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Medical Center equipped in hospital concept Private Mersin Sistem Surgical Medical Center is a private hospital that dates back to 1988 and has undergone a radical change in 2005 and serves its patients in the surgical field. A completely patient-oriented approach prevails in the hospital, which continues its services together with experienced specialist doctors and staff in its field. Patients are served together with doctors who have expertise and competence in different branches. As part of the services that are maintained for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, results-oriented treatments ensure that patients get their health. Patients and their relatives are provided with advanced medical devices with services that are widely maintained, from the emergency unit for emergencies to the treatment of rarer diseases.


Emergency Medical Services

It is a unit where interventions are provided for emergencies. The necessary first interventions for sudden trauma or diseases are made by a specialist doctor and a team. In order for the relevant treatments to continue, the transfer is carried out to different services. Different applications such as blood pressure monitoring, ECG, home treatment and care, respiratory function test are also performed.


It is a unit that includes services provided for patients to be ready for surgery before surgery. Regional, local and general anesthesia methods are applied. In this way, it is aimed to achieve the best results of patients ' surgeries.

Foot Health

It is a unit where special treatments are applied to pain and various diseases that occur in the feet. It includes treatments for ailments such as foot pain, Calluses, diabetic feet, sweating, burning or feeling cold.

Oral and dental health

Follow-up and treatment of oral and dental health is the unit where treatments such as caries, canal, implant, porcelain veneer are provided. It is aimed that patients have healthier mouths and teeth. Adult and child treatment is provided.

Nutrition and diet

Solving nutritional problems, nutrition in pregnant women, breastfeeding, child nutrition, weight gain program, cholesterol balance, nutrition in kidney patients are followed up with diet programs specially prepared for patients.

Obesity and Active Life Unit

It is a unit that offers their weight and ideal weight for patients who are overweight. The applied program is aimed at obtaining patient-oriented results by changing from person to person.


It includes treatment services provided to determine the general health conditions of patients without age and gender discrimination. In this way, it is possible to get an idea of the general health status of patients in advance, as well as to make intervention just in time.


It includes treatments offered to eliminate skin ailments. Methods such as skin diseases, allergic diseases, fungi, skin tumors, moles, acne, PRP, filling Botox are provided. Laser Hair Removal and medical aesthetics are also performed in this unit.

Child Health and diseases

Services are provided to monitor and treat the general health conditions of infants and children. Neonatal follow – up, growth and development problems, diseases for children, allergy treatment, and vaccination are offered.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It includes treatments to eliminate deficiencies in muscle and skeletal desire that are congenital or formed as a result of trauma and to improve the quality of life of the patient Nov. Treatment is provided for all diseases of the musculoskeletal system, from severe conditions such as novelties to sports injuries.

General Surgery

Surgical removal of diseases is a unit that serves to treat wounds in cases such as injuries. Goiter, breast diseases, hair rotation, hernias, stomach diseases, intestinal treatments, anal region diseases, especially in the general area of treatment is offered. Treatments including endoscopy are given.

Eye Diseases

In order to eliminate diseases found in and around the eye, treatment is carried out with the help of modern medical devices. Services are offered for problems such as vision loss, strabismus, eye pressure, far – near vision, allergies, pain, inflammation.

Internal Medicine

Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, blood pressure, stomach and intestinal problems, kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, arthritis, diseases for advanced medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment problems, such as problems with it.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It is the unit where diseases seen in women are detected and treated. In addition to diseases, services such as pregnancy follow-up, pregnancy control, normal delivery, painless delivery and emergency caesarean section are also provided by the unit.


In the unit where cardiovascular diseases are detected and treated, different treatments are applied for this area. Heart attack, hypertension, rheumatism, heart holes, heart failure, non-cardiovascular diseases are aimed at the treatment of such problems. Diagnosis of diseases is carried out by methods such as ECG, Echo.


Services are provided to treat diseases that occur in the ear, nose and throat parts. Hearing loss, inflammation of the eardrum, problems that occur in the inner part of the ear, loss of smell, problems in the nasal tissue, loss of sound, swelling of the vocal cords are treated. In addition, aesthetic operations such as face lifting, eyelid problems, eyebrow removal are also performed by the unit.

Central Laboratory

It is the unit where tests and assays necessary for the treatment of diseases are performed. All tests related to biochemistry, hormone, hematology, drug levels, serology, microbiology, substance screening tests are performed specifically for each patient.


It is a unit that includes the brain and nervous system, aimed at diagnosing and treating diseases in this section. With the treatment provided by specialists in the field of dementia, epilepsy, MSLT, EEG, paralysis, mental development, headaches, movement disorders, low back and neck pain, Botox treatments, Ms, and provide treatment for problems such as sleep disorders.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a unit where diseases of the movement system and injuries that occur in these areas are treated. It helps to optimize the quality of life of patients with its expert team and high-tech medical devices. It is aimed to improve the quality of life of patients.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is the department where aesthetic interventions are performed with the outline of patients. It can be done due to aesthetics and repair. In this context, breast augmentation, reduction, lift, tummy tuck, removal of excess fat, nose surgeries, and fillers, removal of tissue loss, cleft palate, cleft lip and hair transplantation are offered.


It is a clinical unit that interferes with psychological problems with medical drugs, aimed at improving a person's mental health. In the Department, treatments are provided to patients with methods that have previously been proven to be accurate, aimed at improving their mental health.


It includes treatments aimed at eliminating the psychological problems of patients by indoctrination method. Interventions necessary for the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients ' psychological problems are applied with various tests.


It is a unit that includes medical tests performed by an experienced team for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is aimed to treat diseases with advanced test methods such as MRI, HSG, Doppler, mammography, USG, IIAB.


It is the section where disorders included in the urinary systems of men and women are detected and treated. Problems such as kidneys, bladder, problems in male reproductive organs, sexual dysfunctions in men and women are treated.

Bed Service

It is a service that will allow patients to be comfortable in situations where patients need to be in the hospital for various reasons. Supervision is provided by a specialist doctor and an experienced team.

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