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Professional dental health services Private Smyrna oral and dental health Polyclinic provides high quality dental health services together with advanced technological medical devices. In particular, the Polyclinic, which follows international standards, offers solutions to very different treatment methods. Successful and aiming at patient satisfaction, the outpatient clinic provides comprehensive treatments for problems related to the mouth and teeth. The Polyclinic, which constantly renews itself in a professional sense and strives for the formation of a corporate culture, offers alternative solutions to different dental problems together with these features. The services provided by experienced, specialized physicians in their field in accordance with hygiene standards both prioritize patient health and offer painless treatment with new technological equipment.


Full Oral Care

It refers to the services offered for general oral and dental health. Thanks to this treatment method, options such as evaluating dental health, conducting routine checks, and early intervention for possible problems are possible together with the services provided in a complete way. A service that provides diagnosis and treatment helps maintain overall oral and dental health.

Pediatric Dentistry

0-13 age group of children oral and dental health services are offered for the fulfillment of. Especially, it is very important to get a healthy dental structure, such as the care of baby teeth, treatment for baby teeth, and a wire set are offered by the unit with specialist doctors.

Dermal Filler

It is the unit where filling operations are performed. Fillings that have a healthy and white appearance are made together with advanced medical equipment. In this way, the procedures are effective for achieving a healthy tooth structure.

Digital Smile Design

It is offered to have more aesthetic and Healthy Smiles. Designs in which the teeth will look most beautiful and the smile will be impressive are first made digitally and then applied to patients and treatment is provided.

Teeth Whitening

It includes the treatment method offered for the removal of spots on the teeth. It is among the most popular dental cosmetic treatments. In order to have more impressive teeth, the process is performed within the scope of the tone color determined.

Treatment of Dental Deficiencies (Prosthetics)

It is a unit where services are provided for the completion of dental deficiencies caused by accidents, injuries, injuries or similar reasons. A better aesthetic appearance is achieved by replacing lost teeth with healthy prosthetic teeth, as well as ensuring that the structure of the mouth is holistic.

Aesthetic Dental Filling

It is effective for relieving ailments such as caries and fractures in teeth. It also helps teeth have a more natural appearance. Because shades close to the color of the teeth are selected, the result is also more impressive.

Implant Treatment

It is a unit where implant treatments are provided to attach a tooth or bridge instead of a tooth. Especially in cases where the root of the tooth is damaged and no longer functions, it is preferred to make it possible to perform tooth or bridge treatments.

Root Canal Treatment

It is a method applied for teeth that are very badly rotten or whose care will no longer be easily treated by neglect for a long time. It is a method to repair and save a rotten or rotting tooth. Its main purpose is to clean and seal the inside of the tooth. In this way, the tooth will have a healthier appearance. It is especially effective to prevent the spread of caries to the surrounding teeth.

Dental Treatment under Sedation

It means that dental treatments that will give a lot of pain under Normal conditions are performed under sedatives. Thus, thanks to the tranquilizer, the treatment passes painlessly. Not only for large interventions, but also for those who are afraid of dental treatment, this method is applied and dental treatment is provided more painlessly.

Radio Orthodontic Treatment

It is a unit where the procedures for correcting teeth that have taken the wrong position for various reasons are performed. It is especially preferred for teeth that do not fit together, exhibit a bad appearance and also disrupt the aesthetics of laughter to get a more beautiful appearance. Thanks to the treatment of crooked teeth, the structure of the jaw will also be relaxed.

Zircon Tooth veneer

It is the treatment offered for those who want whiter teeth. Especially the method that contains very vivid shades of white is made for those who want to have impressive smiles. Thanks to its durability, it also has a long-lasting use. Along with its Ideal structure, it also prevents tooth spotting.

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