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Effective treatments at boutique private hospital Continuing its patient-oriented services with specialist physicians and modern medical devices in its field, Private Mersin Su Hospital has a structure that constantly renews itself in order to provide accurate answers to the needs of patients. The hospital, which closely follows the developing technology to provide the most accurate treatment methods, thus provides the most accurate health services. Patients can easily be treated with services provided in different branches of the hospital, where the best treatment methods are intended to be provided, as well as services provided in accordance with the ethics and rights of the patient and their relatives. In this way, the hospital, which needs modern treatment requirements with its structure that constantly renews itself in its field, ensures that diseases are easily left behind.



It includes treatment in areas such as prevention of hearing loss, elimination of otitis media, provision of treatment for form disorders such as scoop ear, rhinoplasty, loss of smell, diseases of the esophagus, voice and speech disorders.


It includes treatment methods given in different areas such as open and closed prostate operations, urethral stenosis operations, circumcision, vasectomy, TESA operations, testicular operations, bladder stone operations.


It is a unit that provides diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases that occur on the skin. Treatments for diseases such as infection, hair loss, acne, psoriasis, eczema, nail disorders, mole tracking, drug allergy, PRP, sexually transmitted diseases are offered.

Child Health

Follow-up and treatment programs are carried out for children from newborn babies to 18 years of age. For the treatment of diseases in children, the support of specialist doctors is provided in the field.

Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of problems that meet the definition of internal diseases, especially diabetes, blood pressure, liver, gallbladder, metabolic and digestive system diseases, are carried out by the unit.

General Surgery

It includes surgical operations for various diseases. In this context, advanced treatment methods are provided for obesity, stomach balloon, stomach diseases, intestinal diseases, liver and spleen, breast diseases.


Clinical treatment methods are provided for patients with psychological problems. Depression, fear, stuttering, sleep disorder, melancholy, learning difficulties, schizophrenia are aimed at eliminating such disorders.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It is a unit that serves in different sub-branches such as diagnosis and treatment of diseases seen in women, pregnancy follow-up, abortion, miscarriage, ovarian problems, pubic pain treatment. Treatments are provided by specialist gynecologists in the field.

Eye Diseases

Detection and treatment of diseases that occur in and around the eye are performed. It includes treatments for disorders such as vision loss, inability to see near or far, cataracts, diseases that occur in the retina, strabismus.


Nov and joints, hip dislocation, clubfoot, sports injuries, meniscal rupture, ligament injuries, sprains and bruises, the skeletal system problems, are treated with advanced medical ailments such as nerve compression methods.


It is a unit that provides treatment for diseases caused by the brain and nervous system. Treatments for disorders such as memory loss, forgetfulness, migraine, headache, sweating, tinnitus, comprehension disorders, epilepsy, functional losses are provided.


It is the section where diet programs offered by experts are prepared in order to ensure that patients gain a healthy weight, especially in cases of excessive obesity or weakness. It is aimed to eliminate problems that occur due to weight.


In the chest area, treatment of diseases that occur other than the heart is provided. Diseases such as upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, especially the problems entering this area are diagnosed and treated.


It is the section where diseases caused by microorganisms are detected and treated with appropriate treatment methods. It includes correct diagnosis and treatment methods for diseases such as bacteria, viruses and microbes.

Brain and nerve surgery

It is a unit in which disorders caused by the brain and nervous system are eliminated by surgical operations. In addition, appropriate treatment methods are given by specialist surgeons for diseases such as hernia and tumors.

Emergency Medical Services

24/7 services are provided to intervene in patients ' conditions caused by trauma or sudden diseases. First responders for children and adults are offered.

Chest Cardiovascular Surgery

It is a unit where surgical operations are performed to eliminate diseases related to cardiovascular parts. Operations are carried out by experienced physicians.

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