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With the act of needle therapy applied in the facility, you can shed pounds or exploit different alternatives for the treatment of numerous infections.

Oral and dental health

This unit, which incorporates every dental treatment, is adjusted by proficient dental specialists. Here you will discover all you require to have the ideal grin.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

In this unit where face, body and any remaining tasteful applications are made, careful and other treatment techniques are applied. Various methodology are performed for every territory of the body.

Hair transplantation and hair health

Hair transplantation rehearses are performed for people. Various methods are additionally applied to the facial hair and mustache. Viable going bald medicines are offered by various strategies.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Every clinical stylish and dermatology applications are made. In this unit, where expert specialists serve, clinical tasteful applications are normally performed.

Wellness and Nutrition

Unique Nutrition Coaching and customized sustenance programs are set up as per the sort of diet you like heavily influenced by nutritionists.

Traditional Medicine

Get your wellbeing with customary and powerful treatment strategies explicit to Turkey. These techniques for treatment are solid strategies that have been applied for quite a long time.

Weight Loss Clinic

Singular get-healthy plans are set up with powerful strategies like detox and needle therapy. Also, successful outcomes are gotten in local thinning.

Varicose Veins Clinic

Among the techniques used to treat varicose veins in this unit are laser treatment and careful choices.

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Creation Date: 11.11.2022

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