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Istanbul's Best Physical Therapy Center Private Darussafaka Omran and Yahya Hamuluoglu Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center is a patient-oriented Center. In the center, where targeted treatment programs are implemented, appropriate treatments are applied for acute and chronic problems such as muscular and skeletal system problems, neurological diseases, chronic pain and disability due to cancer.


Neurological Rehabilitation

It is a versatile treatment program that covers appropriate exercises, exercise to reduce abnormal novelties such as spasticity, orthosis, medical approaches and Botox injection, accompanied by a physiotherapist at all levels from the patient's bed level to The walking stage.

Robotic Rehabilitation

It is the use of robotic and mechanical devices for rehabilitation purposes. The sensor and feedback systems in these devices contribute significantly to the success of rehabilitation. Especially in neurological rehabilitation, the process of recovery and recovery of function can be accelerated with the help of various robotic devices.

Aquatic Rehabilitation

It is a method of treating diseases and functional losses by taking advantage of the physical properties of water. With the help of the buoyancy of water, the load carried by the body decreases, it is possible to make movements that cannot normally be done or cause a lot of pain when doing so.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

A geriatric rehabilitation program is implemented along with many professional disciplines, including the patient and his family, in order to improve reduced functions due to physiological changes caused by aging and accompanying chronic diseases and to improve their quality of life.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

It is the treatment of joint problems such as shoulder and knee pain, waist and neck pain, muscle and tendon injuries, fractures, hip, knee and shoulder prostheses, calcification, fibromyalgia and rheumatism.

Prosthetic Rehabilitation

It is a therapy method in which amputation-specific pain such as stump and Phantom Pain is treated, which aims to return people who have lost limbs such as arms and legs to their normal lives by providing training such as prosthetics and skin care, wearing and removing the prosthesis, walking with the prosthesis and balance training.

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