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Successful and cheap dental treatments Oral and maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic dental operations, Impladent dental clinic that operate in private areas such as preventive dentistry, patient-oriented approach, modern equipment and specialist staff serving you. The Polyclinic, which successfully performs the diagnosis and treatment of all dental and gum diseases, continues to accept many patients from abroad.


Oral, dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

It covers surgical treatments for diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaw. This includes tooth extraction, tooth root resections, embedded teeth, and implant applications, tumoral and cystic formations that occur in the jaw. The All-On-Four is one of them. This service refers to the placement of 4 implants in the jawbone on the same day and constant prosthetic restoration. A Dental implant is a treatment applied in the form of placing screws on the jawbone to complete the missing teeth. Sinus lifting treatment is performed due to the loss of the posterior region teeth in the upper jaw due to the sagging of the sinuses downwards and the thinning of the jawbone. The base of the sinus is surgically raised and bone density is increased. In addition, jaw fractures, jaw joint diseases, endodontics (canal treatment), oral hard and soft tissue lesions are also treated in the outpatient clinic.

Aesthetic Dental Treatments

Applications such as digital Inlay-onlay, porcelain lamina, bonding fall into this area. In those with a lack of teeth, a bridge system is applied to the sides of the cavities, which is called a glass fiber composite bridge. Dental crystal and gold dental jewelry, amalgam filling replacement, zirconium coating and aesthetic composite filling, Digital Smile Design are also among the services offered in this context.

Other Services

Teeth whitening is performed to ensure that the teeth with discoloration are whiter than usual. Biological bleaching and laser bleaching services are also offered. Snoring and sleep apnea treatment, total prosthetic applications are also successfully performed in the outpatient clinic.

Gum diseases

This branch, called Periodontology, deals with all the problems of teeth and gums, such as gum bleeding, gum coloring, and tartar.


It deals with anomalies that occur in the lower area of the face and the lower-upper jaw. This includes correction of dental positions. Invisible wire (lingual orthodontic treatment), orthodontic treatment with Invisalign also fall within the area of expertise of this branch.


This branch is also known as pediatric dentistry. It deals with milk tooth diseases in children and problems that occur in young permanent teeth. Fluoride and fissure coating applications are within the area of expertise of this branch. It can be said that canal and filling treatments, milk tooth extraction and placeholders are also subject to this branch.

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