well as the male reproductive organs and deals with diseases of these systems.

Intensive Care Units

Intensive care is the unit where patients at serious risk of life are treated.

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