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Buca's best hospital Private Tinaztepe Hospital provides health services for its patients with advanced medical devices and specialized physician staff. The hospital, which is installed on an area of 11 thousand square meters, helps patients and their relatives to be comfortable with its large and spacious structure. The hospital, which has an agreement with various private insurances and SSI, allows its patients to receive the best service within the scope of the services it provides. By having various documents, health treatment can be obtained in many areas in the hospital, which increases its quality every day. By applying a high quality management system, the hospital is constantly renewing itself, thus making a special treatment method possible. With patient-oriented service quality, it is aimed to restore patients ' health in a short time.


Emergency Services

It is a unit where diseases requiring emergency intervention are treated 24/7. First, it is based on the process of getting rid of the patient's life-threatening situation and, if necessary, referring them to the relevant departments.

Family Medicine Specialist

Detection of genetic diseases is the section where diagnosis and treatment methods, such as creating a database specific to each patient, are presented by family doctors.

Anesthesia and reanimation

It is the section where anesthesia procedures are performed for patients who will undergo surgery. It is ensured that patients do not feel pain or pain during surgery. It is done regionally, locally or generally.

Nutrition and Dietetics

It is the section where the nutrition programs offered to eliminate diseases such as obesity, extreme weakness or diabetes are provided by expert dietitians. Special nutrition programs are prepared for each patient.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It is a unit in which diseases occurring in the brain and nervous system are eliminated by surgeons who are experts in their field by surgical methods. Interventions are made with appropriate medical devices for patients.


It is a section that contains tests for the diagnosis of various diseases. Diagnosis is provided by advanced testing methods to find the origins of diseases.

Pediatric Surgery

It is the section where operations are provided for diseases that occur in children and require surgery to remove them. Surgeries are performed by pediatric surgeons.

Child Health and diseases

Diagnosis and treatment procedures are carried out for general diseases of children up to the age of 18. Outpatient or inpatient treatment methods are provided for the elimination of children's diseases.

Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that do not require separate branches are provided, especially sections such as stomach, intestines, digestive system, inguinal hernias. Surgery options for patients are also made in the Department.


Diagnosis and treatment methods are applied to eliminate all kinds of diseases that occur on the skin. Treatments for psoriasis, eczema, skin loss, redness and similar diseases are provided.


Diabetes, blood sugar problems, obesity, thyroid, pituitary gland diseases, Adrenal Diseases, such as internal secretory gland problems are provided for the treatment unit.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is the part where injuries or innate aesthetic disorders and tissue losses are eliminated. For patients, the most accurate treatment methods are applied through advanced medical devices. Patient-oriented understanding provides the appearance that patients demand.


It is the section where endoscopic examinations and treatments are performed. It serves to detect and treat diseases that occur in the stomach and similar internal organs. Treatment methods are offered by specialist doctors in their field.

General Surgery

It is a unit where systemic and local problems are eliminated by surgical methods. In addition, procedures such as wound healing and endocrine response are also performed by specialist surgeons in their field. Support is also received from other branches if necessary.

General Intensive Care

It is the department where life-threatening patients are kept under intensive care to regain their health. Medical devices and specialist teams are monitoring patients for life-threatening interventions are being carried out.

Center for Genetic Diagnosis

It is the section where genetic problems are detected in patients and treatment procedures are performed for them. Especially for couples who want to have children, a gene map is extracted and information about possible diseases is provided.


It is the section where diseases are detected and treated for limbs and areas in the chest area other than the heart. Problems caused by the chest areas of patients, especially the lungs, lower and upper respiratory tract, are treated.

Eye Diseases

Diseases that occur in and around the eye are treated. Treatment for conditions such as vision loss, far – near vision loss, inflammation, strabismus, injury is offered by ophthalmologists.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It is the section where the treatment of diseases that occur in women is carried out. In addition to female diseases, pregnancy control and follow-up and birth methods are also carried out by the relevant unit.

Cardiovascular Surgery

In cases where diseases occurring in the heart and checkers need to be taken by surgical operation, it is the unit where surgical operations offered for these diseases take place. Interventions are made with advanced methods for patients.


It is the unit where diagnosis and treatment methods of patients with heart disease are performed. It includes treatment for conditions such as maintaining, general control of heart health, vascular obstruction, hardening or expansion.

Cardiology Intensive Care

It is an area where conditions that occur in patients caused by the heart or vessels and carry vital risks are observed. It is aimed to circumvent the patient's life risk status by being controlled by a specialist doctor and a team.


Hearing loss, otitis media, loss of sound, throat swelling, problems with the vocal cords, inability to breathe, and nasal flattening are treated for such ailments. Outpatient and inpatient treatments are offered for patients.


It is a unit that provides services for the diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and microbes. It ensures that the correct treatment methods are applied for patients by determining why diseases are caused.


Services are provided to provide the detection and treatment of diseases caused by problems such as kidney health, kidney diseases and hypertension. Control of the body's water ratio, dialysis, immune and excretory system, such as treatment is provided.


It is the department where all kinds of diseases occurring in the brain, brain stem, nervous and novelistic system are monitored, diagnosed and treated. Surgical methods can also be applied to patients if necessary. Accurate and fast diagnostic methods are applied.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is the section where healing treatments are offered for problems that have occurred in the musculoskeletal system for various reasons and reduce the patient's quality of life Nov. It is aimed to increase the quality of life of patients with the given treatments.


It is the section where close monitoring of the pregnancy process and appropriate treatment is provided in risky situations. For the baby in the womb, various detection and treatment applications are performed. It is mainly aimed to prevent pregnancy loss.


It is a unit where clinical treatment is offered to patients with psychological problems. Within the scope of treatment provided by indoctrination and drug method, depression, melancholy, restlessness, attention deficit, bad thoughts, schizophrenia, neuroses are aimed to eliminate such conditions.


It is a unit where treatments are provided to patients by indoctrination method. Treatments are offered within the framework of medical requirements for conditions such as stress, anger, loss of power, social communication disorders, and loneliness.


It is the department where various diseases are displayed using the facilities of Modern medicine. Thanks to advanced imaging devices, it is possible to understand which regions and why diseases are caused.

Medical Oncology

It is the section where cancer diagnosis and treatment procedures are performed. In this context, applications such as detection, destruction of cancer cells, chemotherapy are carried out by specialist doctors and a team in the unit.


It is a unit where problems occurring in the kidney, bladder, and urethra, prostate and genital areas in men are detected and treated. It also includes surgical methods in itself, ensuring that the necessary surgical operations are performed.

Newborn Intensive Care

It is the section where observation services are offered for babies who are not healthy for various reasons after a new birth. Modern medical devices are provided to pass the vital risk condition of infants. The department, which is kept under constant control by specialist doctors and the team, helps babies overcome their diseases.

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