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Fully equipped international health center Private Lokman Hekim Akay Hospital serves as an 11-storey hospital building located in a closed area of about 18,000 m2 in the Cankaya district of Ankara. The hospital has 101 patient beds including 3-bed internal intensive care, 3-bed coronary intensive care, 3-bed surgical intensive care, 4 incubated Newborn Intensive Care, 7-bed KVC intensive care unit and has a total capacity of 121 beds.


Emergency Service

It provides 24-hour uninterrupted service with experienced, trained and expert staff.

Oral and dental health

All treatments related to oral and dental health are performed in this unit.

Anesthesia, Intensive Care and reanimation

All kinds of operations are performed successfully thanks to knowledgeable anesthesiologists who are experts in their field.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Experts aim to teach healthy eating and create nutritional behavior changes in people who come with any health problems.


Brain tumors and all related diseases are treated.


In the biochemistry unit, many routine and specific tests from blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other body fluids in the group of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes and electrolytes are studied fully automatically with state-of-the-art devices.


Treatments related to Child Health and pediatric surgery are carried out in this unit.


It serves its patients with experienced staff and advanced technology equipment in the treatment of skin diseases.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a surgical branch related to diseases and treatment of the part of our body that starts from the shoulder and extends to the tip of the finger and is called the upper extremity.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Department General Endocrinology, thyroid, diabetes, obesity, Lipid metabolism, hypertension, pituitary, Adrenal, metabolic bone diseases are the department that deals with diseases.


Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology

It is a specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is a treatment method that provides recovery of many diseases, especially musculoskeletal system diseases, and the symptoms of these diseases by using physical agents such as heat, sound and electric waves.


It is a branch of science that deals with diseases of the digestive system, a side branch of Internal diseases.

General Surgery

It is the unit where all appropriate surgical operations are performed.

Interventional Radiology

In this department, minimally invasive methods and percutaneous treatments are performed with imaging systems.


Some diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, flu, lung cancer, asthma are treated.

Eye Diseases

This unit is equipped with technical equipment that can successfully perform almost all eye-related interventions.

Internal Medicine

It treats digestive system, kidney, heart, lung, blood diseases, internal diagnosis and treatment of cancer, rheumatic, hormonal and allergic diseases.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It provides an excellent service on women's health and diseases.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart diseases and surgical operations are performed successfully in this unit.


It is the department where all treatments related to heart diseases are performed.


This unit offers both medical and surgical treatment services for ear, nose, throat and related head and neck diseases.



The Department of Nephrology is a minor specialty of the Department of Internal Medicine.


It serves by making use of technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve and novelization diseases in adult patients.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system or more correctly the movement system.


Periodontology is the department that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in dental tissues.

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

All plastic surgery operations in this unit are performed by specialists and surgeons.


In the light of the latest scientific developments, detailed assessments are made, further examination is requested if necessary, and the treatment that is most appropriate for the patients is applied.


All mental health related treatments are applied.


In this unit, procedures such as taking images from the problematic area of the patients in general diagnosis of diseases, intervention to the patient through interventional procedures and taking parts for examination in pathology can be performed.

Medical Oncology

It is a unit that follows developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment and applies current treatment methods.

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