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General Eye Examination

It is a unit where a general examination of patients ' eye problems is performed and current eye conditions are determined. Diagnosis and treatment such as visual acuity test, glasses examination, eyelid examination, eye muscles examination, eye pressure measurement, biomicrosbic examination, and eye bottom examination are carried out within the scope of this service.


It includes services and treatments provided for cataract, which is one of the most common eye diseases. In combination with advanced medical devices, services are provided for the diagnosis of cataracts and the elimination of cataracts.

Laser and intraocular Lens

It is the unit where diseases such as myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness are treated. Along with detailed examinations in this area, the most appropriate treatment methods are presented for patients.

Close Vision Problem

It is a unit where problems of not seeing close ones are fixed, which are usually found in people aged 40 and over. Problems of inability to see relatives are detected with medical devices and the most appropriate treatment methods are provided.


It is a unit where problems with the Retina are fixed. Surgical operations necessary for the retina are also performed by specialist doctors. Retinal disintegration, rupture or similar problems are treated.

Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)

Measurement of eye blood pressure refers to the unit in which treatment of diseases such as removal of eye blood pressure, disorders caused by eye blood pressure is provided. Assistance is provided with advanced medical devices for these ailments of patients.

Children's Eye Health

For children from infancy to adulthood, it is a unit where treatment methods appropriate to their structure and age are provided. The treatment methods necessary for children are applied by specialist doctors in the field.


It is the unit where problems with strabismus are fixed. Effective treatment services are provided for congenital or later strabismus problems.

Eye Laziness

It is the part where one or both eyes experience visual impairment called laziness, difficulty in their movements and inability to display an aesthetically appropriate appearance.

Eye Aesthetics

It refers to the services provided to make the eye more aesthetic. Services are provided for various injuries, injuries or diseases related to the eye and its surroundings.

Corneal Diseases

It is aimed to eliminate diseases caused by the cornea. Since corneal disorders are very important for eye health, the services offered to eliminate such disorders are patient-oriented.

Contact Lenses

It is a unit where Lenses are provided that offer a more practical solution instead of eliminating visual disturbances and using glasses. It is aimed to select the lens that is suitable for the eye, ensure lens movements and allow the user to see more clearly.


It is a unit of treatment applied in cases where eye disorders affect the nervous system and lead to chronic conditions such as headaches. It is intended to eliminate and treat ailments such as dream vision, double vision or faulty vision.

Intraocular Inflammation

It is the service unit that aims to eliminate various ailments such as uveitis. In particular, the treatment of common diseases such as itching, watery, dryness and shallots is carried out with appropriate medical interventions.


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Creation Date: 10.11.2022

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