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Expert dermatologist with overseas experience Private Assoc. Dr. Ahu Birol Kocalp Clinic was established in 2018. Dr. After graduating from Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in 1990, Ahu Birol received her Dermatology Specialization Training from Ankara University and the title of Associate Professor from Kirikkale University in 2005. Her articles have been published in many international medical journals and she has attended seminars abroad. She also holds many certificates that include her own specialty.



Anti-aging is called the methods applied to slow or reverse the aging process. With Anti-aging, skin regeneration, balancing of hormones, prevention of aging-related diseases are targeted. With today's technology, applications that are now extremely promising can be made that slow or reverse aging in humans. As long as plastic surgery and medical practices are planned correctly and quite different, a wide range of strategies and therapies are used to deal with the aging process itself, it can achieve this job.

Regional Slimming

Regional slimming is a slimming method applied with technological devices by targeting a region in the body where the fat layer and weight are concentrated. Regional fat states that occur in various parts of the body primarily threaten human health. Due to excessive lubrication, pressure on the organs may increase, resulting in an unhealthy and non-aesthetic appearance.

Dermatological Treatments

Dermatology can be defined as a branch of medicine that deals with skin and skin attachment disorders, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up of sexually transmitted diseases. All the treatments that are related to this are successfully applied in the clinic.

Filling Applications

Filling application is a method applied to remove these wrinkles and sagging. Filling application is not only used to remove wrinkles and sagging, but also sometimes for the purpose of shaping the texture, that is, for aesthetic improvement.

Wrinkle and perspiration treatment

Botulinum toxin comes at the beginning of the treatment of sweating under the arm and hand. Botulinum toxin is administered as an injection into the skin. An anesthetic cream can be applied to the area where the application will be performed before the procedure. Then the area to be injected is marked with 1.5-2 cm intervals and botulinum toxin is applied to each point by injection.

Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin Care is a treatment for the removal of scars, spots and wrinkles on the face, neck, chest and hands. Laser Skin Care is the population of heat under the skin without peeling the surface of the skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is the process of sending the energy generated by Ray waves under the skin by targeting the hair follicles and destroying the hair follicles in the application area.


Mesotherapy, which is used for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as well as skin diseases such as skin spots, cellulite, cracks, is a technique similar to the practice of acupuncture with a needle.

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