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With the practice of acupuncture applied in the clinic, you can lose weight or take advantage of various options for the treatment of many diseases.

Oral and dental health

This unit, which includes all dental treatments, is serviced by professional dentists. Here you will find everything you need to have the perfect smile.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

In this unit where face, body and all other aesthetic applications are made, surgical and other treatment methods are applied. Different procedures are performed for each area of the body.

Hair transplantation and hair health

Hair transplantation practices are performed for men and women. Different procedures are also applied to the beard and moustache. Effective hair loss treatments are offered by different methods.

Cosmetic Dermatology

All medical aesthetics and dermatology applications are made. In this unit, where specialist doctors serve, medical aesthetic applications are usually performed.

Wellness and Nutrition

Special Nutrition Coaching and personalized nutrition programs are prepared according to the type of diet you prefer under the control of nutritionists.

Traditional Medicine

Get your health with traditional and effective treatment methods specific to Turkey. These methods of treatment are healthy methods that have been applied for centuries.

Weight Loss Clinic

Individual weight loss programs are prepared with effective methods such as detox and acupuncture. In addition, very effective results are obtained in regional slimming.

Varicose Veins Clinic

Among the methods used to treat varicose veins in this unit are laser therapy and surgical options.


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Creation Date: 11.11.2022

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