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Feel younger with all aesthetic applications Private Prof. Dr. Sukru Yazar Clinic was established in 2017 but the doctor's career has been going on for 25 years. After graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, he completed his specialized education at Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. After 2 years at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, he became an associate professor. He was awarded the Professorship in 2013. He is among the best doctors in Turkey in clinical and non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures.


Breast Aesthetics

General aesthetic operations performed to ensure the ideal shape of the breasts are called breast aesthetics. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, is performed to ensure breast asymmetry.


If people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose, they prefer plastic surgery. Bone and cartilage development should be completed for those who want to have this operation.

Facial Aesthetics

It includes procedures related to the face, eyes, eyebrows and face circumference. In some cases, more than one operation may be required.

Neck Aesthetics

It is a surgical operation usually preferred by women in order to have a thin, smooth and young-looking neck.

Ear Aesthetics

Surgery usually takes place in adults using local anesthesia. But general anesthesia is preferred to prevent children from moving. Adults go home after surgery, while children are often preferred to stay in the hospital overnight.

Chin Aesthetics

In order to make the lower and upper jaw compatible with the overall structure of the face, the chin is enlarged or reduced. After jaw surgery, the difference in the face becomes very large, and the patient's facial structure completely changes.

Body Aesthetics

It is surgical procedures performed in the body in order to eliminate deformations, sagging skin and tissue, image disorders due to irregular and excessive lubrication caused by congenital and environmental factors.

Male Aesthetics

Some of the aesthetic procedures performed for men are hair transplantation, gynecomastia and penis aesthetics.

Genital Aesthetics

These are aesthetic operations performed to eliminate physical and visual problems in the genitals that reduce the quality of personal life and sexual excitement of people.

Postpartum Aesthetics

These are procedures to remove the deformation that women gain during pregnancy, such as sagging and cracking after the birth of the baby.

Post Bariatric Surgery

It is surgical operations performed to eliminate important health problems from people who cannot lose weight by natural methods, those whose body mass index is higher than 40 or those who have chronic diseases that are higher than 35.

Hand Aesthetics

Currently, laser, filler injection or medical aesthetic applications used on the face and body have also been used for the hands, but surgical hand aesthetics are needed to restore the beauty lost by worn hands.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetics

These are surgical operations performed by couples in order to eliminate aesthetic defects in the face and disproportions in the body before the wedding.

Breast Reconstruction

It is the procedure to remove deformation in the breasts due to disease or congenital reasons and to make a new breast similar to a natural breast.

Foot-to-Hand Finger Transplant

It is a practice of hand surgery using microsurgery method to sew the hands or fingers that have been severed as a result of accidents and injuries.

Skin cancer

The treatment of skin cancer depends on the type of skin, the stage of the cancer, and the location of the body. If the cancer area is small, surgical removal can be easily done with standing and local anesthesia.

Head and Neck Surgery

It includes a surgical procedure performed in cases such as cancer in the head and neck area, accidents at work, and injuries that can occur with firearms.

Hand-Arm Surgery

It includes the treatment of diseases such as hand diseases, injuries, fractures, tendon vascular and nerve damages, interventions that require microsurgery, congenital deficiencies-disorders, rheumatic disorders, infections, and tumors.

Foot-Leg Surgery

It covers the repair of tissue losses that develop in the legs for various reasons and all microsurgical procedures.

Facial Bone Fractures

A detailed examination of facial fractures is performed by radiological imaging or tomography methods to determine the fracture areas. At a later stage, these fractures must be placed in place, sometimes wired with the help of a screw-plate.

Cleft Lip-Palate

During the development of the baby in the womb, it is a case of defective unification of the structures of the baby in the face area for various reasons.

Double Chin Surgery

It is an orthognathic surgical operation performed on the upper and lower jaws of people. It is a treatment for the ideal anatomical replacement of teeth, jaw bones and other soft or hard tissues.

Re-Ear Making

This treatment process usually begins at the age of 5, and 3-4 operations are required to make an ear similar to the other ear of the child in this process.

Scar Tissue Treatment

Scars formed on the skin after various injuries or injuries are called scar tissue. The greater the damage, the longer it takes to heal, and accordingly, the more noticeable the likelihood of developing scars increases.

Genital Organ Repair

It is a surgical method that treats tissue damage caused by the loss of the penis by external factors such as accident, burning, rupture in men, and removal of the tumor in the treatment of vulva cancer in women.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a tunnel through which the tendons in the wrist and the median nerve, one of the main nerves of the hand, pass.

Congenital Hand Anomalies

Congenital hand deformities that affect hand development and cause obvious problems in the use of the hand.

Lipedema Treatment

It is the treatment of abnormal swelling that occurs in humans due to excessive lubrication and fluid accumulation in the buttocks, thighs and legs.


It is a medical aesthetic method made for aesthetic purposes to remove the old and tired appearance caused by wrinkles and fine lines on the face and to provide a young and dynamic image to the face.

Filling Applications

Filling applications are currently non-surgical aesthetic procedures that can be used to remove deformations in almost every area of the body.

Skin care

It is a detailed care process for the needs of the skin with the help of professional skin care products or devices.

Regional slimming

These are procedures applied to get rid of stubborn fat in the waist, basen and belly areas of the body.


It is a skin cleansing procedure that allows the dead skin on the skin to peel off and deep clean the skin.


It is the treatment of diseases caused by the region called mesoderm by injecting pharmacological and herbal drugs into certain parts of the body.

Fibroblast Therapy

It is the application of the Fibroblast cells taken from the patient's own back of the ear skin to the patient after being reproduced under appropriate conditions after certain procedures.

Stem Cell Injection

It is an antiaging treatment used to heal damaged tissues that form over time in the body with the help of stem cells obtained from adipose tissues in the person's own body.

PRP treatment

It is an enriched plasma application developed for skin rejuvenation processes.

Salmon DNA vaccine

It is the process of regenerating cells in the skin through DNA molecules obtained from pure hyaluronic acid and salmon sperm.

H100 Vaccine

With this treatment method, the skin acquires a much more elastic, vibrant and youthful appearance.

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