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One of the most equipped hospitals in Turkey Private Hisar Intercontinental Hospital started serving in 2005. It provides quality health services to Turkish and foreign patients with its world-class health service. In the hospital, where up-to-date and reliable technology and targeted treatments are applied, you can receive medical services in all medical branches. It has the most advanced diagnostic devices in the world. In the hospital, which offers services in all areas, personalized treatments are performed with today's current technology.


Emergency Service

In this unit, furnished with clinical gadgets and bedside screens, lab assessments, X-beams and tomography can be performed for 24 hours. The rescue vehicle administration is 7x24 dynamic.

Oral and Dental Health

Aesthetic therapeutic strategies, tooth shading rebuilding efforts, teeth brightening and lamina facade reclamations are executed via this division.

Pain Clinic

It is a clinical branch where more than one branch cooperates to discover a technique for treatment for the finding of agony, the reason and wellspring of which can't be resolved.

Allergy and Immunology

It is the unit where immunological and unfavorably susceptible infections are dealt with.

Anesthesia and Reanimation

General, local or provincial sedatives of all tasks are acted in this unit.

Nutrition and Dietetics

It offers patients smart dieting propensities, sickness explicit wholesome treatment programs in inpatient and outpatient facilities and coordinates healthful treatment on a case by case basis in the patient's recuperation cycle.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Finding and treatment administrations are accommodated mind tumors, cerebrum battery, mind biopsy, pediatric neurosurgery, and spinal medical procedure and walk investigation.

Biochemistry and clinical biochemistry

In present day medication, labs are utilized to analyze, treat, and screen sickness.

Check Up

It is the system of general wellbeing evaluating for keeping up wellbeing in a solid individual, recognizing the dangers of illness and early finding of numerous genuine medical conditions like malignancy, diabetes, cardiovascular infections, etc.

Pediatric Surgery

All surgeries identified with youngsters somewhere in the range of 0 and 14 years old are acted in the Pediatric Surgery Unit.

Pediatric Cardiology

In this division, general pediatrics, neonatal and pediatric cardiology offices are set up and administrations are kept up with a multidisciplinary approach.

Child Neurology

It is a clinical strength that manages illnesses of the mind, spinal string, nerves and oddities in children matured 0-18 years.

Child Health and diseases

It is the unit where all patients worried about youngsters are dealt with widely.

Child and Adolescent Psychology

For a good adulthood, counteraction of mental issues before they happen in youth and immaturity gives right medicines if there is a mental ailment.


All skin sicknesses are analyzed and treated. Likewise, laser-helped applications and stylish skin treatments are applied.

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases

This unit, where chemical medicines are performed, additionally fills in as a heftiness place with European Obesity Association accreditation.

Infectious Diseases

It is a unit that manages the finding and treatment of sicknesses that create with microorganisms.

Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

It is a clinical branch that attempts to improve actual capacities, limit disfigurements and scars brought about by mishaps, sicknesses or inherent oddities.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

With the treatment programs arranged by the master physiotherapist group, you can dispose of every single actual illness.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

A-list finding, assessment and treatment administrations are accommodated all infections that fall inside the field of stomach related framework illnesses.

General Surgery

It is a unit where numerous tasks are performed by expert specialists. Patients are mediated with activities acted in prepared working rooms.

Interventional Radiology

In this division, interventional techniques are performed for demonstrative or remedial purposes to the body utilizing gadgets like US, CT, MRI or fluoroscopy. Along these lines, organs and tissues are seen and methods are applied and hence the dangers related with the strategies are limited.

Thoracic Surgery

It is a branch identified with careful treatment and injury of chest-related illnesses.


It is a part of science that manages respiratory illnesses, hypersensitive infections, rest problems, and the analysis, observing and treatment of tuberculosis.

Eye health and diseases

In this unit, which serves youngsters and grown-ups, all eye sicknesses are treated with predominant clinical gadgets.

Aviation Medical Center

This unit is the office where the first and customary air wellbeing looks at are conveyed of flying and aeronautics staff and their up-and-comers.


It is the unit where blood illnesses are dealt with. It treats pallor, resistant lack, hemorrhages, infections that cause intravascular clump development, blood malignant growths, lymph hub illnesses, and lymphomas, lymphatic framework tumors like Hodgkin's sickness, numerous myeloma, and different infections.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center

It is a medical application that is given 100% oxygen and is a treatment with pure oxygen at 2-3 times atmospheric pressure at sea level.

Internal Medicine

In this unit, which manages the conclusion and therapy of numerous illnesses influencing diabetes, stoutness, liver, stomach related framework, ailment, thyroid, kidney and adrenal organ, pituitary and inward organs, administration is given the most recent innovation clinical gadgets.

Gynecological Oncology

It is a part of science that intends to secure against heart sicknesses and cycles for the determination, therapy and follow-up of heart illnesses.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

All medicines identified with obstetrics and gynecology are completed in this unit. The most experienced specialists of the area work in this unit.

Cardiology Surgery

It is a branch of science that aims to protect against heart diseases and processes for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of heart diseases.


This unit is a unit that serves dangerous patients who have had a coronary episode or create pneumonic edema of the high level phase of cardiovascular breakdown or cardiovascular breakdown at the danger of a respiratory failure.

Bone Marrow Transplantation

This exceptional unit comprises of HLA composing Laboratory, Hem apheresis Laboratory, cryopreservation, undifferentiated cell preparing research center, Intensive Care Units where mind and follow-up of patients after transplantation and inpatient administration.


Tests acted in this unit are vital before the finding of infections. Inner quality control rehearses are done consistently for tests.


In this unit, minuscule and endoscopic assessment strategies are applied with current clinical innovation.

Medical Oncology

In this unit, follow-up and therapy of patients determined to have disease is completed.


It is a unit where anatomical and physiological attributes of the sensory system and issues that happen for different reasons are dealt with.

Nuclear medicine

It is a unit where infections are distinguished with unique Rays. Specialists working in this division are capable staff.

Obesity Surgery Center

Fitting careful activities are performed for patients who need state-of-the-art shed pounds.

Spine Health Center

It is a unit that revises spine issues brought about by sicknesses identified with the cerebrum and sensory system.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

All infections identified with novelistic and skeletal construction are treated with the most proper strategies.


The branch explores the starting point, causes, formative cycles and results of illnesses.


It is a unit where mental issues are treated with drug supplements and is in the help of grown-ups.


It is a unit where a regenerative and groundbreaking treatment is applied, covering the internal universe of an individual, their life, relational peculiarities and current connections that they can't resolve from youth and immaturity.


Finding of illnesses is made with the help of prepared and mechanical gadgets in this unit.

IVF Center

In the hostpital, all couples are given an individualized treatment program, which is chosen by the reasons for barrenness. The phases of IVF treatment are extraordinary and may not be appropriate for each couple. Prior to treatment, nitty gritty tests are performed and the treatment program is resolved by the outcomes. Fruitful medicines that give 100% outcomes are applied..


Finding and treatment of illnesses that can be found in ladies, men and kids are effectively done with the help of a lab unit with cutting edge mechanical gear.

Sleep Disorder

A sleeping disorder victims are treated with regular cures.

Varicose Veins Clinic

Among the strategies used to treat varicose veins in this unit are laser treatment and careful choices.

Neonatal intensive care unit

In this unit, it gives treatment and care to high-chance infants like untimely birth, various In this unit, high-hazard children, for example, preterm birth, different pregnancies, children of diabetic moms, infants who ingest meconium in the belly, cerebrum, and other organ harm because of trouble in labor are really focused on.

Intensive care

General serious consideration and Newborn Intensive Care Units are served. These completely prepared units give life backing to patients battling forever.

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