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One of the most comfortable and high quality hospitals in Kocaeli Private VM Medicalpark Kocaeli Hospital, which has adopted completely person-oriented diagnostic and treatment methods, provides special services to patients with modern medical methods to help patients regain their health. The hospital, which stands out with advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, manages to make a difference in the scope of the services it offers. Thanks to its innovative technology structure, the hospital also helps to make effective treatment methods up-to-date thanks to its staff of specialist doctors who implement scientific advances in the field of Health in the fastest way possible. All health services offered individually in the hospital, which stands out with its patient-oriented service approach, are carried out within the scope of the hospital, which has high quality standards established on an area of 48 thousand square meters.


Family Medicine

Family-specific family medicine practice provides treatment services for Family risks, genetic predispositions and similar issues by specialist physicians. In particular, the services provided for early diagnosis of various diseases are of great importance.

Oral and dental health

It is a unit where problems that occur in the areas of the mouth and teeth are fixed. In order to achieve a healthy tooth and mouth structure, various services such as tooth decay treatment, canal treatment, implant treatment, aesthetic Smile Design are offered.

Anesthesia and reanimation

It includes services provided to make patients ready for surgery before surgery. Thanks to general and local anesthesia methods, patients do not feel any pain during surgery.

Emergency Service

It refers to the services provided for the protection of the general health status of people in diseases and traumas that require emergency intervention. After the first intervention, patients are sent to the relevant units.

Nutrition and diet

It is the unit where complaints about weight, extreme weakness or obesity are diagnosed and treated. Nutrition programs are created for patients together with specialized dietitians, and dietary lists that are appropriate for their health are followed.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It refers to the services provided for the detection and treatment of diseases that occur on the brain and nervous system. Various brain problems, pain and disruptions in the nervous system are fixed with the care of specialist doctors.


It includes effective treatment methods such as hormone analysis, RIA analysis, urine analysis. It covers tests applied to diagnose diseases.

Check-Up Home Immunity Test

It includes examinations necessary for early diagnosis of various diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. In short periods of time, people are provided with information about their general health status.

Pediatric Surgery

It is a unit that provides surgical operations necessary for children. Operations that are considered necessary by doctors specializing in their field are provided, and in this way, children are aimed at achieving their health.

Child Health and diseases

It covers the assessment of the general health status of children up to the age of 18 and methods of treating their diseases. Treatment is offered for patients in the group, from infants to teenagers.

Pediatric Cardiology

It is a unit that provides services for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital or later acquired heart diseases. It includes treatment methods suitable for children and covers treatments offered by specialist doctors to easily leave their diseases behind.

Child Neurology

It is a unit that provides services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the spinal cord, brain, nerve and novelties for children from birth to the age of 18. Treatments are also provided for disorders such as remittance, developmental disorders and the like that are common in children.


It is a unit where skin-related disorders are treated. Services are provided with the most appropriate treatment methods for diseases such as fungus, psoriasis, acne, acne, syphilis, eczema, gonorrhea that occur on the skin.

Infectious diseases and Microbiology

Treatment is offered against diseases caused by microorganisms. The treatment of all kinds of diseases caused by particles such as bacteria, viruses, microbes is met in the unit.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

It includes services provided for the elimination of diseases that occur in areas such as internal glands, hormonal system disorders, ovarian and testicular problems, and the inner surfaces of vessels. Other services also receive support if necessary.

Hand Surgery

It is the part where the problems experienced in the parts of the hands and fingers are fixed due to various causes that are innate or later. In addition to the treatments offered in areas such as finger rupture, distortion, nerve, vascular and tendon injury, aesthetic corrections are also made in the unit.

It includes services provided to eliminate or minimize problems of the nervous system, novelties, muscles and skeletons that are acquired later or innate with expert support. Different service methods are provided for each person and the quality of life is improved daily.

General Surgery

It ensures the elimination of systematic problems occurring in the body with surgical operations. Operations in areas such as the thyroid gland, breast, esophagus, anus, hernias, liver, and gallbladder are covered.

Eye health and diseases

It includes monitoring and treating diseases that occur in and around the eye. In this context, treatments are offered for various eye disorders, textural losses, inability to see near or Far, use of lenses or glasses.

Thoracic Surgery

It includes surgical operations offered for areas such as the chest wall, lungs, mediastinum, diaphragm, and esophagus. The department also performs surgical operations for lung cancer.


It covers the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in the lung and respiratory system. Asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough, pneumonia, tuberculosis, such as diseases, especially chest-borne diseases are given.


Medical treatment of diseases that occur in parts such as the esophagus, stomach, liver, and gallbladder is carried out. At the same time, endoscopic applications in the unit are given priority and diagnosis of diseases is provided.

General Intensive Care

It is the area where patients at risk of life are kept under observation after surgeries or treatments. In order to minimize and eliminate vital risks, treatment and observations are carried out under the leadership of specialist doctors and staff.


It includes the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases that occur in the blood. Correct treatment methods and diagnosis are offered for blood diseases that can be considered benign and malignant.

Internal Medicine

A new generation of studies includes treatments for small or large diseases that occur in areas and organs such as the upper and respiratory tract, infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, liver, stomach and gallbladder.


It is a unit that provides treatment for heart-related diseases that occur at birth or later. Diagnoses and treatments for heart disease are offered.

Cardiovascular Surgery

It includes surgical operations provided by specialist doctors in cases where diseases caused by the heart and vessels require surgery. Because it is an area that requires expertise, treatment is provided to patients by experienced physicians in the field.


Ear infections, hearing loss, hearing difficulties, runny nose, nosebleeds, nose trauma, throat inflammation, sound problems, and tonsillitis, such as diseases that enter these areas are intended to be treated.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Services are provided for the detection and treatment of diseases specific to women. In this context, it covers general gynecology, pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy follow-up, birth follow-up, birth procedures and postpartum interventions, treatment for such conditions as menopause.

Laboratory Services

It is the area where clinical tests provided with advanced technological devices are performed to detect diseases. Tests such as biochemistry tests, hormone tests, hematology tests, microbiology tests are provided.

Medical Oncology

It is a unit where follow-up procedures are performed in relation to the cancer status of patients diagnosed with cancer. In areas such as chemotherapy, pain treatment, symptomatic treatment, nutrition and diet, treatment services are provided to patients with different disciplines.

Breast Health Unit

It is a unit where treatments for conditions such as mass, lump, discharge, redness, and heat increase occur in the breast area, especially in common breast cancer. In addition, screening tests for breast health are also provided in the unit.


It is the unit where problems occurring on the nervous system are diagnosed and treated. In this context, treatment procedures are provided for disorders such as brain vascular diseases, epilepsy, headache, dementia, movement disorders, sleep disorders, novelties.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It includes the elimination of diseases that occur in the skeletal and novelistic system together with the latest technological devices. Arm, leg, spine, pelvis areas, especially bone, muscle and connected tissues that contain the entire body are treated Nov.


Child and adult services are provided. Treatment of various psychological diseases with medication and mental treatment methods are ensured. Tests such as intelligence tests for children are also provided in the field. It includes treatments for mood disorders such as depression, melancholy, depression and obsession.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Congenital or subsequent deformities are corrected by advanced medical methods. In this way, patients have an aesthetic appearance as an appearance, as well as their daily quality of life increases. It includes aesthetic interventions such as breast augmentation, lift, fat removal, tummy tuck, eyelid operations, not only for deformities.


It aims to eliminate the psychological problems of patients with indoctrination sessions without drug therapy. Treatment for disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions, traumas, and eating disorders is provided by specialized psychologists.


It is a unit where the underlying causes of all diseases are investigated and patients are informed about it. In this way, various diseases that occur on organs and tissues are correctly diagnosed and sent to the relevant units are provided.


The unit, which includes rheumatic diseases, conducts treatment and follow-up programs for these disorders. The treatments offered by specialist physicians within the scope of recent developments are applied to prevent rheumatic diseases.


It is a unit that includes work to detect many diseases along with various medical devices. In this context, X-ray, mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasonography with advanced technology devices such as the detection of diseases in the inner and outer parts of patients is provided correctly. The relevant definitions are shared with the units required for treatment, allowing the correct treatment methods to be applied to patients.

Radiation Oncology

It is a unit that includes treatments for cancer patients. It is intended to destroy or reduce cancer cells using radiation. Preventing the spread of bad cells in diseases such as cancer means reducing the severity of cancer.

Medical Genetics

Origins for the detection of genetic, familial and hereditary ties, uncovering the evaluation of rare diseases, disorders of sex development, problems that occur as a result of inbreeding, pregnancy loss, inability to have children offered treatment methods for diseases such as contains. Genetic tests for children and adults are used to map the origin of diseases and share them with the relevant treatment units.


It is a unit that offers diagnostic and treatment methods for diseases by examining the urinary and reproductive organs of women and men. Diagnosis and treatment procedures are performed by specialist doctors in the field. Detection of diseases in areas entering the reproductive system and urinary system is available using devices and test methods such as CT, MRI, USG, and VSUG.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is a unit where various ailments that occur in new-born infants are controlled, the treatment of infants who are not yet ready to come into the world as a result of preterm birth, and the first interventions are provided. Treatment methods related to technological devices suitable for the sensitive structures of infants are presented.

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