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A fully equipped private and modern hospital Private Kocaeli Akademi Hospital is a full-fledged hospital that has been operational in 2001, which serves with advanced medical devices in the field, has a corporate identity and has specialist doctors in its field. The hospital, which has experienced development as both technical staff and medical device every year, provides high quality services with reasonable prices. Within the scope of the hospital, where diagnosis and treatment for various diseases are provided, patients are served with modern technological facilities. The hospital, which has various awards and documents in its field, together with its patient-centered work, ensures that patients are given the best treatment they need.


Emergency Service

In a medical sense, this is the area where appropriate services are provided in cases where the patient needs emergency intervention. Along with all kinds of equipment support for emergency response, patients are provided with appropriate solution methods and, if necessary, they are transferred to the relevant units.

Oral and dental health

Oral and dental health treatments of children and adults are provided within the scope of the clinic. It includes services in which procedures such as jaw surgery, gum surgery, orthodontics and root canal treatment are performed, and patients get a healthy mouth and jaw structure.

Allergy Laboratory

It is a unit in which the elimination of allergic conditions occurring on the skin, the provision of relevant tests or procedures, and the treatment of this problem are provided. Detection of the causes of allergies and the necessary treatment methods for them are provided.


It is the department where patients who are scheduled for surgery are brought to the appropriate state for surgery. Local and general anesthesia is performed to help prepare patients for surgery.

Angio Unit

It is the unit where the detection and treatment of coronary artery disorders, vascular obstruction, stenosis and similar disorders are treated. Treatments are given for the cardiovascular health of patients.

Nutrition and diet

It is a unit where nutrition treatments are provided by specialist doctors for diseases such as weight problems, diabetes, and obesity. Treatment for conditions such as a healthy and balanced diet, weight loss or nutrition during pregnancy is provided.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It is a unit aimed at eliminating common brain diseases, detecting problems in this area and treating the nervous system. Treatment methods related to specialist physicians and advanced imaging devices are given.

Check-up EMG Non-invasive cardiology unit

It is a unit that provides services for early diagnosis in areas such as understanding the current health conditions of patients, pre-determining possible problems in the heart vessels, learning the conditions of those who have undergone heart surgery.

Skin Diseases

It refers to the unit in which all kinds of skin diseases that occur on the skin are treated, the elimination of these diseases is intended, as well as the reasons for Exiting are also determined.

Child Health and diseases

It is a unit that provides services for the control of the health of children, the elimination and detection of health problems that occur until the age of 18. Thanks to the controls provided by specialist doctors, the treatment of children is carried out in the most comfortable way.

EEG-EMG Laboratory

It is applied to detect the effects of nerve cells in the brain. It is an important treatment method, especially for ailments such as epilepsy. It is important to understand the causes of sudden fainting or dizziness.

Endoscopy Unit

It is a unit that includes services provided for the visualization of the esophagus, detection of problems that occur in the stomach and intestines, and the elimination of diseases that occur in these areas.

Infectious Diseases

It is a unit that allows the detection of microbes, bacteria and viruses that meet the body and make the person sick, and contains precautions and treatment for these diseases. Detection and treatment of the condition causing the infection is provided.


It is a unit based on the actions of eliminating disorders caused by the novelistic and skeletal system, treating problems such as hernia. Treatment conditions are offered for patients to regain their daily quality of life.


It is a unit that serves to eliminate jaundice, which is common in infants who have been born early. Services are provided with medical equipment and treatment methods that are completely suitable for the structures of infants.


It is the section where diseases of the digestive system are treated. Necessary interventions are made to eliminate diseases that occur in organs such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines and liver.

General Surgery

Wound healing refers to the area where services are provided for the provision of endocrine responses, especially for the removal of damages that occur in cases of trauma and injury. It is aimed to restore patients ' health with rapid and on-site intervention.


It is the unit where problems caused by the lungs such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer, sleep apnea are treated. Since early diagnosis is especially important in cancer treatment, interventions are performed by specialist physicians very quickly and with on-site intervention.

Eye Diseases

It is a unit where all diseases that occur in and around the eye are treated. Services are provided for conditions such as vision problems, eye diseases, and eyebrow and eyelash problems. Effective treatment methods are applied, from the most common vision problems to less common diseases.

Internal Medicine

It deals with heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, lungs and upper respiratory tract. First, the diagnosis of diseases is made, and then the treatment that is necessary for the application of appropriate treatment methods is provided.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It is the unit where women's diseases are treated. It refers to the unit in which treatment services are provided for women, especially pregnancy control, pregnancy screening, triple test, risky pregnancy management, multiple pregnancy follow-up.

Cardiovascular Surgery

It is a surgical unit that treats problems such as the elimination of conditions that may cause a heart attack, vascular blockage, narrowing or expansion, and is served by a specialist doctor and advanced medical devices. For patients, the most appropriate surgical intervention methods are applied.


It is a unit where follow-up and treatment of coronary disorders are provided. Treatment methods are offered in combination with other services to prevent rhythm disorders and provide coronary treatments.


It is a unit where internal or external diseases are treated in the parts of the ear, nose and throat. Treatment is provided for diseases such as breathing problems, nosebleeds, hearing loss, speech difficulties, snoring, esophageal diseases, throat bloating.


It is a unit in which diseases and disorders of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system are exposed are eliminated. Treatment methods are offered by specialist physicians based on modern medical technological devices.

Bariatric Surgery

It includes treatments for obesity, known as excess weight, in cases where surgical intervention is required. Surgical operations such as fat removal, regional fat removal, and sagging prevention are performed.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is the area where problems arising from the musculoskeletal system are fixed Nov. Broken or dislodged bone treatment is a unit in which appropriate treatment methods are provided by detecting diseases that occur in joints and tissues.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is provided to treat the form structures of disorders that occur in the body due to accidents or similar conditions from birth. In this context, plastic surgery methods allow people to get a more aesthetic appearance.


It is the unit that aims to eliminate psychological problems. It is carried out in the form of sessions or medication treatment. It is a unit where relevant steps are taken to ensure that patients have better mental health.


It is the area where various diseases are diagnosed, serving with medical devices that meet Modern and modern needs, as well as with specialized physician staff in the field. Ultrasound methods are used to determine diseases.

Audio and Odiloji unit

It is a unit where the treatment of hearing loss is provided. It caters for children and adults. It includes interventions necessary to prevent a person's hearing loss. Depending on the situation, the unit also provides monitoring and control of hearing aids that people will use in cases where hearing loss is not prevented.


It refers to the unit in which the assay operations necessary for the detection of diseases are performed. Blood and urine tests are performed, especially for the requested tests. Assay procedures are performed carefully for each patient.


It is the department where diseases such as kidney, prostate, testicle, bladder, penis, infertility, urinary problems are diagnosed and treated. As the specialist physicians involved are trained to apply medical treatment in the field, the right treatment methods are provided.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit

It is a unit where newborn babies are observed under the control of specialist doctors. If a problem is detected when babies arrive in the world, it covers services provided to understand that the baby is healthy and ensure the necessary controls.

Intensive care and reanimation

It is a unit that includes medical services provided for patients to stay alive in cases where vital functions are impaired. Follow-up of patients is provided by special medical devices and specially trained personnel. Patients are provided with medical devices that are suitable for their survival.

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