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Milas ' best hospital Private Izan Health Hospital was established in 2007 in the Milas district of Mugla to bring a new understanding of the health sector. Private Izan Health Hospital was established in Milas district of Mugla in 2007 to bring a new understanding of the health sector. It is the first private hospital in Mugla. Since the day it started serving the public, as a main principle, it has adopted a solution-oriented diagnosis and treatment method for the health of the public without compromising any rules, paying attention to the suitability of information and equipment in all medical units for the developing era. It is a fully equipped health center that keeps up with renewed technology, provides outpatient and surgical services with specialized physician staff in its field, and has all medical units within its structure. Result-oriented diagnosis and treatment is carried out with specialist physicians and their team. Medical devices and imaging devices (such as MR, CT) are equipped with the latest technology. A multidisciplinary approach has been adopted in accordance with hospital policies, and health care is provided with a service approach in which patient rights are highly valued.


Emergency services and ambulance services

In the unit with specialist physicians and emergency medical technicians in the field, 24/7 uninterrupted service is provided. Diagnosis and treatment of patients who are injured and need emergency intervention is carried out by specialist doctors in all kinds of emergency situations or at the scene, both in the ambulance and in the unit.

Anesthesia and reanimation

In the advanced technology unit, services are provided 24/7 with the support of specialist physicians and technicians in the field. All kinds of anesthesia applications are carried out with the expert staff working in coordination with all areas of the hospital.

Oral health and diseases

All kinds of emergency and clinical interventions in terms of dental diseases are carried out in accordance with hygiene rules together with a team of experts in their field. Surgery and clinical services are provided in the unit with anesthesia and surgery facilities.

Child Health and diseases

In the unit, methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children and adolescents aged 0-16 years are applied. Examination, diagnosis and preventive services of the admitted patients are provided with the support of specialist physicians. In the Department, diagnosis and follow-up of diseases such as newborn child follow-up, child development and growth follow-up, vaccine and Nutrition follow-up are carried out.


In the Department, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, prostate, testicles and penis are carried out. All operations related to the prostate, bladder and urinary tract are performed by a closed method.

Nutrition and Dietetics

In the department, which provides expert dietitian support in many subjects such as weight gain - loss, nutrition with diseases, preventive nutrition programs, pregnancy nutrition, therapeutic or protective nutrition support is provided in many subjects from diabetes to obesity.

Brain and Neurosurgery

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases and traumas of the brain and peripheral nervous system, spinal cord, congenital anomalies, is a surgical specialty in which interventions of the nervous system are performed. In the unit where advanced diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to neurosurgery is applied, patient comfort and satisfaction are kept at the forefront.

Biochemistry Laboratory

It is a laboratory where chemical and molecular methods of biochemical analysis, metabolism analysis, hormone analysis, urine analysis and whole blood count are performed and organ function tests are performed to monitor the diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases at the request of Physicians and patients.

Internal Medicine

In the unit serving outpatient or inpatient patients, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the branch of Internal Medicine is carried out. In addition to various diseases, adult patients are monitored for vaccines and necessary preventive health care counseling is provided.


Diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of all skin and venereal diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic diseases and Dermatocosmetology applications are applied. After conducting a dermatological examination of each patient admitted to the hospital, the necessary treatment and information are provided.

Infectious diseases and Microbiology

In the unit where the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in the body is carried out, patients are monitored at risk of infection. In case of insufficient outpatient treatment, patients are treated with an extremely rigorous follow-up plan to avoid the risk of infection.

Microbiology Laboratory

Blood, urine, gaita and throat swab samples are used in the unit to help diagnose and diagnose diseases. Bacteria that cause infection are detected with discharge and tissue fragments taken from the entire body.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

In the Department, 24-hour treatment and care services are offered as outpatient and inpatient for joint ailments such as waist, neck, shoulder and knee. In addition to the clinical examination of the physician specializing in orthopedic disorders, rehabilitation practices of physiotherapists are also carried out.

Eye Diseases

With advanced technological facilities, all eye diseases are examined, diagnosed and treated in the world-class service unit. In addition to the treatment of eye diseases, cataract surgery, visual field evaluations, oil laser treatments and argon laser applications are also carried out by specialist physicians in their field.

Pulmonology and tuberculosis

Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory system disorders such as COPD, asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, which are common. When people apply to the unit as a result of complaints such as cough, sputum that affect their quality of life, sft (respiratory function test) is performed and patient follow-up is performed under the supervision of a specialist physician.

General Surgery

Diagnosis, treatment and surgery services are offered for diseases related to the stomach, intestines, biliary tract. All methods in accordance with the latest technology adopted by the medical world are applied in the unit.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Diagnosis and treatment related to women's health and childbirth are applied in the unit serving women's health, pregnancy and postpartum period. In women, menstrual irregularities, hormonal disorder, infertility, pregnancy, vaginal infections, vaginal aesthetic, aesthetic concerns, ailments and serves on issues such as such as vaginismus.


In the unit, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is carried out together with a specialist doctor and a team. It is aimed to protect cardiovascular health.


Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the ear, nose and throat are carried out. Both clinical and surgical interventions are performed for many diseases such as tinnitus, hearing loss, ear and throat infections, dizziness and balance loss.


In the unit where brain, spinal cord, nervous system and muscle diseases are treated, outpatient or inpatient treatment of neurological diseases is performed Nov. Medical devices support the diagnosis and diagnostic process. Patients are treated in the intensive care unit in situations that endanger life due to frequent recurrent seizures caused by coma, stroke, and epilepsy.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, work accidents, falls, sprains, soft tissue injuries and meniscus disorders caused by accidents are treated by intervention.

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic and congenital or subsequent anomalies in the unit that serves as plastic surgery and repair surgery are treated by a specialist surgeon. Treatments are provided for deformities that may occur in the body.


The diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment process of psychiatric disorders is carried out by pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy methods by applying specialist physicians and their team. In many areas of psychiatry, such as depression, mood disorders, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, mental traumas and sexual dysfunctions, attention deficit, schizophrenia, patients are treated by outpatient or hospitalization.


In order to assist in the diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases, medical imaging devices referred to by the physician as necessary are equipped with advanced technology in the unit. In the unit, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) conventional X-ray device, X-ray medicated (IVP), panoramic X-ray, color Doppler, Mammography, bone densitometry and ultrasound imaging devices provides uninterrupted service to patients.

Intensive Care Units

Patients who need life support units in emergency situations or in case of sudden infection risks are served 24/7 under the supervision of anesthesia and intensive care specialists as Newborn Intensive Care Unit and adult intensive care unit. Close monitoring of patients who experience severe respiratory failure or have many conditions that need to be followed up after operations is carried out at the service.

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