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At your service since 1996 Private Yuzyil Hospital serves to provide patients with the necessary health treatments. In this context, since the hospital has been serving since 1996, it is located in the Gebze region, making it possible for many patients in the region to have easy access. Built on an area of 11500 square meters, the hospital provides treatment services in many different areas. Advanced medical technology is used in the hospital, where services for all branches are performed fully equipped. In this way, it is possible for patients to regain their health quickly, as well as to be treated with modern methods. Continuing its patient-oriented services with its expert physician staff and experience staff, the hospital continues to offer the most appropriate treatment services for patients by renewing itself and its infrastructure every day.



It is the unit that provides the necessary health services for newborn babies. Health services are provided by doctors who specialize in their field, especially for the related conditions of babies born sick or premature. It becomes possible for babies to develop healthy by providing control and treatment.

Nutrition and diet

Obesity, extreme weakness, diabetes, weight gain, menopause, such as nutrition for different eating diseases are provided in the unit. Suitable lists are prepared for patients by dietitians who specialize in their field and the ideal weight is aimed to be reached.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It is a unit in which diseases that occur in areas such as the brain, nervous system, and spinal cord are treated by specialist doctors in their field using surgical methods. In this way, it is possible for patients to regain their health in a short period of time.

Oral and dental health

It is a unit where pain or various diseases that occur around the mouth and teeth are treated. It consists of services offered by specialized dentists in areas such as tooth extraction, caries treatment, canal, implant, porcelain veneer, Smile Design.

Emergency Service 7/24

It is the department where emergency trauma or disease intervention is provided. It is aimed that patients are at risk of life thanks to the intervention provided quickly. Treatment of patients can be provided by referring them to the appropriate units if necessary.

Clinical Psychology

It is a unit where psychological treatment is performed clinically. Treatment of the problems that patients experience, especially emotional disorders such as intense depression, melancholy, depression, is provided by methods such as drug treatment. It is provided for individuals as well as for families.

General Surgery

Apart from other units, it is a unit that offers surgical operations for injuries experienced in limbs such as arms, shoulders, legs, which occur in various parts of their internal organs. Related interventions are carried out by physicians who are experts in the field.

Anesthesia and reanimation

It is the unit where the anesthesia applications required before surgery are performed. In this way, patients are optimized for surgery. Local or general anesthesia can be applied. Depending on the surgical operation, the preference for anesthesia varies.


It is the area where tests are performed to detect various problems in the body and to provide the most accurate treatment method by sharing it with the relevant units. Along with advanced testing methods, tests are performed that give accurate results for the health of patients.

Pediatric Surgery

It is a unit where surgical operations are performed for children up to the age of 18. The operations required by the diseases of children are carried out by physicians who have expertise in this field and the necessary interventions are provided meticulously.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

It is the part where physical appearance problems in any area of the body that are innate or formed later for various reasons are resolved. It gives people the opportunity to get a more aesthetic vision. Breast augmentation, reduction, and lift services are also performed.


It is the section where skin diseases that occur in hair, nails, and skin areas are diagnosed and treated. Skin rash, eczema, psoriasis, bloating, and jaundice, paleness, itching, cracking, such as the necessary interventions are provided and then the implementation of skin protection methods is provided.

General Surgery (Endoscopy)

Detection of breast diseases, follow-up of goiter disease, treatment of colon, rectum and anus diseases, and treatment of umbilical and inguinal hernia, especially for diseases that require endoscopy is the unit that includes the treatment offered. It is intended for patients to regain their health as soon as possible.

Child Health and diseases

It is a unit where general health checks and treatment of children up to the age of 18 are carried out. It is based on protecting children's health and making appropriate diagnoses for their illness. Treatment is provided by specialist physicians in combination with advanced devices.

Eye Diseases

It is the area where diseases that occur in the eye section are treated. It includes treatments provided in areas such as vision loss, inability to see far or near, blurred vision, various inflammation of the eyes, and the use of glasses.

Infectious Diseases

Diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, microbes or viruses are treated. Test results from the relevant units are evaluated for the follow-up and diagnosis of disease-causing microorganisms.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It includes services for menopause, reproductive diseases, sexual health disorders and pregnancy conditions in women. Pregnancy follow-up and pregnancy process are also carried out in the relevant unit and birth is provided with different birth methods.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is the part where the treatment of problems in the musculoskeletal system that are innate or subsequently formed and reduce the patient's daily quality of life is provided Nov. Its main goal is to restore patients ' health or minimize loss of function.


It includes the detection and treatment of various diseases that occur in the ear, nose and throat sections. Treatment is provided for problems such as otitis media, hearing loss, runny nose, nosebleed, throat bloating, tonsils.


Appropriate treatment methods are provided for lung diseases, asthma, allergies, upper and lower respiratory tract complaints that occur in the chest area. For cases requiring surgical operations, the transfer is performed to the appropriate units.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is based on the treatment of disorders as a result of congenital or subsequent injuries; problems occurring in the muscle and tissue system using advanced medical methods. For patients, treatment methods that will improve their quality of life are provided.

Internal Medicine

It is the unit where treatment methods such as detection of cancer diseases, obesity, sugar disorder, and cholesterol measurement are presented. It is aimed to determine internal diseases first, and then to provide the necessary treatment methods and to restore the patients ' health.


Diagnosis and treatment services are provided for the correct detection of heart-related diseases and the elimination of related problems. In this context, in the light of tests such as ECG and exertion tests, accurate conclusions can be made about the heart health of patients.

Infant and infertility

It is a unit where IVF services are offered for couples who cannot have children by natural means. Along with advanced medical equipment and support, couples are allowed to have babies. Related tests for this area are also carried out by the unit.


It is the area where treatments for headaches, fainting, strokes, migraines and various sleep disorders caused by the brain and nervous system are performed. Correct diagnostic methods are used to detect patients ' problems.


It is the unit that aims to ensure that patients who experience psychological problems are healthy as part of clinical treatment. For the elimination of mood disorders, various treatment methods are applied.


It is an area where accurate detection of diseases is provided by methods such as mammography, digital X-ray and HSG. Patients ' test and treatment results are shared with the relevant units.


It treats diseases that occur in parts such as sexual organ problems, sexual diseases, kidneys, reproductive system, urinary tract seen in men and women.

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