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Emergency services and ambulance services

When a decision is made on emergency intervention and transportation to a medical facility, the necessary intervention is carried out in all kinds of health problems, from non-life-threatening emergencies to resuscitation and advanced life support.

Anesthesia and reanimation

In this unit, anesthesia methods are applied, which vary depending on the characteristics of the operations and the condition of the patient. For this reason, all patients who will have surgery are evaluated by an anesthesiologist before the operation and prepared for the operation by determining the type of surgery and the anesthesia method that best suits them.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Healthy eating programs ensure that patients achieve their ideal weight and live a healthy life. Specialist dietitians work in the unit.

Child Health and diseases

This department provides services in the light of evidence-based science for the health of children from birth to 15 years of age, preventive medicine services, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of their diseases with its specialist doctor staff.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

In this department, the diagnosis and treatment of structural problems and diseases that develop in the musculoskeletal system, both congenital and subsequently, are performed.

General Surgery

Patients are evaluated and treated by experienced surgeons with a multidisciplinary approach in coordination with other departments in the light of current scientific data.

Eye Diseases

It provides world-class services using the most advanced technological facilities in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of all internal diseases is carried out in this unit.


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Providing services in the fields of women's health, diseases and birth by using advanced technology and modern medicine, this unit also includes menopause, psychological counseling, pregnancy and breastfeeding counseling.


This unit provides services with world-class equipment and infrastructure to protect heart health, diagnose and treat heart diseases.


Modern and high technological methods are used for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of anomalies of structures related to the ears, nose and throat.


It is the field of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries related to the nervous system of patients.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Rapid diagnosis and up-to-date advanced technology treatment methods are offered for all kinds of muscular and skeletal system diseases and injuries in children and adults.


This department has technical equipment and experienced doctor staff that can meet all the demands of patients and doctors for diagnosis and treatment.


It treats diseases of the kidney and urinary tract, disorders of the reproductive system.


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Accident and Emergency
Creation Date: 09.11.2022

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