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One of the Best Hospitals of Kolan Health Group Private Silivri Kolan Hospital was established in 2008. The hospital, which serves within the Kolan Hospital Group, has a total capacity of 19 intensive care beds and 51 beds, including 9 adults, 9 newborns, 1 coronary. All kinds of surgeries are performed in the hospital, including cancer surgery, and innovations brought about by technology are used in these surgeries. Because there is no cardiovascular surgery as a surgical unit in our hospital, heart operations are not performed.



In this unit, 24-hour administration is given being taken care of by pediatric and grown-up patients with its dynamic specialist staff and applicable wellbeing faculty.

Mouth and dental health

In this dental unit, administrations are accommodated the determination and treatment of infections identified with oral, dental and jaw wellbeing for kids and grown-up patients.

Pain Polyclinic

After the reason for torment is analyzed, the cause of torment is treated with the most suitable medications and interventional techniques for the patient. Torment medicines are facilitated with a multidisciplinary approach.

Acupuncture and Treatment Unit

Acupuncture therapy acts just through the body's own chemicals and catalysts and through neural correspondence, and is a strategy that can be useful for everybody if the right sign is given.

Allergy Diseases

In the finding of hypersensitive infections, skin tests, blood tests and respiratory capacity tests are performed to decide if the patient is delicate to any allergens.


This unit is a part of science that reviews the male conceptive framework, all problems that influence male or female sexual wellbeing, just as the progressions that happen in the male because of maturing.

Anesthesia and Reanimation

It offers types of assistance to all age bunches for a wide range of careful mediations inside all persistent consideration and treatment administrations of the medical clinic.

Headache Polyclinic

In this unit, administrations are accommodated the finding and treatment of cerebral pain.

Nutrition and Diet

In this exceptional unit, nourishment and diet administrations are given to make familiarity with good dieting in the public arena and backing the mending cycle of patients.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

In this department, an extremely wide gathering of infections identified with the cerebrum and sensory system are treated with a multidisciplinary approach and effectively.


Research facility tests are performed here in the screening, conclusion, treatment and follow-up cycles of sicknesses.

Kidney Diseases

Infections of the excretory framework covering the bladder and urinary lot, particularly the kidneys, are dealt with.

Check Up Center

It is an individual general wellbeing check to recognize infections.

Pediatric Surgery

In kids, careful issues identified with the whole stomach related framework, urinary parcel, heart outside chest depression are dealt with.

Pediatric Cardiology

It is a unit where underlying issues of the heart that happen innate or later are dealt with.

Child Health and Diseases

In this unit, 24-hour youngster wellbeing administrations are given to all patients from infant to grown-up age gathering.

Vascular Diseases

Experienced expert doctors offer types of assistance in the field of working rooms and vascular sicknesses outfitted with the most recent innovation offices.


It is the unit where skin infections, mucous illnesses, venereal sicknesses, hair and nail infections are dealt with.

Hand and Micro Surgery Center

It is a careful branch that starts at the shoulder and stretches out to the tip of the finger and manages the part called the furthest point.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

It is a part of science that reviews the inside organs in our body and the chemicals they discharge.

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

It is a clinical unit where infections brought about by microorganisms that are undetectable to the eye, like microbes, infections, parasites and growths, are dealt with.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is a unit where actual deformities are treated by careful and clinical techniques.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

In this unit determination and treatment of sicknesses of the musculoskeletal framework is done by specialists.  


It is a unit where illnesses shaped by the organs of the stomach related framework and the stomach related framework are dealt with.

General Surgery

It is a unit that can apply every one of the strategies utilized in present day medical procedure.

General Intensive Care

It is the unit where basic patients are dealt with when they need progressed indispensable help.

Interventional radiology

This unit is the remedial Department of Radiology

Thoracic Surgery

In this unit, careful treatment of lung infections is done.


In this unit, all symptomatic and interventional therapy administrations are accommodated the analysis and therapy of intense and constant lung infections.

Imaging Unit

Interventional radiological administrations are given progressed gadgets with exceptional innovation.

Movement Disorders Center

Infections identified with the development framework, like Parkinson's, are being dealt with.


It is the clinical office that reviews infections identified with bone marrow, lymph framework and blood.

Hemorrhoids and Anorectal Diseases Unit

In this unit, numerous sicknesses found in the digestive organs are analyzed and treated.

Internal Medicine

In this unit, it is planned to give the most suitable and powerful wellbeing administration to the individual heavily influenced by expert specialists.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

In this unit, Women's wellbeing, infections and pregnancy and follow-up medicines are applied.

Cardiac surgery

All cardiovascular sicknesses in grown-up and kid patients are dealt with.


Inventive strategies are utilized to keep up heart wellbeing, analyze and treat cardiovascular infections.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

It is a unit where essential help is given to crisis patients.


Sicknesses of the ears, nasal and sinus pits, designs of the lips and oral cavity, nasal, pharynx and larynx are dealt with.

Medical Oncology

In this unit, orderly therapy of patients determined to have malignancy is completed.

Breast Health Center

Breast cancer preventive medicines are applied here.


This framework is an operation for tasteful purposes.

Micro Surgery Center

All issues in the hand and Arm region found in grown-ups are analyzed and treated by crisis or arranged a medical procedure or careful techniques.

Microbiology Laboratory

Microorganisms that are a factor of contamination are identified by Culture Methods, serological tests or direct assessments.


Analysis and treatment of illnesses of the cerebrum, spinal rope, fringe nerves and oddities are acted in grown-up patients.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

In this extraordinary unit, atomic medication imaging techniques and organ capacities are analyzed.

Obesity Surgery Center

Fitting careful tasks are performed for patients who need to get in shape.


It is a unit that treats hearing issues, particularly in youngsters.

Spine Health Center

It is a unit that adjusts spine issues brought about by illnesses identified with the cerebrum and sensory system.

Oncology Center

Early determination and therapy administrations are offered for malignant growth illnesses.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Tasks and medicines techniques are played out that treat bone and joint wounds.


It is the unit where dangerous pregnancies are followed


It is a unit that manages psychological wellness, treats emotional well-being messes.


Psychology is a branch of science that deals with behavioral education other than drug treatment of mental and behavioral disorders.

Radiation oncology

It is a therapy technique utilized in numerous disease patients.


It is a unit that treats rheumatic provocative infections and other musculoskeletal sicknesses.

Hair Transplant Center

Proficient and effortless hair transplantation is acted in this unit.

Athlete Health Center

A wide range of infections of expert competitors are treated in this unit.

Transfusion Center

It gives patients ' blood and blood item needs securely and rapidly utilizing predominant innovation.

IVF and Reproductive Health Center

Couples who need to have babies are given uncommon medicines.


In this unit, medicines are applied to grown-up and youngster patients with urological sicknesses.

Sleep Disorders Center

To treat sleep issues, it is teamed up with different branches.

Varicose Treatment Center

Clinical and stylish varicose veins medicines are acted in this unit.

Wound Treatment Clinic

The point of wound consideration is to discover these causes that keep the injury from recuperating, to take out these causes however much as could be expected and to give the proper climate to the injury to mend.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is the unit where basic patients are dealt with when they need progressed essential help.

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