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Kadikoy Hospital of Medicana Health Group Established in 2017, private Medicana Kadıköy Hospital has academic physician staff and modern medical technology. The closed area of this hospital, consisting of 12 floors, is 15 thousand square meters. It serves 7 adult intensive care beds, operating rooms, neonatal care units, outpatient examination rooms, isolation rooms and disabled patient rooms.


Oral and dental health

Diseases of the mouth, jaw, teeth and gums are diagnosed in this unit and treated accordingly. Tooth extraction, tooth pains, teeth whitening process, gingival bleeding, fillings are among them.

Anesthesia and reanimation

This unit provides the anesthesia support needed in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In Organ failure, respiratory distress, the necessary vital support is also given by this unit.

Emergency Service

It is the duty of this branch to make emergency and first intervention when the integrity of the person's life is compromised and to direct it to the relevant unit for the continuation of treatment.

Nutrition and diet

It provides services in areas such as providing nutrition trainings specific to the person, organizing nutrition programs, nutrition in special cases and diseases, obesity.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It deals with diseases in the nervous system that require surgical treatment, such as spinal and brain injuries, brain hemorrhages, brain operations, tumors, hernia operations, congenital anomalies.

Child Psychology

It is the unit responsible for diagnosing and treating children's mental problems.

Child Health and diseases

Monitoring growth and development, timely delivery of the necessary vaccines, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases are of interest in this section.


It performs the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, scalp diseases, hair loss, nail diseases. It also deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oil and sweat gland-related diseases, allergies, pigmentation disorders, and skin cancers.

Infectious Diseases

From harmful microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc.) deals with the treatment of diseases caused.

Home Health Care Services

It includes care of infant, elderly and elderly patients, post-operative care, covid-19 at home, check-up, laboratory, doctor and nursing services.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Diseases related to adrenal glands, sugar and goiter, increased hair growth, menstrual irregularities, and diseases related to sex hormones are included in the treatment area of this unit.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

Performs the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to joint tissue, ligaments and muscles.

General Surgery

General surgery, which offers a wide range of services from cancer to obesity, is a department served by modern technological facilities and specialist surgeons.


Diagnosis and treatment procedures for stomach, intestines, and esophagus, liver and pancreas disorders are performed by this unit.


It is the unit responsible for problems and allergies associated with the respiratory system. Cough, pneumonia, allergic lung diseases, asthma are some of them.

Eye Diseases

It is the department where eye examinations, diagnosis and treatment procedures are performed in eye diseases. Strabismus, cataract, contact lens, ocuplastic, cornea, glaucoma are among them.

Thoracic Surgery

Surgical diseases of the parts that make up the chest and rib cage are treated in this section. (Breast diseases are out of this.)

Internal Medicine

Diseases related to metabolism, kidneys, liver, circulatory and digestive system disorders, febrile diseases, etc. it is the department where diagnosis and treatment services are offered in many disease groups.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Normal and cesarean delivery, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological problems, gynecological surgeries, vaginal plastic surgery, and urological surgeries are in the area of interest of this unit.


Diseases of the throat, nose and Ear, Hearing Loss, rhinoplasty, tonsillitis, and diseases of the eardrum, dizziness, sinus surgery, and olfactory disorders are some areas of interest in this unit.


It is science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Heart failure, rhythm disorders, heart valve failure are among them.

Cardiovascular Surgery

It is a unit that deals with surgical treatment of congenital or acquired heart diseases.

Medical Oncology

It is the unit responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer types.


Muscle diseases, disorders associated with the brain and nervous system, forgetfulness, dementia, Alzheimer's, headaches, migraines, epilepsy, sleep disorders are some areas of interest in this unit.


It is the department where diseases in the urinary tract and kidneys are diagnosed and treated.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

In Musculoskeletal Diseases, this branch is applied Nov. Hip dislocations, bone fractures, nerve compression, joint calcification, meniscus injuries are among them.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is a unit that deals with areas such as jaw and face operations, all aesthetic operations, hand surgery, micro surgery, accident surgery, burn treatment.


It is a unit that performs the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases. Sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders are among them.


It is a unit where mental problems are solved by behavioral therapy methods.


It is the department where all radiological examinations such as ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography are performed.


It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative joint diseases, soft tissue rheumatism and similar rheumatologically diseases.

Medical Biochemistry

Biochemistry tests are applied in this section. Drug tests, tumor tests, hormone tests and coagulation tests are among them.


It is a unit that performs the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the bladder, testicles, penis, prostate, kidneys and urethra. Infertility diseases in men, sexual dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases are also of interest to this unit. Again, this unit deals with urinary tract infections that occur in children and women.

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