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Affordable Health Care Services Private Hospitadent oral and Dental Health Center is a hospital that provides services in the field of oral and dental health with outstanding medical staff and modern equipment. Raising standards in dental treatment, the hospital has undertaken numerous innovative projects. It adopts long-lasting treatment approach with its superior technological infrastructure. The hospital, which is the choice of many people who come to our country from abroad, is a widely used address in dental treatments. It has adopted the principle of keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level. It continues its healthy and comfortable treatment services for dental deficiencies without slowing down.



It covers the treatment methods used to solve the problems of jaw structure and tooth arrangement. Treatments performed by qualified and expert staff restore the person to both oral and dental health and an aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment transparent plaque, halitosis treatment, dental treatment with acupuncture, fluoride application, bonding-application Bishectomy, Laser Dental Treatment, tooth extractions and impacted tooth extraction, mikroendodonti, the treatment of external infections, cleanings, inlays and onlay ceramic fillings, tooth fractures, given to pink aesthetics services.

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is the department that performs the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in the area of the mouth, teeth and jaw. Disorders that occur in soft tissues such as the lip, palate, tongue, cheek in the oral cavity are of interest to this branch. Detection and solution of problems observed in hard tissues such as joints, bones and teeth are also provided in this section. Sinus Lift operations, implant, embedded dental operations, 20-year-old tooth shots, jaw joints and jaw fractures are treated in this section. Again, cysts and abscesses in the jaw and jaw tissues, jaw tumors are detected and treated. Dental retreats, implant operations and surgical interventions are performed by oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery specialists.

Dental Veneers

Zirconium veneer, lamina veneer, porcelain veneer, Cercon veneer, procera veneer, Lumineers veneer, wolceram veneer applications are carried out successfully. A healthy and aesthetic dental and gum structure is created by choosing an appropriate veneer treatment in accordance with the patient's needs.

Digital Smile Design

Using the golden ratio calculations of the teeth in order to fit the shape of the face is done. Special computers are used in this attempt. In this way, thanks to brand new technologies, you can achieve the smile you dream of.

Teeth Whitening

It provides a whiter tone on the teeth than before. In this application, which is divided into office type and Home type, which treatment method will be preferred is decided according to the needs of the patient. It eliminates disturbing discoloration of the teeth, creates a white and beautiful smile.


It is the department that deals with dental treatment of children aged 0-13 years. In this section, where protective measures are outweighed, it is aimed to prevent oral and dental problems. Development of chin-face areas is followed in this section and treatment is applied for them if necessary.

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