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The best and best equipped Eye Hospital Private Dunyagoz Bursa Hospital has been serving in Bursa since 2012. In the hospital, which serves a modern building on an area of 3,000 m2, you can get services in all branches of the eye. The hospital with the comfort of a 5-star hotel is the best eye Hospital in Bursa.


General Eye Examination

All eye diseases can be detected easily with a detailed eye examination that lasts an average of 45 minutes. In this way, your existing eye diseases are diagnosed and treated.


Cataract is a disease that occurs when the natural lens in the eye loses its transparency over time. Cataract treatment is performed with superior technological devices and may require simple surgical operation.


The Retina consists of 10 layers and consists of vision cells. Retinal treatment is done with effective and practical methods.


People with high intraocular pressure have a higher risk of developing glaucoma, but this does not mean that everyone with high intraocular pressure can have glaucoma. An examination is essential for this.

Children's Eye Health

An early eye exam is vital for children. Eye diseases can be overcome with easier treatments at a later stage. It is a special unit for children up to the age of 16.


Strabismus problem, which usually occurs before the age of 3, can be corrected with early detection and treatment. Simple surgery may be required.

Eye Laziness

It is the difference in performance between the two eyes. In other words, while the function of one eye is excellent, there may be vision problems in the other eye. Early detection is important for the treatment of laziness of the eyes.

Eye Aesthetics

Eye aesthetics include parts such as eyelids, tear paths, and the eye socket. All these problems are eliminated with surgical aesthetic operations.

Corneal Diseases

Corneal diseases are detected and treated by methods such as bio microscopy and Keratometry.

Contact lenses

It is a method used to correct visual disorders, change eye color, or treat corneal diseases.


It is a branch of science that treats headaches caused by eye diseases and deals with common diseases of the eye and nervous system.

Intraocular Inflammation

Uveitis disease can occur with factors such as fungi and parasites, as well as can occur as a symptom of a disease in the body in the eye.

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