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Specialist eye diseases treatments Private Sistem Eye Diseases Center was established in 2007. In 2016, it fulfilled all the requirements and was awarded a type A medical center certificate. It serves in its own building with a closed area of 1.380 m2. It has specialist ophthalmologists and doctors. As part of medical tourism, many patients from abroad also apply to medical centers for the purpose of treatment.


Refractive Surgery

It is a form of treatment that is applied to make patients who use contact lenses or glasses see clearly without glasses in order to see clearly for various reasons.

YAG Laser Encapsulotomy

YAG laser application is actually a light treatment and it is possible to apply it to the eye without contact with any device or instrument. It is a very short process.

YAG Laser iridology

It is a type of laser used to treat glaucoma. It is applied to patients whose eye pressure is not too high, and the type of glaucoma is also suitable for this procedure.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

An Argon laser is a type of ion laser filled with argon gas and producing a beam at a blue/green wavelength. In cases of deterioration of the retina, it is welded to abnormal vessels by laser.


There is no medication or diet to stop its progression if the Cataract has started. Although the rate of progress is variable, it is usually slow. In congenital cataracts and eyes that have developed eye pressure due to cataracts or have developed intraocular inflammation due to long-awaited cataracts, the timing of surgery is important.


Glaucoma is a disease caused by progressive destruction of the optic nerve and deterioration of the visual field, along with high or normal intraocular pressure.


Strabismus means a shift that occurs as a result of the eyes losing their parallelism in the direction of view. Although it is a common disease in childhood, strabismus can also occur in adulthood due to various causes.

Children's Eye Health

Successful results can be achieved with early diagnosis and correct treatment of eye diseases that occur in children.

Eye Laziness

Although there is no obvious disease that holds the nerve layer and nerve pathways of the eye, lazy eye is not able to increase the person's vision in any way.


In this unit, all kinds of treatment, from the removal of eye bags to the prosthetic eye, from intraocular tumor operations to botox, plastic surgery around the eyes are performed.

Color Blindness

Color blindness is a disorder of the ability to distinguish colors. Color blindness, usually seen in men, is a fairly common disorder. The most common type is that red and green are indistinguishable.


Uvea is now recognized as a separate specialty of the eye. Diagnosis and treatment of uvea-related diseases is supported by increasing advances in immunology and genetics.

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