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Aesthetic Dentistry

The treatments applied in the clinic within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry are as follows: Smile Design, zirconium porcelain teeth, porcelain Lamina teeth, Empress Teeth, teeth whitening, aesthetic filling, Inlay and Onley tooth restorations, closing tooth gaps, dental jewelry and treatment of gum coloring.

General Dentistry

Dental treatments offered within the scope of general dentistry are as follows: Dental Surgery, Dental Implant treatment, Dental Prosthesis, Dental Treatments, Orthodontics and Gum Diseases.

Digital Dentistry

The dental treatments offered within the scope of digital dentistry are as follows: Cerec (Cad-Cam) applications, Smile Design, Digital anesthesia, Laser teeth whitening and laser assisted Implant applications.

Advanced Dentistry

Dental treatments offered within the scope of Advanced Dentistry are as follows: sinus Lifting, bone building operation, laser assisted Implant applications, sedation applied interventions and Laser Applications in dentistry

Dental Spa

The dental treatments offered within the scope of Dental Spa are as follows: aesthetic Dermal Filler, Laser teeth whitening and Mesotherapy (Anti-Aging).

Dental Tourism

Very special opportunities are offered to patients visiting Antalya within the scope of dental tourism from abroad. There are comfortable service packages including airport transfer and hotel accommodation.

Special Dental Treatments

The services offered within the scope of special treatments are as follows: halitosis treatment, snoring treatment, athlete Dentistry, migraine treatment and bruxism treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

The services offered within the scope of Pediatric Dentistry are as follows: Milk Teeth treatment, protective fluorine application, fissure covering and color filling.

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