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Oral and dental health

It is a unit where services are provided for the oral and dental health of patients along with advanced medical devices. As part of interventions carried out by dentists specializing in their field, patients can get the dental structure they want. Services such as tooth extraction, caries treatment, canal treatment, porcelain veneer and smile aesthetics are provided.

Anesthesia and reanimation

It is a unit where anesthesia applications are performed, which are necessary before various operations, and after surgery, patients are wake-up and rest operations are performed. Depending on the operation, local or general anesthesia can be applied.

Emergency Service

It is a 24-hour service unit for emergency situations, trauma and illness. An emergency situation is eliminated with intervention, and depending on the situation, patients are referred to other hospital units. Thanks to the ambulance service, medical personnel are also provided to the point of emergency.


The method, which has been involved in traditional medicine, is given by doctors trained in this field. Various hernia treatment aims to eliminate problems such as migraines and headaches, allergic diseases, Restless Leg Syndrome.

Nutrition and diet

Obesity is the area where appropriate nutrition diets and programs are prepared for problems such as obesity, weight loss or inability to gain weight. Programs that will allow patients to stay at their ideal weight are prepared by dietitians specializing in the field.

Brain and Neurosurgery

The brain system is a unit in which operations to be performed in the brain and nervous systems, especially in areas affected by nerves, are performed. Interventions are provided by experienced specialist physicians in their field, as they must be done carefully and privately.


It is a unit where various diseases are detected and tests for these diseases are performed. After the detection of diseases, patients are referred to the necessary units.

Check-Up Home Immunity Test

It is a unit of service provided to determine the current health status of patients. In particular, patients who have experienced cardiovascular problems should do so. Test results are taken for short periods of time.

Child Health and diseases

It is a unit where general diseases and health conditions of children up to the age of 17 are identified and treated. Children are provided with medical services from common diseases to rarer diseases with specially developed devices and treatment methods.

Pediatric Surgery

It is a unit where surgical operations are performed for children. It is based on surgery for diseases that are innate or occur later.

Pediatric Cardiology

It serves to detect heart conditions in children up to the age of 18. Because heart conditions are common, especially in children, they can create serious problems if they are not treated.

Child Neurology

It is based on the detection and treatment of brain, spinal cord, nerve and novelistic disorders in children up to 18 years of age. Doctors are experts in the field, especially in the department where services are provided for the purpose of investigating the causes of diseases, finding the necessary care and treatment methods.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

It is the part where clinical support is given to make the process of puberty much easier. It is possible with various techniques for children to spend their troubled adolescence physically and psychologically unharmed.


It includes services provided for the protection of skin health, especially for skin disorders such as redness, spotting, allergies, psoriasis, hives, blistering. It also has diagnostic methods for detecting skin values.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

High blood pressure, obesity, insulin resistance, eating disorders, diabetes, such as disorders, especially the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by metabolism is the unit.

Infectious diseases and Microbiology

It is aimed to treat diseases caused by microbes, bacteria and viruses. In addition to diagnostic services for such ailments, medication or surgery can be provided.

Hand Surgery

It is the part where conditions such as breaks, injuries and fractures that occur in the hands and fingers are treated. Only the limbs of the hand are treated. It also provides treatment for conditions such as congenital hand and finger distortions.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It involves treating muscle, nerve and skeletal problems that occur Novation or later. It is aimed to eliminate or minimize loss of function that reduces the quality of life and causes discomfort to patients.


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases within the scope of Pulmonology are provided. Treatment methods are given for diseases that occur in the lower and upper respiratory tract, especially in the lungs.

General Surgery

Healing of wounds is a unit in which surgical operations are performed for areas such as goiter, esophagus, stomach, intestines, anus, hernias, and gallbladder. Surgical operations are completed by specialist physicians.


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in parts of the esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas are performed. Endoscopic applications are also included in the structure of medical treatments of organs belonging to the digestive system.

Thoracic Surgery

It includes treating diseases that occur in all organs and regions, except the heart and main vessels located in the chest cavity, performing surgical operations. Accordingly, deformations, tumors and surgical diseases are treated.

Eye health and diseases

It is the department where follow-up, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in and around the eye are performed. From simple eye problems to more risky diseases such as vision loss, the necessary intervention and treatment methods are given.

General Intensive Care

It is a unit where patients at serious risk of life are treated. Intervention is provided with specialist physician staff and advanced medical devices to ensure that they circumvent their life risks. It is aimed that patients who are under 24-hour supervision will regain their health in a short time.

Interventional Radiology

It covers the services provided to identify and display the existing diseases of patients and to find the most appropriate treatment methods for these diseases. It is also possible to apply for all vascular treatments.

Internal Medicine

Examination, treatment and follow-up of patients aged 15 and over are carried out. In this context, it is possible to determine diseases in advance by using tests such as tests, assays, EKGs. Services are provided for the detection and treatment of diseases such as upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, infection, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid.


It is the unit given for the prevention and treatment of heart diseases. As a result of examinations and treatments carried out by specialist and academic doctors, it is aimed to eliminate the heart-related problems of patients.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Services are provided for diseases such as diseases, congestion or tissue disorders that occur in the heart and vessels. CGM test, ABI test, angiography, By-Pass methods, especially operations in this area are provided.


It is aimed to detect and treat diseases that occur in the ear, nose and throat areas. It is a unit where problems such as ear tumors, ear inflammation, inner ear disorders, nasal bone and respiratory tract problems, oral inflammation, throat bloating, tonsils are treated.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It includes the areas of providing treatment for diseases seen in women, pregnancy monitoring, pregnancy treatment, childbirth and postpartum intervention. In this way, advanced treatment methods are applied for the health of women and pregnant women.

Laboratory Services

It includes testing services to detect diseases and best evaluate them in the relevant units. As part of the results made with advanced medical test devices, patients can learn about their current condition.

Medical Oncology

It is a service unit where treatment processes and follow-up plans are made for patients diagnosed with cancer. In this context, treatment is offered with the help of other disciplines such as radiology, radiation, pathology for the execution of the cancer process.


It is a unit that allows the detection of diseases caused by microorganisms by various tests. It includes studies on the treatment of diseases caused by this condition.


It is a unit that deals with diseases caused by the nervous system. Brain vascular diseases, epilepsy, chronic headache, dementia, movement disorder, sleep disorder, such as the treatment of diseases related to the nervous system is provided.

Nuclear Medicine

It is the section where radioactive substances are used to evaluate Organ functions. It allows patients to make early diagnosis. It is preferred in the diagnosis of diseases in many regions using advanced imaging devices and techniques.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Diseases caused by muscle and novelization are treated with the help of technological medical devices and led by specialist physicians. It is aimed to restore the living standards of patients.


It is a unit where psychological treatments are offered in a clinical sense. Especially drug treatment methods are preferred. It is aimed to provide treatment for patients who are psychologically seriously ill and to achieve a healthy mental structure.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

It offers services for congenital or later dysfunctions. In this context, aesthetic intervention is provided in various areas such as facial disfigurement, cleft lip and palate, jaw and facial bone structures, breast aesthetics.


It serves to eliminate disorders in cells and tissues. It is especially important for the detection and treatment of tumor cases. Various testing methods are applied for patients.


It is a service unit that aims to eliminate psychological problems encountered in daily life through indoctrination. For services to non-severe cases. It is aimed to restore the health of patients by performing sessions.


It includes the detection and treatment of rheumatic diseases and skeletal and novelistic diseases. All diagnoses and treatments are carried out by specialist doctors in the field and the body is provided with a general state of Health.

Radiation Oncology

It is used for the detection and treatment of cancers. It is aimed to destroy cancer cells with radiation rays and, accordingly, to clean, shrink and prevent their growth.


It is the unit where test and observation services such as X-ray, mammoth, densitometry are provided. It is used for the diagnosis of many diseases.

Medical Genetics

It is a unit where gender development disorders, growth and development retardation, inbreeding, lack of children and rare diseases are evaluated and treated.


In men and women, treatment of diseases that occur in the urinary tract and reproductive organs is provided. In this context, it is the unit where all diseases related to organs such as kidney, ureters, bladder, testicles, penis, and prostate gland are treated.

Neonatal Intensive Care

In case of various ailments in newborn babies, this is the area where babies are kept under observation. Advanced technology devices provide services for babies to be healthy and control is provided by specialist doctors.


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