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200 years old hospital It is a hospital that has been providing health services in Istanbul since 1872. Providing services to all world citizens in 10 languages, the hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Istanbul in this sense. The history of the hospital dates back to very old years. Founded by two nuns from the Austrian city of Graz, the hospital is today a well-equipped medical institution providing modern medical services.


Emergency Service

It provides services for patients for problems that occur in emergency situations.

Oral and dental health

All dental branches are served by specialized dentists.

Anesthesia and reanimation

The procedure performed by anesthesiologist Doctors in this unit is performed before and after surgery.

Nutrition and diet

For individuals who want to be at an Ideal weight, programs are prepared for healthy living and protection from diseases.

Kidney stones

In patients with serious kidney problems, methods that will allow the flow of urine from the kidney are preferred. For this purpose, a stent can be inserted into your urinary tract or directly into your kidney. Most often, congestion can also be accompanied by infection.

Child Health and diseases

Preventive and therapeutic treatments are applied for children aged 0-15 years.


In addition to diagnosis and treatment of skin-hair-nail diseases of patients, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases can also be done.

Exertion test

It is the process of continuous monitoring of ECG and recording at certain intervals while exercising that will gradually increase the Heart Load. Used in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.


This innovative method is a method of displaying and examining blood in the current state of the heart and inside the heart using trans-sound waves.


It is the process of examining the organs of the digestive system with a tube-shaped instrument that has its own special light source, which allows you to take images through a camera at the end, which can be bent.

Phaco and Trifocal lens surgery

Cataract surgery is performed using FDA approved intraocular lens with seamless Phaco method.


Gastroscopy is the study of the esophagus-stomach-duodenum.

General Surgery

This unit is equipped with a strong medical infrastructure and provides services in clinics and operating rooms regulated in accordance with the quality standards of the Ministry of Health.

Eye Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment services of all eye diseases in this unit are offered by specialist doctors in the field with a developed infrastructure.

Internal Medicine

The Department of application and treatment of all problems from febrile diseases to respiratory system diseases and metabolic diseases is the Internal Medicine Unit.

Obstetrics and gynecology

All methods of diagnosis and treatment of all problems related to pregnancy and gynecology are applied.


This unit aims to protect the heart health of patients and to diagnose and treat existing heart diseases and provides services in this regard.


Diagnosis and treatment of patients in all age groups is carried out in this unit. Endoscopic imaging is used in outpatient examination and thus more accurate diagnosis and treatment opportunities are provided.


In the biochemistry and microbiology laboratory, which serves within the framework of international reliability and quality criteria, routine and specific tests, special kits can be studied.

Neural Therapy

This method is a pain treatment method. It is also a local injection method for the cause of diseases, which provides healing with a stimulating and regulatory effect on the communication network between cells and tissues in the body, that is, the autonomic nervous system.


In this unit, the treatment of all neurological diseases is carried out by experts.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

In this unit, it is able to perform the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, trauma injuries, hand, shoulder, elbow, knee diseases.


It is a unit that provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the help of imaging techniques.


It is a unit that deals with diseases of the urinary tract and genitals in men, and diseases of the urinary tract in women.

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