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One of Istanbul's most famous dental brands The Private Dentistanbul Dental Hospital was established in 2001 and was awarded the title of Dental Hospital in 2003. Having ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate, the hospital provides 24/7 service. It is the first Dental Hospital in Turkey who gives Franchise to dentists. It has branches in many region of Istanbul.



The main purpose of Orthodontics is to prevent the formation of disorders related to the tooth, jaw and face area. It is also a specialty that aims to stop the progression of existing disorders, treat them and, with it, provide a good aesthetic function.

Dental Prostheses

Dental losses that occur can be eliminated by different types of dentures, such as bridges, crowns or fixed dentures, depending on the number of losses that occur.


It is the main branch of science that aims to protect the health of milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-14 years and to treat diseases that occur.

Jaw Joint Disorders

For diagnosis of jaw joint disorders, some auxiliary tests can also be used along with examination. In addition, traditional or computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are also often used imaging methods.


After root canal treatment, the relationship of the tooth with the surrounding tissues is severed, so that the infection does not occur again, and if there is damage to the surrounding tissues of the tooth, it is aimed to repair it.


It is a dental branch that deals with inflammatory diseases caused by dental tissues and surrounding tissues and their treatment.


In order to treat bad breath, it is necessary to determine the correct source of bad breath and eliminate it as a result of this detection.

Aesthetic Dentistry

It aims to make a person not only look nice and well-groomed, but also the basic functions of teeth in a healthy way.

Oral Implantology

In order to make a bridge prosthesis, healthy teeth will need to be covered as a result of shrinking. Replacing these bridges at regular intervals is not an economical solution. Instead, thanks to missing teeth or implants that will be placed in the cavity of the teeth, it can be treated without damaging healthy teeth located next to the missing tooth.


Dental deficiencies can be completed by classical methods such as bridge dentures connected to natural teeth or movable dentures removed and inserted, as well as implant-supported dentures.

General anesthesia and sedation

General anesthesia or sedation methods are used in most surgical operations and in some dental treatments.


This system, which is one of the latest technologies in orthodontic treatments, is a radio treatment method applied to fix your teeth with transparent plaques made specifically for you.

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