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Comfortable and effective dental treatments Private Levent oral and dental health Polyclinic, which started its service as of June 16, 2014, operates in Ay Yildiz Business Center in Levent. Polyclinic offering qualified services in the field of dental treatment has expert staff in all branches such as oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, Periodontology and so on. In the field of cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentistry clinic which provides services and equipment for every patient needs to have healthy and beautiful teeth has the capacities to perform all the treatments.


Restorative Dental Treatments

Cavity (cavity in teeth) is the process of eliminating problems such as cracks and fractures in teeth with artificial filling materials. An example is Composite fill. In this application, filling material is placed on the tooth with a special connector called bonding, the filling is made by hardening with the help of a light device. Amalgam filling and porcelain filling are also covered by this treatment service.


This branch deals with the treatment of gum diseases. Peri-implant soft tissues deal with diseases of the gums, jawbone and similar hard tissues that surround teeth or implants placed around lost teeth. Graft applications and flap operation, 6-month checks (supportive treatment) are examples of services provided in the branch.


This branch, which means Pediatric Dentistry, deals with the health of baby teeth and permanent teeth of children in the 0-14 age group. The protection of dental health and the treatment of diseases that occur are the area of interest of this unit. Treatments such as fissure sealants and preventative Resin Restoration (PRR) are the specialty of this unit.


The service in question means root canal treatment. He deals with root canal treatments. Fractures and cracks due to accidents, dental caries, nerve and vascular infections due to restorations are treated by specialists of this branch. Infected tissues in the root canals are cleaned and disinfected and filled with Canal fillers.

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

The main cases of interest in this science are buried teeth, 20-year-old teeth, jaw tumors, jaw cysts, temporomandibular joint disorders, implant placement, apical resection, and oral diseases.


Facial irregularities deal with problems related to the placement of teeth in the jawbone. Treatment options include movable appliances, transparent plaques (Invisalign), metal wires, porcelain wires, lingual orthodontics.

Prosthetic Treatments

Dental prostheses are artificial devices that contain teeth and areas associated with teeth. Moving and fixed prosthetics are divided into different groups as Chrome, porcelain, aesthetic, bridge, metal support less, laminas, metal supported porcelain bridges –crowns. On the other hand, postcore prosthesis, zirconium porcelain, lamina coating, empress porcelain, total (full palate) prosthesis, partial (partial) prosthesis, sensitive retainer prosthesis, overdenture prosthesis, moving prosthesis on implant, fixed prosthesis on implant are also successfully applied in Polyclinic.

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