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A dental clinic favorite of foreign patients Private Myndosdent oral and dental health Polyclinic, established in 2018 in Bodrum district of Mugla, continues to provide clinical services to fulfill all the services within the scope of dental health of the province and district. Patient satisfaction is kept at the forefront in the outpatient clinic, which aims to realize oral and dental health in a hygienic environment. Preventive and surgical treatments are performed in all branches of dentistry together with specialist dental staff and staff. In the clinic, which has a mission to respond to all dental health needs of children and adult patients, health care is provided with utmost attention to health rules and ethical values. In the outpatient clinic established in Bodrum, both preventive medicine and surgical interventions are performed in a wide range from maxillofacial surgery to smile design.


Gum Treatment

In this clinic, where periodontal diseases are involved, treatments are performed for patients who are sick and suffer from discomfort as a result of inflammation of the tissues that support the gums and gums. Gum diseases caused by inadequate and irregular oral care are treated. As a result of the main occurrence of gum diseases such as Gingivitis, Periodontitis, specialist dentists treat connective tissues devastated by these bacterial plaques that surround the surface of the tooth and root. The importance of proper brushing and flossing is explained by specialist physicians to each incoming patient.

Root Canal Treatment

The pulp (dental nerves) located under the enamel and dentin layer located on the inside of the tooth loses its vitality over time. It is a clinic that provides services through endodontists who evaluate and treat signs such as caries and trauma that descend to the root of the tooth. In cases of caries and damage caused by inflammation of the tooth or microorganisms that settle on the tooth, damaged nerve roots are destroyed by landing on the root of the tooth. In high-end fillings and prosthetics, if caries press down to the nerves, in advanced gum diseases, in the removal of tooth sensitivity, in the case of loss of tooth vitality as a result of orthodontic treatments, canal treatment is applied.


It is a sub-branch of dentistry that is applied in cases of perplexity, dissonance, separation that occurs at birth or later in the structure of the mouth, teeth and jaw. It is aimed to eliminate structural disorders and give an aesthetic appearance. In cases of problems that occur in the jaw, speech disorders caused by dental curvatures, tooth grinding in sleep or loss of function of the teeth, treatment planning is carried out. In these treatments, which can be applied to patients of all ages, patients with jaw disorders should be examined before the age of 12. Advanced age can be a problem in jaw treatments. Patients who want to get Wire treatment can apply at any age. With the development of technology, treatment with transparent plaques is possible.


This method, also called transparent apparatus, has been developed as an alternative to braces. After Metal braces create aesthetic anxiety over time, it is possible to treat without aesthetic anxiety with transparent apparatus added to new treatment methods. A more flexible form of treatment can be achieved with a material that is difficult to recognize from the outside with these transparent plaques, which can be easily inserted and removed by patients. Dental mobility is provided by inserting the most appropriate apery into the mouth with measurements that the dentist will make.


It is a method used to treat teeth when they lose their natural function, such as chewing, speech, cause aesthetic discomfort, or when the teeth are completely lost. Structural support is provided to the teeth with prosthesis types determined according to the dental structures and needs of the patients. There are many types: moving prosthesis, fixed prosthesis and Implant-mounted prosthesis. The type of prosthesis that the dentist deems appropriate is applied to patients and the treatment of missing or lost teeth is carried out.

Aesthetic Dentistry

It is a branch of dentistry that includes applications for the elimination of deficiencies or aesthetic concerns contained in the mouth. Many methods such as Teeth Whitening, zirconium coating, Lamina porcelain coatings, White filling, Empress Tooth veneer, gum disease are used to solve and treat aesthetic concerns. It is planned that the teeth will be more compatible with the face with the pink aesthetic developed as a result of studies on the appearance, structure and arrangement of the teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Buried twenty-year-old tooth extraction is a sub-branch of Dentistry in which root tip resections, jaw fractures and dislocations, cysts and tumors located in the jaw are surgically treated. All operations performed within the scope of general anesthesia and polyclinic services are provided. Lower jaw-upper jaw problems, tooth color restorations, Root and Canal blockages, excessive inflammatory dental treatments, all On 4, Implant, apical resection, Sinus Lifting procedures and treatments are performed in this clinic.

Pediatric Dentistry

It is a sub-branch of dentistry that treats and preventive medicine for sick individuals in the process from infancy to adolescence in the 0-15 age range about oral and dental health. In this unit, the treatment of caries that occur in baby teeth, the extraction of baby teeth, the treatment of caries that will occur in baby teeth are carried out. In this clinic, where protective measures are passed on to children and parents, information about healthy eating dental care is also provided. The roots of the teeth contains advanced decay of orthodontic problems in the prevention, hereditary mouth, and jaw-clenching and teeth grinding treatment in the treatment of related problems in children, located in dentist clinic, solution focused therapies are carried out.

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