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Plastic surgery with innovative techniques Private Expert. Dr. Engin Ocal Clinic was established in 2018. After graduating from Istanbul Medical School, he started his plastic and plastic surgery specialty at Hacettepe University. For many years, he gained experience by conducting academic studies, conducting national and international congresses, courses and observances. Procedures such as total facial rejuvenation, nose, breast and abdominal aesthetics, and repair of post-obesity deformations are the doctor's areas of expertise.


Face and Neck Rejuvenation

It is an aesthetic operation that includes eyelid, forehead and brow lifting, Middle face lifting, cheek and neck lifting.


It is an operation to remove sagging in the abdomen after pregnancy or excessive weight loss and make the waist fold more aesthetic.


With the 3D Vectra system, a 3D simulation of how you will look after surgery is prepared and thus rhinoplasty is performed with the most innovative techniques.

Eyelid Aesthetics

In this operation, the main goal is to reshape the lubrication around the eye instead of emptying it, and to gain the lost volume by fat injections.

Fat Injections

Fat injections in large areas can be applied in an operating room and under general anesthesia, as well as in a local anesthesia and sterile practice for small areas.

PRP Treatment

These are short-term applications that do not require anesthesia. About 10-20 cc of blood is taken into a special tube and brought to the desired form with the help of a centrifuge. It is given under the skin with the help of an injector or dermapen.


A special serum is injected into the desired area under general anesthesia. Then, with 1 cm thin incisions, the oils are broken down under the skin with the help of a vaser or laser, and the oils are drawn with a vacuum with the help of cannulas that do not cause trauma.

Breast Deformities

Correction surgery may differ in which breast to resemble which, or in order to normalize both. For this purpose, surgical procedures such as reducing or enlarging the other breast with a silicone prosthesis are made according to the person.

Nipple Aesthetics

It is a surgical operation that can be easily applied under local anesthesia. In cases where the nipple is collapsed, that is, in cases of inverted nipple, the structures that pull the nipple to the bottom are saved with the help of a small incision and returned to its original form.

Breast Augmentation

It is an operation for women who are not satisfied with their breast size and gives excellent results.

Breast Reduction

The desired breast size is achieved by planning before surgery. But after surgery, weight changes affect the size of the breast.

Cheek Aesthetics

It is the process of thinning the wide contour of the cheek by removing cheek fats from the mouth with a small incision.

Lip Aesthetics

Surgical and non-surgical procedures can offer solutions according to the problem. Surgical applications are especially suitable for congenital problems or longer-term techniques for aesthetic purposes.

Chin Aesthetics

It is to change the short, long and width of the jaw tip to gain an aesthetic appearance. The most common interventions are surgery supported by medpor, silicone and bone graft.


It is the only surgical procedure applied for patients who are dissatisfied with The Shape of the nose and have breathing problems.

Revision Rhinoplasty

It is the second correction surgery applied to patients who are not satisfied with the nose surgery performed.

Breast Shaping

It is an operation in which the breast tissue is of sufficient size and is performed to eliminate its sagging.

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