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Best Hospital of Ikitelli district Ikitelli Bahat Private Hospital, which is established on an area of 7,000 square meters, offers laparoscopic and surgical treatment services in all branches with newborn, adult care and sterilization units, wake-up rooms and operating rooms. Using all the facilities of Modern medicine efficiently, the hospital operates 24/7 with its experienced staff and specialist physicians.


Emergency Service & Ambulance

General practitioners, family doctors, emergency medicine specialists are employed in this unit, which provides 365 days, 24 hours uninterrupted service. In all cases requiring urgent medical attention, the unit provides support to patients of all age groups. It consists of subunits such as observation room, plaster room and intervention room. Ambulances, which have intensive care characteristics, work with the medical infrastructure required by emergency intervention. Aircraft and helicopter agreements were also reached with partner organizations in order to carry out international patient transport.

Oral and dental diseases

It is a unit where treatments for all dental and gum diseases are performed. All kinds of facial and maxillofacial surgery, Crown Bridge and anterior region aesthetic applications are also carried out in this unit. Laser filling treatments and porcelain coating are applied.

Anesthesia and reanimation

Anesthesia support needed during the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is provided by specialists in this unit. Support is provided to people experiencing respiratory failure through artificial respiration. In Organ failure, necessary medication and surgical treatments are applied. Patients ' vital functions are monitored continuously.

Nutrition and diet

Services such as organizing personalized diet programs and providing nutrition education are carried out in this unit. Areas such as nutrition in chronic diseases, pregnancy and lactation; childhood and adolescent nutrition, obesity are included in the scope of this unit's activities.

Biochemistry Specialization

Differential diagnoses of diseases, determination of severity, monitoring of recovery status, analysis is applied to identify diseases that do not give any symptoms. The procedures are performed in the clinical biochemistry laboratory. Examinations related to virology, clinical microscopy, serology, hormone, immunology, Hematology, Biochemistry are carried out by expert staff. Samples taken are examined with modern technological devices and methods. All processes are managed in a controlled, timely and accurate manner until results are achieved.

Check Up Center

Detailed health screening is performed in this unit. Male and female patients of different age groups are given separate check-up programs depending on the risk factors they carry.

Aesthetic Unit

It covers applications made for aesthetic purposes. Laser Hair Removal is also a service offered by this unit. In the chemical peeling process, acidic substances are used; the skin is removed from the dead layer. Prevention and improvement of skin spots and wrinkles, Botox and mesotherapy applications are also among the applications made in the dermatology department of the hospital. Local thinning and contour corrections, cellulite treatment are among the areas where the relevant unit operates.

Pediatric Surgery

It is the unit responsible for performing the surgical operations required by individuals in the 0-16 age group. Tumors and anomalies in newborns, hernias in children, neurological disorders and penile development defects are among them.

Pediatric Cardiology

Heart disease that occurs in infants in the womb is detected in this unit by fetal echocardiography. It deals with the treatment of congenital heart diseases and problems that occur later in children, such as heart rheumatism, rhythm disorder. All interventional procedures, such as closing the balloon and heart hole, are performed successfully without the need for open surgery.

Child Health and diseases

It offers support for the Prevention of diseases in infants, early detection and treatment of existing diseases. Periodic observations are carried out. The growth and development process is followed; scans and vaccinations are carried out. Treatment of patients in the 0-16 age range is carried out by experienced doctors in each field.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health and diseases

Anxiety disorders, fecal/urinary incontinence problems, depression, hyperactivity and attention deficit, internet addiction, specific learning difficulties, self-harming behaviors, nutrition, and many diseases such as eating disorders are treated in this volume.

Internal Medicine

Gastrointestinal, kidney, liver, respiratory tract and diseases are treated in this unit. The treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases, rheumatic diseases and Infectious Diseases is also carried out in this section.


It treats wounds, skin changes, sexually transmitted diseases, allergic diseases and cosmetic problems in the nails, hair, skin, genitals and mouth.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Goiter, sugar, Adrenal Diseases, bone resorption, increased hair growth, menstrual irregularities, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to sex hormones are carried out.

Infectious diseases and Microbiology

It is a unit that diagnoses and treats diseases caused by microorganisms. It aims to cure many parasitic, fungal, viral and bacterial diseases.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Eyelid surgery, nose surgery, ear surgery, face and neck lift, liposuction, breast augmentation, Nov removal, tummy tuck, lip enhancement, Hair, Facial Rejuvenation, congenital anomalies, glued, finger, congenital absence of ear, face and jaw bone fractures, burns, injuries, skin cancer diagnosis and treatment services.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine

It is a unit that uses supportive methods in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and psychological diseases. Trophy therapy, herbal therapy, acupuncture, ozone therapy, leech therapy, opotherapy, hypnosis, osteopathy, Prolotherapy, mesotherapy, music therapy and reflexology are among them.

General Surgery

It is responsible for performing operations on the breast, esophagus, thyroid, stomach, biliary tract and gallbladder, liver, small and large intestine, hernia. It also applies varicose veins treatments.


It is responsible for the examination, examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients with complaints about lung diseases. Support is offered to combat smoking addiction. In the sleep disorders section, which is a subunit, the diagnosis and treatment of the disease of various sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea (sleep deprivation), is performed.

Eye Diseases

It is a unit that deals with strabismus, cataracts, retinal diseases, eye pressure, eye-related plastic surgery operations, corneal diseases, contact lens applications.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecological problems, Family Planning, and pregnancy tracking, ICSI–IVF–Infertility– infertility, menopause, breast disorders, urinary incontinence and serves on cancer screening.


It is the unit responsible for determining Cardiological disorders, taking the necessary measures to prevent them and managing the healing process.


Ear tube, nasal flesh, larynx, tonsils, endoscopic sinus surgery, intra-nasal curvature, hearing tests are the specialty of the related unit. Chronic otitis media and eardrum Surgery, Aesthetic nose surgery are also performed in this section.


It is the environment where biochemical and microbiological tests, allergy tests and cardiac examinations are performed. Hormone tests, serological tests are also performed here.


This unit deals with the treatment of all neurological disorders. Stroke, headache, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral embolism, dizziness, hydrocephalus, forgetfulness diseases, epilepsy, movement disorders, neuropathies, Nov diseases, brain tumors, spinal disorders, sleep disorders, motor neuron diseases, and neurological complications are treated and evaluated this unit.


It is a unit that deals with brain hemorrhage, brain and spinal cord injuries, brain surgeries, brain tumors, and lumbar and neck hernia surgeries. Pediatric spinal surgery, congenital anomalies, hydrocephalus are also of interest to this unit.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Tendon is a unit associated with mechanical problems of muscle, joints and bones. Fractures and dislocations, tumors in these areas fall into the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Cartilage problems, advanced calcifications, meniscus problems, ligament problems, sports injuries, recurrent dislocations and congenital arm and leg disorders are also in this scope.


The use of imaging methods such as MRI, computed tomography, X-ray, fluoroscopy, color Doppler ultrasonography, mammography, ultrasonography, and the realization of Interventional Radiology applications is the task of this unit.

Mental health and diseases

Identifying the causes of mental problems and applying treatment in this direction is the area of responsibility of the relevant specialists of the unit. Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and sexual disorders and drug or non-drug methods are trying to be treated on this volume.

Hair Transplant Center

Hair transplant procedures for the treatment of hair loss are performed by this unit. Hair follicles that are resistant to hair loss by the FUE method are moved to areas where hair loss occurs and do not leave traces.

IVF Center

Evaluation and treatment of infertile couples is carried out in this center. Immunization (intrauterine insemination), spawning classic Fertilization (IVF (ın Vitro fertilization) TESE + ICSI the micro injection (ICSI), embryo freezing and transferring, Hysteroscopy surgery and laparoscopic surgery are services that are offered by the center.


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the prostate, penis, testicles, bladder, urethra and kidneys, male infertility diseases, sexual dysfunctions in men and disorders transmitted by sexual contact are performed in the urology service. Urinary tract stone disease, percutaneous Lithotomy Nefro, urinary incontinence, bladder diseases, Epididimitis, prostate disease, testicular infections, gonorrhea, genital warts, Vasectomy, syphilis, premature ejaculation, impotence this section is of interest.

Sleep Disorder Center

It is a unit that conducts research on the detection and elimination of all sleep-related problems. ENT specialists, pulmonologists and neurology physicians work in coordination at the center. Diseases such as sleep apnea, insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep breathing disorders, restless legs syndrome, parasomnia-night terrors and narcolepsy are treated in this unit.

Slimming Unit

It is the duty of experts working in this unit to ensure that people reach the ideal weight and help them maintain normal body weight.

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