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Thermi Lift

Also known as Hollywood cheek, neck and face, especially all areas of the body can be applied. This practice is performed for the purposes of sagging the cheeks, relaxation of the tissue, melting fat, clarifying the jaw line and easing the line between the nose and cheek.


Emslim, a novelization system, provides the body with a process that takes 30 minutes without forcing the body. This system is used to strengthen the basins, abdomen and arm and leg areas and to prevent sagging that may occur in these areas.

Thulium Laser

Thulium laser offers treatment opportunities for stain problems. It is applied for the removal of scars such as birth, Sun, wounds, freckles, burns, and spots and age spots that occur after acne. This method, which can be applied to every area of the body depending on the problem, is usually applied to the hands, cleavage, neck and face areas.

Permanent Makeup

Application of permanent makeup to the eyebrows, lips and eye areas is an alternative option for people to gain speed in their daily life. Especially in the hot summer months, sea water is not affected by many people causes it to be preferred.

Carbon Peeling

The process of applying carbon solution to the skin with the help of a laser is an effective method for blemishes, lubrication irregularities, pores and fine wrinkles.

Alexandrite Laser

During alexandrite laser hair removal, the hairs burn and disappear instantly. This process helps people with dark hair and light skin type get positive results.

Wrinkle Treatment

It is a treatment that removes wrinkles and lines that occur on the skin with the help of BOTOX. This method can be applied to the armpits, feet and palms between the eyebrows, forehead, eye edge, mouth circumference.

Medical Aqua Skin Care

The special Aqua EX3 device, which absorbs blackheads, skin impurities and sebum, helps to clean the skin. Offering a deep cleaning, this tool facilitates the removal of dead cells.

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Creation Date: 24.11.2022

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