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Fully equipped high-end hospital The Private Hospitalist Hospital was established in 1992 in Bagcilar Square under the name Bagcilar Hospital. In 2007, the name changed to private Hospitalist Hospital. Adopting the principle of' human first', the hospital provides uninterrupted health service with its expert staff and physicians. By adopting an individual-oriented approach and prioritizing patient satisfaction, it solves people's health problems.


Brain, spinal cord and Neurosurgery

In this department, diagnosis and treatment of brain, spinal cord and nerve diseases are carried out by fully equipped expert staff. Brain vascular aneurysms, arteria-venous malformation, carotid stenosis, brain vascular obstruction, spine diseases, brain and spinal cord tumors, traumas, childhood brain diseases, brain hemorrhages are among them.

General Surgery

It provides services for the detection and treatment of cancers and various diseases other than cancer. In the department, where advanced technology meets expert experience and knowledge, different treatment plans are made specific to each disease. Endocrine surgery, breast surgery, hepato-Pankreato-Biliary system surgeries and bariatric surgery are managed by experienced teams. Proctology Surgery, Gastroenterology surgery and organ transplantation are also in the area of interest of this department.

Eye Diseases

Eye examinations and operations are performed in this section. Experienced specialists in cataract surgery, refractive surgery, cornea, glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery, uvea-retina, Neuroophthalmology, strabismus, contact lenses and oculoplastic are provided.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecological problems, pregnancy, prenatal and birth-related problems constitute the service scope of this section. Diseases related to the Genital area, uterus and ovaries are diagnosed and treated in this section. Menstrual disorders, fibroids, chocolate cysts, vaginal discharge, infertility, uterine and cervical cancer, sexual dysfunctions and pelvic pain are among them.


Treatment of nasal diseases, aesthetic nose operations, snoring and sleep apnea, dizziness and balance problems, head and neck cancers-masses, hearing disorders, throat disorders can be applied to this section.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

For congenital and acquired diseases occurring in the musculoskeletal system, this branch is applied Nov. Neck-lumbar hernias, fractures, congenital hip dislocation, leg inequalities, arthritis, meniscus injuries, muscle knots, joint pain, arthritis, sprains, and bruising in the bond of the joints, trigger finger disease, cartilage damage, fiber splitting, bone infection are examples of these.


It looks at diseases of the kidneys, urinary channels, bladder (bladder) and urethra. Infertility, sexual function problems and assisted reproductive treatments in men are also included in the service area of this section. Urinary incontinence problems, urinary problems, sagging organs in women, neuromuscular dysfunction in the bladder are also evaluated in this section.

Oral and dental health diseases

It is the department that deals with all diseases that affect the mouth and teeth and disrupt the quality of life. It serves to treat many problems such as tooth pain, tooth extraction, teeth whitening, tooth grinding, gum bleeding, gum withdrawal, tooth filling. Aesthetic dentistry, preventive dentistry, implant, 20-year-old dental treatment, facial trauma are also among the interests of the specialists of this department.


Means newborn care unit. In this section, babies who need intensive care are provided with the support they need. It also serves to inform and educate families.

Nutrition and diet

It is a branch of Medicine where people can learn the right nutrition steps in order to live a healthy life; it can cure eating disorders. In this section, where individual-specific diet programs are organized and nutrition trainings are given, the fight against obesity is supported. Nutrition during childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation; sugar, heart, kidney, etc. services are provided on issues such as nutrition in diseases.

Adult Intensive Care

It is the department where immediate and effective intervention is given to patients whose health condition is urgent and critical. Vital support is provided to those who are at risk of life, 24-hour uninterrupted service is provided.


Solutions for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders are produced. Consultation all services covered by Lyeson psychiatry are offered in this section. Oncology (cancer) psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology psychiatry, sleep disorders, neurology psychiatry, mood disorders are also among the interests of this department.


It involves obtaining and interpreting data using various imaging techniques for the diagnosis of diseases. Operations are performed using strong magnetic fields, high-frequency sound waves or radiation. Interventional radiology applications are also carried out.


It is the department that deals with problems related to the functioning of the nervous system, brain and brainstem, spinal cord and muscles. In this section, peripheral nerve diseases, epilepsy, headache, MS disease, brain vascular diseases, muscle diseases, Parkinson’s, sleep disorders, Alzheimer's and similar dementia diseases, dizziness, inflammation and tumors of the brain and spinal cord are treated Nov.


Services are offered to protect heart health, diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. This department, which has world-class infrastructure and equipment, provides support to heart patients in diagnosis, treatment, coronary intensive care and rehabilitation.

Internal Medicine

All complaints of adult patient group other than surgery are resolved in this section. Liver diseases, blood pressure, diabetes; digestive system, blood, inflammation, kidney, hormone and respiratory system disorders and obesity are among them.


Diseases associated with the respiratory system are treated in this section. Allergic lung diseases, lung cancer, chronic cough, pneumonia, obstructive lung diseases, pleurisy, smoking addiction, pulmonary embolism are among them. Respiratory physiotherapy, sleep laboratory and bronchoscopy unit are also included in this section.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is the department that provides services for the treatment of congenital or later emerging disability conditions. It is aimed to give patients their daily life activities again, to ensure that they can return to their professional life and to increase their social life activities.

Infectious Diseases

It is the department that deals with the treatment of diseases caused by parasites, viruses and bacteria. It serves a wide range of diseases, including diarrhea, flu, urinary tract infection, meningitis, AIDS, jaundice and tuberculosis.


In this section, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases transmitted through Nails, Skin, Hair, sexual contact and oral mucosa is carried out. Interventional dermatology applications such as cryotherapy, excisional biopsy, skin biopsy are also carried out in this section.

Child Health and diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children is included in the field of activity of this department. Services are offered in a wide range from postpartum mental-motor development to nutrition, preventive medicine and vaccination programs. Surgical procedures required in children are also performed in this section.

Biochemistry Laboratory

Hematology-coagulation, hormone, tumor and drug tests are performed in this section.

Anesthesia and reanimation

During diagnosis and treatment, anesthesia drugs that will be applied before surgical operations are determined by The Specialists of this department. It is also the duty of experts in this department to minimize the side effects of anesthesia on the body and to take the necessary measures so that the patient can wake up after the operation without disrupting vital functions.

Emergency Medicine

It is the department where the first and emergency intervention is performed in cases that endanger the life or integrity of the person. Emergency service units are equipped with modern devices. Internal and surgical resuscitation, emergency response and examination rooms are available.

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