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The Biggest hospital of Pendik district Private Pendik Bolge Hospital started its service in 2010. The hospital, which is in a very easy location in terms of Transportation, was established on an area of 14.000 m2. Of the 160 bed capacity, 98 are patient beds, 52 intensive care beds and 10 observation beds. The hospital, which has been providing preventive and curative health services for many years, is also preferred by foreign patients.


The Biggest hospital of Pendik district

Private Pendik Bolge Hospital started its service in 2010. The hospital, which is in a very easy location in terms of Transportation, was established on an area of 14.000 m2. Of the 160 bed capacity, 98 are patient beds, 52 intensive care beds and 10 observation beds. The hospital, which has been providing preventive and curative health services for many years, is also preferred by foreign patients

Emergency services and ambulance services

In the perception rooms in this unit, the main treatment and perceptions of patients are completed. The rescue vehicle administration gives emergency treatment experienced attendants and a clinical group.

Oral and dental health

Therapy of all dental illnesses is done inside present day operations.

Anesthesiology and reanimation

This unit is liable for the organization of sedation alongside clinical assessment for the whole careful activity, torment treatment during and after the activity inside the consideration and treatment administration of hospitalized patients, everything being equal.

Nutrition and Dietetics

It is a unit that gives master drove backing to the dietetic necessities of patients, everything being equal, particularly sustenance issues and diet.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It analyses and treats all infections influencing the cerebrum, spinal line and fringe sensory system.


It is an overall control framework applied for the analysis of infections.

Pediatric Surgery

It is a unit coordinated to inspect and take care of clinical issues identified with babies, newborn children and youngsters matured 15 and over, which remembers master pediatricians for its field.

Child Health and diseases

It is a unit that offers clinical analysis, follow – up and treatment for youngsters matured 0 to 18 years.


In this unit, skin capacities and problems brought about by different elements are treated by expert specialists.

Intensive Care

It is a unit wherein patients who convey fundamental dangers related with cardiovascular infections and inside sicknesses and patients who should be followed up after medical procedure are observed.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is a unit that gives actual treatment of development issues through actual assessment, determination, patient instruction, actual mediation, recovery.

General Surgery

In this unit, careful treatment of very huge gatherings of infections is completed with incredible achievement.

Interventional Radiology

It is a clinical unit that incorporates insignificantly intrusive strategies utilized by cutting edge imaging techniques like processed tomography, attractive reverberation, X-beam fluoroscopy and ultrasound.


In this unit, administrations are accommodated the analysis and treatment of all lung illnesses.

Eye Diseases

Eye illnesses treatment administrations are given to patient’s altogether age gatherings.

Internal Medicine

It is a unit that conducts assessments and treatment of grown-up patients identified with inward organ frameworks.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In this unit, obstetrics, pregnancy checking and gynecological illnesses are dealt with.


Cardiology is the part of medication that manages cardiovascular infections.

Clinical Psychology

It is utilized to assess the mental challenges experienced by patients with socio-social and natural perspectives and to give the mental versatility of the person.


Clinical and surgical treatment of infections identified with the ear, nose, throat, neck and head is done.

Medical Aesthetic Center

It is a unit where clinical and tasteful applications that don't need careful tasks are performed.

Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory

The unit coordinates finding and treatment through the examination of biochemical boundaries in body liquids like blood, serum, pee.


It is a part of medication that manages illnesses of the cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, spinal rope, just as all nerves and muscles having a place with the fringe sensory system.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a part of science that manages examination, analysis and treatment of illnesses of all tissues that make up the development framework.

Pathology Laboratory

It is a unit where biopsy or cytology tests are inspected, particularly nitty gritty investigations of disease cells are directed.


It is a unit where hazardous pregnancies are followed. A lady who is keen on the wellbeing of the mother and kid is a side part of labor.


It furnishes treatment and backing to patients with mental issues in the accompanying mental problems with a comprehensive methodology utilizing singular psychotherapy, couples treatment, sexual treatment and pharmacotherapy techniques.


It is a unit that offers analytic and helpful types of assistance utilizing various types of energy, for example, X-beams, sound or radio waves.


In this unit, kidney, bladder, urinary plot illnesses in grown-ups and kids; prostate sicknesses in grown-ups and infections that cause fruitlessness are dealt with.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

In this office, there is a Newborn Intensive Care Unit with a limit of 25 infants, 1 confinement room and a complete limit of 26 children.


Ultrasonography is a method of imaging using sound waves with a frequency that is too high for the human ear to hear.


Angiography is a method of imaging body vessels. Radiograms called DSA are obtained with the help of special X-ray devices by injecting a drug into the vein that makes the veins visible and is defined as a contrast agent.

Computed Tomography

Computed tomography is a radiological diagnostic method for creating a cross-sectional image of the examined area of the body using X-ray.


It is a procedure for evaluating the electrical activity of the brain. Electrical signals about nerve cells located in brain tissue are transmitted to the scalp on the skull. These signals are transmitted to the computer by electrodes placed in certain areas of the scalp.

Exertion Test

This special test is performed on a motorized treadmill under the supervision of a cardiologist doctor and technician.


It is the imaging of the heart with high frequency sound waves.


It is the process of printing the electrical activity of the heart on special paper.


It is the process of printing electrical signals from nerves and muscles.


It is the name given to the imaging of the biliary tract and pancreatic duct by giving a special drug that allows the biliary tract to be seen on an X-ray through an endoscopy device, and if necessary, to perform some treatments such as removing a stone that leads to occlusive jaundice in the channel, opening the stenosis of the mouth of the bile duct, taking a biopsy.


It is one of the first examination methods of Radiology. Currently, it is also quite widely used in the study of the thorax, digestive system, urinary tract, female reproductive organs and many other parts of the body.


Gastroscopy is the process of examining the upper digestive tract with a long tube-shaped instrument that can be bent and has its own light source and a camera at the end.


It is an examination that allows you to see and evaluate the inside of the large intestine.


An MRI examination of a single area is completed in between 20 and 45 minutes. The variability of duration depends on the location of the area to be studied and the amount of information that needs to be collected about the disease.


It is an application that allows the last part of the large intestine to be examined by eye using a illuminated instrument, and before doing this application, the patient must go to the hospital hungry and his intestines.

Color Doppler Ultrasonography

Blood flow of an organ or vein can be examined using color Doppler ultrasonography. The amount of blood flow, the presence of a structure that blocks the flow, and whether the current is in the normal direction can be evaluated.


X-ray are conducted using. These examinations are examinations that do not require any preparation for the patient and are requested by the clinician according to the previously determined methods, they are taken by giving the appropriate position to the desired area


Cystoscopy is the observation of the lower urinary tract and urinary bladder with a device containing a telescopic, illuminated and lens system

Respiratory Function Test

Respiratory function testing is performed with devices called spirometry. It serves to objectively measure the capacity and functional status of the lungs.

Sleep Lab

It is a comprehensive unit where patients with sleep problems are treated.


Uroflovmetry is a test that measures the amount of urine coming out of the body, at what speed it comes out, and how long it takes to empty. It is used in the diagnosis of diseases related to the organs of the prostate, bladder and urethra.

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