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General eye examination

If you have a retinal problem as a result of the examination, or if your doctor sees a problem with your eye nerves, your examination will take 45 minutes with drops. A wide-ranging general eye examination will prevent many problems.


Cataract is formed by the loss of transparency under the influence of the natural lens, which is located inside the eye and allows it to see clearly in the last years.


Problems that occur in the retina are not an eye disorder, but an eye disorder. Early detection is very important at this point. If you have one or more of the following symptoms in your eye, you should definitely see a retinal doctor.


Glaucoma, an insidious disease that makes itself noticeable in the last stages of the disease, can cause serious damage to the optic nerve that cannot be repaired when diagnosed late.

Children’s eye health

Appropriate treatment methods are applied to protect the eyes of children in the age group of 0-16 years.


In childhood, that is, after the age of 2, strabismus is usually caused by eye disorders. A shift in the eye in a child with a predisposition to strabismus can begin after a febrile illness or trauma.

Eye aesthetics

Oculoplasty and orbital surgery within the scope of eye aesthetics are a specialty that deals with diseases of the eyelids, tear pathways and eye socket.

Corneal diseases

The cornea is a transparent layer like clock glass that covers the front of the colored part of the eye. For corneal treatment, various treatments can be applied according to the patient's condition.


It is a branch of science that treats headaches caused by eye diseases and deals with common diseases of the eye and nervous system.

Intraocular inflammation

Uveitis can cause very serious eye diseases if not diagnosed early.

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Creation Date: 10.11.2022

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