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The best dental clinic in Kusadasi In the field of oral health services at international standards, established in Kusadasi, dental clinic Kusadasi special effort, with specialist staff to provide quality and reliable service continues. A location that is the lifeblood of the tourism sector also performs all dental health services with its modern service building. It provides health services in the field of plastic surgery with its services and technological infrastructure in all dental departments. Modern medical developments are closely followed in the services offered for domestic and foreign patients, and it is aimed that patients will regain their health in the oral and dental structures as soon as possible.


Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Natural and white tooth enamel can be obtained with this coating, which is used due to the perplexity of the front teeth, chipped tooth enamel, Smile Design and gaps between the teeth.

Porcelain Veneer

With this tooth coating technique, which is a permanent type of coating for Crown teeth, it will be possible to give the teeth a strong and aesthetics appearance. It is also more convenient in cost.

Panoramic Dental X-Ray

With this process, which is the method of radiography, teeth, lower and upper jaws, tissues and structures can be easily seen. Dental X-rays are better analyzed inside the mouth.


The end-wire treatment or Invisalign method is used for mismatch between teeth and bones, tooth perplexity, lower and upper jaw spinning.

Root Canal Treatment

It is the process of neutralizing nerve roots due to inanimate and functional disorders of the tooth root. Deep bruises on the roots are destroyed by needles, and they are also filled with filler and tried to return to their former living State.

Implant Treatment

In the process, which is attached to the tooth root and jawbone with titanium screws, the natural functions of the tooth are restored. They are also corrected if chewing and speech are also damaged, providing protection like Normal teeth.

Hollywood Smile

In this smile aesthetic obtained by teeth whitening, first of all, tooth stone cleaning is performed. Then, a quick treatment is performed with the most appropriate design for the facial contours.

Gummy Smile Treatment

It is applied to short-appearing teeth, long or enlarged gums, excessive growth of the upper jaw, short upper lip.

E Max Veneer

This method, which is one of the aesthetic tooth coating treatments, destroys the image disorder of the front teeth. According to the profile of the tooth and face, the most accurate coating is applied by the joint decision of the patient and doctor.

4/6 Implant

All on 4 and all On 6 are one of the methods of tooth restoration in tooth deficiency. The tooth is designed according to configuration. It is possible to get the desired image with these methods without the need for surgery.

Dental Prostheses

Dental implants are fixed and mobile prosthetic treatments that have varieties as dentures, coatings and crowns and are applied to missing dental roots.

Dental Bridge

It is the application of both ends with support from the other side teeth to remove cavities in the absence of one or more teeth. It is the restorations of missing teeth that are fixed by forming bridges.

Dental diseases and treatment

Diseases that occur in the gums for reasons such as bacteria, inflammation are diagnosed and treated. Periodontal treatment option is applied.

Tooth Extraction

It is the process of removing deep caries or 20-year teeth from the jawbone by a maxillofacial surgeon by applying local or general anesthesia. It should be withdrawn in a sterile and hygienic environment without creating a risk of infection under appropriate conditions.

Digital Smile Design

It is the planning of an aesthetic Smile Design using computer technology used in Implant diagnosis and operations. Dental angles should be adjusted in a computer environment and applied to the patient in a clinical sense.

Jaw Joint Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders occurring in jaw joints, damaged chewing muscles, head and neck muscles, systems consisting of lips and salivary glands are performed.

Implant in One Day

It is the process of applying dental implants to patients within a day and adding teeth that fully function. With this procedure, patient satisfaction is at a high level.

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is the department that treats head and neck cancers, facial pain, embedded teeth, salivary gland diseases, facial disproportionality, jaw cysts and tumors. It also performs tooth extraction, prosthetics and root canal treatments.

Bad Breath Treatment

Dentists who evaluate breath sniffing through the mouth and nose will investigate dental diseases if they are relevant to the issue. It also offers protective and therapeutic procedures, offering mouthwash and proper brushing and toothpaste.

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