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Erdem Group's best equipped hospital Private Camlica Erdem Hospital was founded by Erdem Group in 2009. It is a hospital based on a closed area of 6000 m2, with a capacity of 77 beds, serving 39 doctors in 23 branches. Erdem Group is an organization that provides services in the education sector as well as the health sector. Its contribution to Turkish health tourism is great. It has hospitals and schools in various regions of Turkey.


Emergency Service

Specialists experienced in crisis type, 7x24 subsequent to making the fundamental intercessions and mediations to the patient, play out a meeting with other branch specialists and allude the patient to the applicable branch expert as indicated by its criticalness.

Oral and dental health

All illnesses inside the extent of dentistry are treated with quality and patient-situated assistance approach. This division, which is knowledgeable about the assistance of Dentistry in patients with careful danger, additionally offers types of assistance in the field of tasteful dentistry, including teeth brightening, Implantology, periodontal medical procedure and endodontics.

Anesthesia and reanimation

This dept is answerable for pre-employable assessment, assessment and educating the patient, rest during the activity, observing the elements of the heart, lungs and other fundamental organs, help with discomfort after medical procedure and follow-up and therapy of the patient in serious consideration restoration units.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Subsequent to acquiring the wholesome propensities, clinical history, way of life and biochemical discoveries of the patients, weight, fat, muscle and water mass are estimated with the body analyzer and treatment is begun.

Brain and Neurosurgery

All medicines and tasks identified with the cerebrum and sensory system are performed effectively in global principles utilizing the most recent information and innovation.


Outfitted with best in class analyzers, all tests and examinations are acted in this lab.

Child Health and diseases

This unit, extraordinarily planned and furnished with cutting edge innovation for youngsters with its staff of experienced specialists, gives a wide range of administrations to conclusion and therapy in the territories of inpatient administration and serious consideration.

Internal Medicine

In this unit, which serves grown-up patients, all medicines are performed from febrile infections to metabolic sicknesses, from kidney illness to liver infections.


Alongside the determination, assessment and treatment of dermatological sicknesses, restorative methods and laser gadgets are performed.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

The most exact techniques for treatment for Endocrinology and metabolic illnesses are advertised.

Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology

A wide scope of irresistible illnesses are treated with treatment techniques that give complete outcomes.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

A wide scope of patients are dealt with, from difficult abdomen or shoulder to cerebrum harm.


This unit serves outpatient and inpatient patients for the analysis and treatment of illnesses of the throat, stomach, little and internal organ, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary parcel.

General Surgery

In this unit, careful sicknesses of the organs and tissues are dealt with. All medicines are applied by an accomplished group in the field utilizing proper techniques and mechanical devices.


Patients are analyzed, treated and checked for lung infections, and for this reason, numerous chances given by clinical innovation are likewise utilized.

Eye Diseases

All eye-related medicines are done with the help of innovative gadgets.


Illnesses brought about by blood-shaping organs like bone marrow, spleen, and lymph hubs are treated by experts of this office.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

From puberty onwards, ladies, everything being equal, to menopause, ladies' wellbeing, by and large routine checks, anti-conception medication, pregnancy observing helped regenerative procedures, menopause and osteoporosis, gynecologic malignant growths, and different with regards to the utilization of Preventive Medicine are made in the finding and treatment of any medical conditions.

Cardiovascular Surgery

In this unit, coronary and valve medical procedures in grown-ups, fringe blood vessel and venous framework mediations are performed with low death rate and negligible confusions notwithstanding a wide range of innate heart anomalies.


All treatment techniques are applied with a-list hardware and framework to secure heart wellbeing, analyze and treat heart sicknesses.

Otolaryngology Diseases

All medicines are performed with Otolaryngology infections.


Nervous system science is a unit that reviews anatomical and physiological attributes of the sensory system, just as problems and clinical disorder that happen for different reasons.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a claim to fame that looks at the issues of the musculoskeletal framework and treats injuries that are intrinsic, gained or brought about by injury.


Radiation treatment and chemotherapy utilized in malignancy therapies are acted in this division.

Plastic Surgery

It gives careful remedy of inherent or gained issues of shape and capacity.


The finding of mental illnesses is made by doctors who are experts in psychiatry, and the treatment technique identified with the infection is controlled by considering various individual, ecological and physiological components.


Radiology is an office where numerous illnesses are determined to have the assistance of different clinical gadgets.


Conceptive and excretory frameworks of people and regenerative frameworks of men are inspected and diverse treatment choices are advertised.

Neonatal Intensive Care

In private and disengaged regions where all innovative hardware is put away during conceivable treatment and care of the infant, it ought to be observed by expert wellbeing experts. It is an extraordinary office held for every one of these administrations.

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