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One of the best hospitals in Kocaeli Gebze Medar Private Hospital, formerly Konak Hospital, provides services with its modern medical infrastructure and large facility area. Since 2015, there are many units within the hospital that accept patients. It stands out as one of the most important hospitals in the region with its wide branch network, advanced medical technology, up-to-date equipment and advanced technologies. The hospital has 17 general intensive care, 13 neonatal intensive care, 5 operating rooms and 1 wake-up room. The hospital, which provides patient-oriented services together with spacious and healthy working conditions, has a completely patient-oriented working understanding. Thanks to the patient focus of the staff, the treatment of patients is also provided in the most appropriate way.


Emergency Service

It refers to the service unit where emergency response is required. In the service unit, which is constantly open, conditions that require immediate intervention due to injuries or diseases are treated.

Oral and dental health

It is a unit that includes treatments covered by oral and dental health. Dental caries treatment, canal treatment, X-rays, braces, bridges, implants, porcelain veneers, such as the field of dental health in different branches of treatment services are offered to help patients achieve a healthy oral structure.

Operating room

It is the unit where surgeries are performed for patients who need surgical intervention. The area in which all measures and the necessary medical infrastructure are provided for the successful operation of patients includes different surgical operations.

Anesthesiology and reanimation

It is a unit where various services such as anesthesia procedures of the patient before surgery, maintenance of general intensive patients, cardiovascular resuscitation maneuvers, painless delivery, radiological imaging are provided.

Nutrition and diet

It is an area where the treatment of diseases based on nutrition, especially diseases such as excessive weight, excessive weakness, diabetes, obesity, is provided by specialist doctors. Along with diet and nutrition programs made by experts, it becomes possible for people to return to a healthy weight and eating habits.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders that occur in the brain and nervous system. It offers both preliminary diagnosis and surgical operations that may be required in this area.


Biochemistry is the unit where treatments such as hormones, serology, urine tests, sweat tests, pregnancy screening tests are offered. Hygienic and healthy samples from patients are kept a priority for all tests. Surgical Service

Surgical Service

It refers to the unit in which surgical operations are planned and prepared, the patient is taken into surgery appropriately, and what needs to be done during surgery is determined.


It is a unit where tests are prepared and their results are evaluated to understand whether the body structure is healthy, to diagnose various diseases in advance and to learn the general health status.


It is the section where complaints seen with skin disorders are evaluated and treated. It is a unit that treats all diseases that occur on the skin, especially disorders such as redness, various spots, itching, and allergies.

Pediatric Surgery

It is a unit where the health diagnosis and treatment of children from infancy to youth age is carried out by specialist doctors. In order to eliminate children's diseases, appropriate procedures are provided for their age and disease.

Internal Medicine

Services are provided to identify diseases related to internal medicine, treat identified diseases and determine what patients will do after treatment.

Dermatological Applications Unit

Skin care applications, laser treatment, filler, Botox, DNA and youth vaccine, PRP application, face lift with rope strap is the unit where procedures such as. It is intended to give the skin an aesthetically more beautiful appearance.

Maternity hospital

It is the section where births are prepared and completed in such a way that they are best suited to the health of the mother. The first intervention service for babies offers services by prioritizing the health of mother and baby.

Endocrinology and Metabolism

It is a unit where complaints about metabolism are evaluated, diseases in this area are eliminated and the necessary treatment conditions are provided. Services are provided by specialist physicians in the field.

Endoscopy Unit

Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, Recto sigmoidoscopy, such as treatment is offered, reflux, stomach, ulcers, stomach acid, digestive system, bowel diseases such as the unit is removed. Intervention is provided with appropriate devices for the detection and treatment of these ailments of patients.

Infectious Diseases

It refers to the unit in which the necessary interventions are taken to treat the conditions caused by various infectious diseases, diagnose and prevent the spread of this condition.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

The elimination of diseases that occur in the muscle and bone structure due to injury, trauma or various reasons includes services provided to improve the patient's quality of life Nov.

General Surgery

Inguinal and umbilical hernia, thyroid problems, breast diseases, tumors, masses under the skin, liver and gallbladder problems, hair, and skin cysts such as services provided for illnesses that occur in the references.

General Intensive Care

It is a unit where patients who require intensive care after surgery or due to trauma or injury are kept. In order for patients to regain their health, the right treatment methods are applied.


It includes services offered in areas such as pulmonology, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, allergy tests, and detection of respiratory diseases.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It refers to the unit where diseases and birth problems specific to women are looked at. It is aimed that women pass diseases, and birth processes are also performed in such a way that they are most suitable for the mother and child.


It is the unit where all heart-related problems are diagnosed and treated. Because the heart is an important organ, it is very important to conduct diseases and treatments that will occur in this organ. As part of the service offered, heart diseases are prevented.

Coronary Intensive Care

Heart failure is a unit in which patients with severe conditions caused by the heart, such as a rhythm disorder, are treated. It provides ambulance service not only for emergencies occurring inside the hospital, but also for emergencies occurring outside.


Treatment for diseases occurring in the ear, nose and throat areas is provided. Medical treatment of ENT diseases, head and neck surgery procedures, treatment of sound diseases, snoring operations, sinusitis operations, and salivary gland treatment services are offered.


Biochemistry, hormone, serology, urine analysis, especially various diagnoses and treatments are provided. All tests are based on disposable tubes. The treatment of patients is determined according to the test results.


The brain is the unit that provides treatment for diseases of the brain stem, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and novelties. EMG and EEG audits are also carried out through the relevant unit.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a service unit aimed at diagnosing and solving, eliminating and providing various treatments for deterioration, tissue loss and various diseases that occur in joints and bones.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It aims to eliminate tissue losses caused by trauma and injuries within the framework of aesthetic operations. Appropriate treatment methods are determined by specialist doctors.


It includes clinical treatments for diagnosing mental illnesses, providing descriptive sessions, and psychologically treating people.


It covers diagnostic services provided using X-rays, sound waves and similar methods. Patients ' existing diseases are detected with advanced medical devices and referred to the relevant units.


It includes diagnosis and treatment of problems that occur in the kidney and urinary tract. In particular, services are carried out for cancers that occur in these regions.

Newborn Intensive Care

It is a service unit that ensures that newborn babies are healthy as a result of premature birth or risky birth.

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