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One of the best dental clinics in Didim Established in Aydin, Didim, Private Baris Isik 2 Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic prioritizes patient satisfaction in issues such as healthy smile and quality oral health, interruption of chewing and speaking skills, which are among the most important tasks of dentistry. In the clinic, which serves patients of all ages with personalized treatments, there are specialist and competent dentists in their field. In the clinic established for oral, dental and jaw health, scientifically sourced health services are provided with the latest technological devices and aesthetic applications. Service is provided in all medical units and treatment modalities and patient satisfaction is prioritized.


All on Four

In Implant techniques, this treatment is a technique aimed at fixing the prosthesis with 4 dental implants, which are placed at certain angles on the jawbone of fully toothless patients. .with this method, the operation time of the dental implant is shorter.


By placing crowns combined with tooth-compatible titanium screws and abutment on the tooth, natural tooth construction is targeted and the tooth root is provided to perform its function.


Irregularities in the teeth are the treatment of perplexities with braces or transparent apparatus after the diagnosis of malocclusion.


It is a natural method of supporting the tooth with zirconium coatings made on the tooth in tooth fractures and cracks. Bruises and color irregularities that occur on the tooth are not noticeable with this coating.

Smile Design

With the Smile Design and aesthetics that fall within the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, deformities and asymmetries that have become social phobia are destroyed. In this method, which is designed in accordance with the facial line, the facial profiles of men and women seem healthier and proportionate.


It is the process of filling the cavities that occur in the enamel of the teeth with amalgam or white filling after root canal treatments and cleaning operations after caries.

Teeth Whitening

It is the process of restoring healthy and clean appearance by bleaching the color tone inequalities caused by factors such as coffee, tea, cigarettes on the teeth. After the cleaning stage of tooth stones, the whitening process is applied.

20-Year-Old tooth

These teeth, which come out at the end of both sides of the jawbone after the age of 20, cause pain after coming out. After the formation of these teeth, which also come out buried, is completed, it is recommended to be removed by a specialist dentist or maxillofacial surgeon.

Canal Treatment

As a result of the inflammation that occurs in the pulp of the tooth and does not return, the area with caries is cleaned. The nerve roots of the tooth, which have lost their vitality, are cleaned with millimeter-tip needles and the filling process is performed.

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