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Kocaeli's oldest private hospital Private Konak Hospital is a private hospital that dates back to 1995 and started admitting patients in 2006. In 30 specialties, the hospital offers a patient-oriented service along with modern medical technological equipment, where all kinds of diagnostic and treatment methods are provided with specialized physician staff. In the light of scientific studies, important facilities for patients are provided along with treatment services offered in different areas in the hospital, where the most appropriate treatment methods are provided for patients. It has a fairly wide range as medical units and centers. Along with many units, patients are provided with the necessary services. Diagnosis and treatment procedures are carried out by experienced staff who have obtained their expertise in their field.


Emergency Service

Necessary services are provided for all kinds of problems that may occur in emergency situations. Family medicine specialists and emergency medicine specialists perform their duties. Examinations are carried out, the results are evaluated and, if deemed necessary, referral to other units is carried out.

Oral and dental health

Emergency dentistry services are provided here. Interventions in emergency medical situations are carried out by physicians who have obtained their expertise in their field. Various services such as endodontics, oral Implantology, orthodontics, pedodontics, prosthetics, Periodontology are provided.

Allergy Diseases

It is the unit of why allergies are caused, what are the conditions of diseases caused by allergies, which treatment methods are applied against these diseases. Effective treatments against allergic reactions are offered within the scope of various tests.

Anesthesia and reanimation

Anesthesia applications are performed by specialists. Anesthesia procedures are performed in the Departments of heart surgery, brain and neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, Otolaryngology, urology and eye.

Angio Laboratory

It is a unit where the necessary studies are provided for the detection of coronary artery disease. It covers studies to detect vascular strictures or blockages. Modern test methods are used to give fast results.

Nutrition and diet

Diseases, nutrition, sports nutrition and nutrition for lactating mothers geve, diabetes, nutrition, infant, child, adult nutrition programs, weight gain programs, weight-loss applications, food intolerance and food operations for the correction of eating behavior, such as a variety of services are provided.

Neurosurgery and Nervous Diseases

It is a unit that offers treatment for diseases such as head injuries, spine and spinal cord diseases, neck hernias, problems with brain nerves, and various nervous system problems. Necessary examinations and examinations are provided within the unit.

Check-Up Unit

It is a unit that includes tests to determine the conditions of people who have had cardiovascular disease or who have experienced it before, to get information about their general health status. It is important for the Prevention of diseases.

Skin Care Unit

It is a unit that refers to a unit where aesthetic improvements are presented, especially spots, scars, burning scars and similar problems related to the skin. Fast and safe devices and necessary treatment methods are offered.

Pediatrics – Pediatric Surgery

Examination, diagnosis and treatment of children and young people aged 0-16 years are carried out. Preventive health services are provided. Services continue to be provided in a wide range of areas such as pediatric allergy, Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Hematology, pediatric cardiology, and Pediatric Nephrology.

Diabetes Treatment

It is the department where blood sugar control and necessary preventive treatments are applied against complications of the disease in the management of diabetes diseases. Along with diabetes schools, patients are provided with information about life with diabetes. Educational activities are carried out. In this way, people become much more consciously able to live a healthy life.


Detection of skin disorders and diseases is the area where rapid treatment and diagnosis procedures are performed for these areas. All skin disorders are treated within the scope of the unit. Necessary services are also provided in the fields of cosmetic dermatology.

Endoscopy Unit

It refers to the service unit provided with advanced medical devices to detect and treat various diseases such as reflux, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, digestive system disorders. With advanced devices, the most appropriate test and follow-up methods are applied to patients.

Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms are carried out. Causes of infectious diseases, outpatient or inpatient follow-up is carried out. The first main goal is to identify parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body and resort to the necessary diagnostic and treatment methods.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

In physical therapy and Rehabilitation, Pain is reduced in many diseases and loss of function is eliminated. Improving the quality of life and providing a return to daily life activities are common goals. Locomotor system disorders, bone disorders, Nov diseases, respiratory disorders, sports injuries, rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation in the form of status and were given the necessary treatment for the disease of all kinds.


It is a unit that diagnoses and treats diseases in areas such as the gallbladder, liver, anus, stomach, intestines, and esophagus. It is intended for patients to regain their health with the appropriate treatment methods necessary.

General Surgery

There are areas such as endocrine surgery, gastroenterology surgery, breast surgery, organ transplantation, liver, pancreas, biliary tract surgery. It is the unit where surgical operations are carried out necessary for the elimination of the disease.

General Intensive Care Unit

There are general intensive care, newborn intensive care, child intensive care, cardiology intensive care, cardiovascular surgery intensive care units. Each bed head has artificial breathing apparatus, monitors suitable for all kinds of monitoring. Laboratory tests and imaging tests are applied to all patients.

Chest Diseases-Chest Surgery

Services are provided for a wide range of diseases such as lung diseases, allergic diseases, respiratory disorders, bronchial tumors, respiratory physiotherapy, pneumonia, ploresis, bronchitis, sarcoidosis, pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism. Diagnosis and treatment procedures of patients are carried out by physicians who have obtained their expertise in their fields.

Eye health and diseases

It is a unit where diseases that occur in and around the eye are treated. For patients, technical examinations and treatments are offered, which are necessary to restore healthy eye health.

Internal Medicine

In the Department of Internal Medicine, the necessary treatment services are provided in various sub-branches. Diagnosis and treatment services are carried out in the sub-departments within the scope of internal medicine, especially gastroenterology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Services are provided by specialist physicians in areas such as adolescent and pediatric gynecology, gynecological oncology, urogynecology, reproductive endocrinology, high-risk pregnancy. The department conducts birth preparation courses for people and educational seminars for parents. The trainings are given by academicians and educators.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

After cardiovascular surgery and trauma, services are provided to protect the general health of patients. It is aimed at evaluating the heart health of patients, providing the necessary diagnoses and treatments, as well as maintaining the overall heart health of patients.


Heart attack, heart failure, coronary failure, heart rhythm disorders, heart valve disease, hypertension and congenital heart disease, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Necessary applications are also made for interventional cardiology and non-interventional cardiology. Tests and scans are carried out to determine whether people are at risk for diseases.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Health groups offer services in the areas of pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgery. In areas such as congenital heart diseases, rheumatic heart diseases, rhythm and communication disorders that occur in newborn, infancy and childhood, diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases that require surgery are performed. In adulthood, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as vascular blockages, heart valve diseases, aneurysms and varicose veins are carried out.

KVC Intensive Care Unit

It is a service unit where care procedures are performed for patients who are required in cases such as sudden heart disease, heart attack and maintain their vital condition. Care is provided for patients with advanced technological devices.


Hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, dizziness, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies, smell disorders, nose bleeds, nasal congestion and problems are eliminated with the external appearance of the nose. Diagnosis and treatment methods of throat diseases such as reflux are also applied. The same services are provided in the areas of neck tumors.


Services are provided to areas such as Endocrinology, hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology serology. A wide variety of tests are performed in laboratories. Determination of the current status of patients is provided.


Neonatology and pediatrics specialists perform the necessary care for newborns with risky and serious diseases.


Joint studies are carried out with all minor branches, including pediatric cardiology and neurology. There are a wide range of units such as bedside monitor, ultrasonography, echocardiography, hearing screening, EEG procedures.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is the section where injuries, soft tissue injuries, fractures that may occur due to factors such as falls, injuries, work accidents or traffic accidents are treated. Along with treatment methods, it is aimed to return patients to their daily lives without problems in the shortest period of time. Necessary treatment services are provided for sports injuries spine, shoulder, knee injuries, foot, ankle, elbow injuries. Orthopedic treatments are applied for children. Services are also provided for conditions such as calcifications, hip fractures.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Services are provided for the correction and restoration of anomalies, deformities that have occurred by accident, disease or birth. Cleft lips and cleft palates, all bodily injuries, laser applications, head and brain tumors, hand surgery, endoscopic surgery, cosmetic surgery, facial and eyelid applications, nose, correction of protruding ears, liposuction, hair transplantation, abdomen, and face lift surgery genitalia, are carried out in a wide variety of applications such as micro surgery.

Psychology-mental health and diseases

It is the unit where patients ' psychological problems are identified and treated. Sessions and services are provided with medication. Treatment methods are offered to improve the mental health of patients. In cases where necessary, hospitalization can also be provided.


General radiology, computed tomography, mammography, panoramic X-ray, Digital fluoroscopy, such as imaging methods of patients with existing discomfort and Disease Detection Unit. Imaging facilities are offered along with advanced medical devices.

TMS unit

It is a unit in which the magnetic field formed together with the device placed on the scalp helps to learn brain activity. It is used to detect and treat diseases such as schizophrenia, panic disorder, migraine, depression.

IVF Unit

It is a unit that includes the assistance offered in a medical environment for couples who cannot have children in Normal ways. All modern methods necessary for IVF treatment are applied within the scope of the unit. In this way, treatment results can be obtained quickly.


A wide range of treatment methods, such as prostate and bladder tour operations, open and closed stone operations, percutaneous, stone crushing treatments, operations take place. Diagnosis and treatment services in urological sense for children and adults are offered by physicians who have obtained their expertise in the field.

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