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Turkey's largest health group Private Medipol Mega hospitals complex is one of the largest private healthcare investments in our country. It entered the health sector as Medipol University Hospital and became the scene of many principles in medicine. It has 4 hospitals. The private complex, which makes a giant health investment with dental, Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and general hospitals, has more than 250 outpatient rooms.


Anesthesiology and reanimation

It is the department responsible for anesthesia applications belonging to all branches. Regional, general, analgesia-sedation applications; awakening of the patient and monitoring of vital functions in the waking unit are of interest to this unit. 24/7 continuous vital support is provided in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Brain and Neurosurgery

This unit deals with the treatment of diseases related to the brain, skull, spinal cord and nervous system that require surgical intervention.

Pediatric Surgery

Applying the necessary surgical treatment for congenital or acquired diseases of childhood individuals (0-18 age group) is the specialty of this branch.

General Surgery

This medical science deals with all diseases that need surgery to treat, especially cancers.

Thoracic Surgery

It deals with surgical treatments for diseases of the lungs and structures in the chest cavity (other than the breast and heart).


It is a branch that deals with asthma, sleep apnea, bronchitis, pneumonia and similar respiratory diseases.

Eye Diseases

All diseases that negatively affect eye function are of interest to this unit. In this unit, where eye operations are successfully performed, a wide range of services are provided from cataract to yellow spot disease.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It deals with the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all problems related to female reproductive organs and fertility.

Cardiovascular Surgery

This branch provides services in the field of surgical treatment of heart diseases. Heart valve operations, By-Pass operations are examples of this.


Throat (larynx, pharynx, vocal cords, etc. it deals with problems with the nose, sinuses, nose, tonsils, eardrum, middle ear, inner ear, outer ear. Balance problems, head and neck cancers are also included in the area of interest of this unit.

Obesity and Obesity Surgery

This unit, which operates to help patients in the fight against obesity, deals with surgical treatment of obesity.

Organ transplantation

It is a unit in which all organ transplantation, especially kidney and liver, is successfully performed by modern methods in the light of recent medical and scientific developments.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Congenital or later emerging diseases in the musculoskeletal system form the area of interest of this unit Nov.


It deals with the necessary examination, treatment and follow-up procedures of high-risk pregnancies.


This unit provides laboratory, research and educational services. University Hospital -4. it is on the floor and was established in 2011. Immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry and histochemical studies; intraoperative investigations; cytology, consultation and diagnosis of biopsy materials are the specialties of this unit.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

All services covered by plastic surgery are carried out in this unit. Botox, fillings, breast augmentation, lift, reduction operations; oil removal, wrinkle treatment, skin repairs, burns, facial injuries, skin tumors are among them.


It is a unit that helps patients diagnosed with infertility and who want to become parents with modern treatment methods. In vitro fertilization treatment is preferred in women with chocolate cysts, in case of decreased ovarian reserve, in cases of oligospermi or azoospermia in men, if the tubes are blocked or surgically removed. It is also performed in order to maintain reproductive functions before radiation therapy or chemotherapy in cancer patients.


A variety of kidney, urinary tract, bladder, etc. Seen in women, children and men. deals with reproductive system problems. In addition, male reproductive disorders, problems in the reproductive organs, diseases caught through sexual union are also evaluated and treated in this branch.

Oral and dental health

Offering a quite wide range, this volume; the treatment of periodontal diseases and dental, teeth whitening, dental implant, aesthetic dental operations, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, restorative and prosthodontics, and orthodontics operates in many areas such as.

Emergency Medicine

First responders to patients in critical condition are performed in the emergency department.

Family Medicine

Family physicians are responsible for informing patients about health issues, helping to take preventive measures, and managing the diagnosis and treatment processes of their existing diseases.


He deals with the treatment of all kinds of pain.

Pediatric Endocrinology

It is a branch that deals with endocrine system diseases observed in children.

Pediatric Pulmonology

Respiratory system disorders in children are dealt with in this section.

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Childhood cancers, all blood-related problems fall within the area of expertise of this unit.

Child Health and diseases

All ailments, from digestive system problems to heart problems in children, are investigated in this unit, determined by modern examination methods and their treatment is carried out in this direction.

Children's Immunology and Allergy diseases

It is the Center for diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases and immune system problems.

Child mental health and diseases

It examines behavior, sensory and thought disorders in children.

Pediatric Gastroenterology

It performs the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system problems for children's diseases.

Pediatric Cardiology

It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases encountered in childhood.

Child Neurology

It is a reference authority for problems of the brain-nervous system and spinal cord in children.

Child Nephrology

Kidney problems of pediatric patients are examined in this unit. Treatment also moves in this direction.

Pediatric Oncology

Childhood cancers are related to this medical science.

Child Psychology

It is a unit that aims to overcome mental disorders in children by behavioral methods such as psychotherapy.

Nutrition and diet

It is a unit that provides services on topics such as weight loss, weight gain, fitness, healthy eating, and nutrition according to diseases.


This branch deals with all skin diseases.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

It is the department where the functions of the glands, diseases and problems related to hormones are treated.

Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology

It is the unit where microbiology tests are performed and infections caused by microorganisms are diagnosed and treated.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

In cases such as pain in the muscles and skeletal system, loss of function, the necessary treatments fall within the area of expertise of this branch.


It is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the organs that make up the digestive system.

Traditional and complementary medicine (integrative medicine)

It is medical science based on the use of supportive methods in the treatment of diseases. Plant Therapy, mesotherapy, acupuncture are among them.


It is the branch that is the subject of diseases related to the respiratory system.


It is the duty of specialists in this branch to diagnose and treat blood diseases.

Internal Medicine

It is a medical science that serves a wide range from metabolic diseases to digestive system problems.


This branch deals with heart diseases and their treatment.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow-a unit in which stem cell transplantation is successfully performed.


All problems associated with acid-base and electrolyte balance, water-salt ratio in the body and the work of the kidneys are of interest to this unit.


Muscle disorders, nerve diseases, problems with the brain are treated in this unit.


It is a branch of medicine that helps a person overcome mental problems with behavioral therapy methods.


In this section, images of tissues and organs are obtained and interpreted using the most modern devices.


This unit deals with the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Mental Health and Diseases

In this section, also known as Psychiatry, the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral problems, mood disorders, adjustment problems and all psychological disorders are performed. It is aimed to improve and protect the mental health of patients with medication and psychotherapy supported treatments.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is a unit in which babies who were born prematurely or whose condition is critical for any reason receive vital treatment.

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