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A successful otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon Private Expert. Dr. Erdem Caglar Clinic was established in 2019. After graduating from medical school, he worked as an otolaryngologist in a state hospital for 5 years. He received documents by participating in various medical training and seminars in many European countries. He has 10 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals and 4 articles published in national peer-reviewed journals. The clinic provides special services to foreign patients within the scope of health tourism.



The duration of the operation varies depending on The Shape of the nose and skin structure, but the average is 2 hours.

Revision Rhinoplasty

It is a nose surgery that has been performed before, but is performed again in cases that are formal, functional, or dissatisfied with the result in both respects.

Facial Aesthetics

It includes all the treatments for the elimination of deformities such as wrinkles, sagging, various skin disorders and a number of problems related to genetic structure caused by various factors on the face of people.

Eyebrow Aesthetics

In order to treat sagging in the eyebrows due to aging or genetic factors, various eyebrow removal methods can be used. When choosing a method for eyebrow lifting, the person's facial structure, expectation, age, type and cause of eyebrow deformation should be taken into account.

Cheek Aesthetics

In addition to making the cheekbones visible with this operation, filler injection can be performed in areas where the cheekbones are located on very weak faces.

Lip Aesthetics

It includes procedures such as lip thickening, noticeable lip lines, upper lip lifting, lip wrinkle treatment, and changing the way you smile.

Ear Aesthetics

Genetically, insufficient ear folds, too much angle between the auricle and the head, or too large the auricle is one of the main reasons why this operation is performed.

Chin Aesthetics

This procedure can be performed using surgical methods or with various filling applications. The method to be chosen varies depending on the problem in the jaw and the patient's expectation.

Eyelid Aesthetics

The main goal of this operation is to eliminate problems that occur in the eyelid due to aging and/or genetic characteristics.

Neck Aesthetics

In cases where sagging in the neck area is only due to weight gain, liposuction is preferred instead of neck lift surgery.


Medical and surgical treatments of all diseases related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck are successfully performed in the clinic.

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