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One of the best hospitals of the Medicalpark health group Private VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital was established in 2019. Established with the motto" Value Added Medicine", the hospital implements world-class advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The hospital, which serves in the concept of a hotel, offers services to guests with 7 operating rooms and more than 300 employees in a closed area of 20,000 m2.



It is the unit where first treatment support is provided in all cases that require emergency intervention, such as traumas, injuries, respiratory distress, and traffic accidents.

Mouth and dental health

Jaw surgery operations are also performed in this unit, which deals with oral, dental and gum diseases. He has many specialties such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, root canal treatment, aesthetic dentistry.

Family Medicine

Family physicians pay close attention to all members of the families for whom they are responsible for their follow-up and treatment. It helps the family together with branch physicians to prevent, diagnose and cure diseases.


Acupuncture, one of the traditional medicine practices, is an effective method used in the treatment of many diseases. This unit is the unit where the treatment method is applied successfully.

Allergy and Immunology

Realizes the necessary applications for the determination and treatment of the disorders related to the immune system and allergic diseases.


Some of the specialties of this medical science, which deals with the treatment of all kinds of pain, are headaches, pain due to cancer, back, neck and shoulder pain.

Anesthesia and Reanimation

Performing anesthesia before diagnosis and treatment procedures, keeping the health status of the patient under control during the surgery, and waking up by cutting anesthesia drugs are within the scope of the specialists working in this unit.

Nutrition and Diet

Gaining weight, losing weight, keeping fit; anyone who wants to make healthy eating a lifestyle gets the solution they need in this section.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

This unit deals with diseases of the spinal cord, brain and nervous system that impose surgical treatment. Brain tumors, hemorrhages and aneurysms are among them.


This unit, in which all biochemistry tests are applied, has an important place in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Check-Up Home Immunity Test

In this unit, where comprehensive health screenings are carried out, it is possible to identify diseases and possible risks in advance.

Pediatric Surgery

Diseases that occur in children and require surgical operation to be treated concern this unit.

Child Health and Diseases

In this unit, which is divided into many branches, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up procedures for the complaints of patients in the 0-18 age group are carried out by specialist doctors in accordance with modern medicine and the latest technologies. While the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry deals with mental illnesses, vital support is given to critically ill patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit. Pediatric Urology examines disorders related to urinary tract, kidneys and other urinary system organs in children. This includes physical and functional disorders in the reproductive organs of boys. Child Psychology, on the other hand, works to eliminate mental, emotional, behavioral and social problems in children with psychotherapy methods. Child Oncology with childhood cancers; Child Neurology deals with brain-nervous system diseases observed in children, and Child Nephrology deals with kidney disorders in children. Pediatric Cardiology deals with the cardiovascular diseases of children, and the Pediatric Immunology and Allergy unit deals with the problems related to the immune system and allergic disorders of the children. Pediatric Hematology looks at blood diseases, Child Development Specialist development problems, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, all issues related to the digestive system and nutrition, Child Endocrinology deals with hormonal disorders.


It is the unit that treats skin diseases. Oral mucosa, genital mucosa, nail and scalp diseases; sexually transmitted diseases, cosmetic and aesthetic applications are also the areas of expertise of this branch.

Diabetic Foot Polyclinic

It is the unit responsible for the treatment of foot problems caused by diabetes.

Hand Surgery

This unit deals with the treatment of problems related to hand, wrist, arm and elbow.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

The functions, diseases, hormones, metabolism problems of the endocrine glands constitute the specialty of this unit.

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Diseases caused by microorganisms are within the scope of this medical science.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Bone, nerve, muscle, tendon, joint, etc. treating illnesses; All the necessary treatments are done here so that the person can do their daily activities without difficulty and participate in business life and social life as before.


All diseases and surgical and medical treatments in the organs that make up the digestive system are in the area of ​​interest of this unit. Gastroenterology Surgery deals with the surgical treatment of digestive system diseases.

General Surgery

This unit is responsible for the successful performance of open and closed surgeries. It has many sub-branches such as breast surgery, obesity surgery.

General Intensive Care

Should be treated in intensive care

Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center

As the name suggests, this center is the addressee of needs such as evaluating genetic risk factors, revealing hereditary diseases and directing their treatment.

Interventional radiology

It is the department that uses interventional radiological methods for diagnosis and treatment.

Thoracic Surgery

It treats the diseases of the structures in the chest cavity by surgical methods. Chest wall trauma and lung cancer are examples.

Chest Diseases

It is the unit responsible for the treatment of lung diseases and respiratory problems.

Eye Health and Diseases

This unit, where eye examinations are successfully performed, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases.

Aviation Medical Center

Routine examinations of pilots and other flight personnel are carried out in this unit. The first examinations of pilot or flight crew candidates are also carried out here.


This branch deals with blood disorders. Leukemia and anemia are among them.

Internal diseases

This is often the first contact center for adult problems. It provides services in a wide range from digestive system diseases to respiratory system disorders.

Stroke Center / Unit

It is the unit responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke (paralysis) disease.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

All problems seen in female reproductive organs are within the scope of this unit. Pregnancy and pregnancy planning, menopause process, vaginal aesthetics etc. included in it.

Cardiac surgery

Surgical treatments in heart diseases are performed by this unit.


This unit also deals with cardiovascular diseases. However, the surgical treatments are undertaken by the Cardiovascular Surgery unit.


All applications are performed here in order to diagnose and treat diseases of the throat, nose, ear, head and neck, and prevent the occurrence or recurrence of the disease.

Laboratory Services

It is the unit responsible for all the analysis, examination, examination and analysis needed to diagnose diseases.

Breast Health Unit

It is the department where studies are conducted to diagnose and improve various breast diseases, especially breast cancers.


Kidney diseases are diagnosed and treated in this unit.


It is also known as a neonatal intensive care unit. It is the place where all babies who need vital support are treated.


This unit should be consulted for complaints about the nervous system, spinal cord and brain.

Nuclear medicine

It is a unit in which some radioactive materials are used during the diagnosis of diseases.

Organ Transplantation

In cases such as organ failure, the relevant organ is taken from the patient and replaced with a new one. This unit, where organ transplantation operations are successfully applied, restores many patients to their health.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Musculoskeletal disorders are within the scope of this unit.


It is the unit where tissue samples are examined and interpreted.


High-risk pregnancies are followed here.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic operations, laser applications, skin repair are among the areas of expertise of this department.


It deals with emotions, thoughts and behavior disorders.


The task of this unit is the same as in psychiatry. But the difference; this is because psychologists do not prescribe medication, only prefer treatment methods other than these. However, psychologists may refer the patient to psychiatry when necessary.


It is a unit where modern medical imaging techniques are used in the diagnosis of diseases.


The medical branch deals with rheumatic diseases.

Hair Transplant Clinic

In the clinic where hair transplant populations are successfully performed, a permanent, aesthetic, natural and healthy solution is offered for hair loss and loss.


It is the section where those suffering from infertility disease get the chance to have a child by taking the necessary treatment.


With disorders and diseases in the male reproductive organs; it is the unit that deals with the male and female urinary system.

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