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Effective treatment methods for all dental diseases Private Ata Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which serves in all branches of dentistry, started its activities in 2006. It operates in Alsancak, one of the central settlements of Izmir.


Teeth whitening

It is a treatment applied to people who complain about tooth color. Special substances are applied to the surfaces of the teeth to allow 1-2 tons of opening.


This branch deals with the treatment of root canals in the mouth. Under the hard layers called dentin and enamel, there is a soft tissue called pulp. It extends from the top of the tooth to the root area where there are nerves and blood vessels. Here, inflammation of the pulp tissue requires this treatment.

Implant Treatments

It is the placement of an artificial tooth root in the jaw to replace a bridge or a tooth.


This section; Appliances, braces, plaque and similar tools are applications to correct the placement and mobility of the perplexed teeth. Fixed systems or transparent plates are used for treatment.


This branch is also known as pediatric dentistry. Some areas of interest; Preventive measures such as fluoride applications and tartar cleaning are radiographic and clinical oral examinations. Treatment of traumas, structural disorders, tooth decay; asthma, congenital heart disease and diabetes.


This branch of science is also called gum diseases. In addition, this branch of dentistry deals with diseases of the teeth and other tissues surrounding the teeth. Gingival recession, gingivitis and gum bleeding are among these.


Made in case of tooth loss; these are applications that allow operations such as speaking and chewing to be performed smoothly. In dental aesthetics, prostheses are divided into mobile-fixed according to their types. Bridges, implant prostheses, porcelain lamina, inlay / onlay / overley, All-on-Four technique are also some of the areas of interest of this unit.

Digital Dentistry

It is a unit where technology is used in planning and treatment in dentistry. This unit, where computer-aided digital scans, digital design and restoration are carried out, is within the scope of aesthetic dentistry. Digital treatments, in which situations such as production errors and measurement errors are minimized, do not require transportation, model production, laboratory time and similar processes. Thus, loss of time is prevented and the patient is provided with a healthy smile design suitable for facial aesthetics as soon as possible.

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