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Experienced professor of aesthetics Private Expert. Dr. Umit Taskin Clinic was established in 2016 under the brand name OTRILA. After graduating from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, he became an otolaryngologist. After working in many public hospitals and gaining experience, he qualified to become an associate professor in 2011. During his academic career, he published more than 40 foreign research articles and more than 20 domestic research articles on many different topics. At many congresses, he has given training courses related to the fields of interest. There have also been around 10 animal studies on different subjects. After this process, he started to serve as a professor in his own private clinic.


Children’s ENT

Even if there are no obvious hearing problems, the hearing of all children, especially before school age, should be evaluated by the family first. It should be considered that mild hearing loss or hearing loss in one ear may be overlooked. Such slight losses can, to some extent, affect speech development, learning, and school achievement.


Botox is an easy solution application that gets instant results in aging skin, wrinkles, low brow, sweating as a result of the inability of the skin to regenerate itself, its application is practical and can lose its effect after a while.


Mesotherapy is a method applied by using very thin and short needle tips. Because the absorption of drugs from here in mesotherapy is very small, the systemic circulation of drugs is almost absent. The number of injections performed varies depending on the patient, the disease and the anatomy of the area where the infection will be made.

Ozone Therapy

Medical ozone therapy is not only used for patients and diseases, medical ozone has bacterial and fungicidal properties, prevents the proliferation of viruses, increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, provides oxygenation of peripheral tissue, has an analgesic and detoxification effect.

PRP treatment

PRP is obtained from the blood of the person to be applied. Blood taken into Special Tubes is separated by centrifugation process. After decomposition, the PRP part of the blood is sterile drawn into the injectors.

Eyelid aesthetics with Plexr

With age, sagging skin of the lower and upper eyelid and oil bags begin to appear on the lower eyelid. It is made to move away from the evil and aged image that begins to become apparent.

Scoop Ear Aesthetics

In short, it is the correction of disfigurement and asymmetry in the ear.

Face Lift

Although results close to surgery can be achieved almost with the procedures performed in our other clinic, they do not have as much permanence as surgery.

Eyebrow Lift

It is a surgery applied to remove wrinkles that run parallel to the forehead. At the same time, eyebrows are also raised. Along with raising the eyebrows, the part of the upper eyelid improves sagging.

Chin Aesthetics

It is used to increase the projection and size of the jaw. Facial implants are most often placed on the cheek, cheekbone, and chin.


It is the removal of the Bichat fat pad located on the cheek to make the cheekbone even more pronounced and the facial lines more pronounced.

Tickle Aesthetics

The process of stretching the remaining skin by removing the lubrication that occurs under the chin, if necessary, is called Tickle stretching operation. The process of paying attention to the tickle, which makes the face rejuvenate, is usually applied in people who are overweight and lose weight in an instant. These sagging, which comes out with age, are also directly proportional to weight.

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