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Surgical Branches

It is the general name of the units where surgical operations required for the treatment of many diseases are performed. It contains more than 15 different units. Surgical treatment of many diseases can be done. It serves with its well-equipped equipment, specialist surgeons and doctors, experienced nurses and healthcare team.

Internal Branches

These are units reserved for diseases that do not require surgery and require treatment. There are separate units for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. This name is the generic name of this department. A separate unit has been established for the treatment of each disease in the hospital, and specialist doctors work in these departments.

Clinical laboratories

It is the laboratories that detect diseases and conduct the necessary analysis and tests for patients. There are many different test centers, and the function of each laboratory is different. These fully equipped laboratories are important for early diagnosis of diseases.


In this unit, it provides continuous services to patients for the detection and diagnosis of various diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases are carried out in all areas of Health Sciences through imaging methods in the hospital.

Intensive Care Units

These are the units where patients at risk of life are treated. They are the most important and sensitive units of the hospital. There are separate intensive care units for children and adults.


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Accident and Emergency
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