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State dental clinic T.C. Ministry of Health Bornova oral and Dental Health Center started to accept patients in 2001 and served as a unit affiliated to Karsiyaka oral and Dental Health Center. In 2002, it continues to be treated as a separate hospital with a capacity of 20 units. As a result of the expansion, it reached a capacity of 26 units in 2007 and was expanded again in 2008. The institution, which is a state hospital, offers treatment services for oral and dental health within the framework of the latest technological developments and specialist doctors. Currently, all treatment methods entering oral and dental health are offered to patients in the unit, which serves a total of 129 units.


Orthodontic Clinic

It is the unit where dental disorders are treated. Diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities are provided by specialist doctors in their field. The unit, which also covers services applied to Children, focuses on the healthy development of the structure of the mouth and jaw. In particular, treatments are offered with various apparatus according to the determined problem.

Endodontics Clinic

It is the department where such treatments are provided, especially root canal treatment, for the protection of natural teeth. It is intended to treat damage caused by causes such as caries, tooth fractures, infection and trauma. Thanks to root canal treatment, the teeth that are in poor condition regain their former health.

Pedodontics Clinic

It is a unit where services are provided for children in the 0 – 13 age group. It is aimed to correct conditions such as caries, trauma, fractures, hereditary disorders that occur in the teeth of children in this age range. In particular, services such as the appearance of baby teeth, protection of baby teeth, filling for children are provided by specialist doctors in the field. In cases such as fractures, filling can also be done depending on the situation.

Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

It serves to eliminate hereditary or later ailments in the mouth, jaw and face area due to various reasons. In this context, shots of buried or complicated teeth, cystic tumor treatments formed in the jaw part, treatment of lesions caused by teeth located in the bone, treatment of cleft palate and lips are performed. At the same time, dental implant applications, tissue Corrections, and treatment of soft tissues formed in the mouth are also provided within the scope of the clinic.

Seizure Clinic

It is the department that deals with oral and dental health problems that require emergency intervention and remain out of working hours. Basic treatment methods are offered and urgent interventions are carried out.

Prisoner-Convict Clinic

It is the section where detainees in prisons have oral and dental health problems. Treatment is provided separately from other patients.

Restorative Dental Treatment Services

It is the unit where the treatments provided for achieving aesthetic oral structure are given. In this context, the removal of caries, yellowed or blackened teeth, intermittent teeth, broken teeth are provided. The elimination of the shape, tissue and form disorders of these teeth is carried out with advanced medical devices.

Prosthetic Services

In cases where dental treatment does not meet the necessary conditions, patients are offered prosthetic treatment. An aesthetic and healthy appearance is presented with dentures if teeth that are natural for tooth decay, trauma, injury or similar reasons come out of the mouth. Fixed or movable prostheses are offered to patients in the prosthetic services offered. In the same way, the evaluation of complaints related to prosthetics is also carried out within the scope of this unit.

Periodontology Services

Services are provided for the elimination of diseases that occur in the gums. Diseases such as the fact that the gums are too high or below, various redness, discoloration, or a sensitive structure are treated with the necessary methods. It aims to make those who feel especially comfortable with gum pain, itching or similar problems.

X-Ray Unit

Understanding the structure of teeth refers to X-rays that will be performed to detect caries and roots. Panoramic and periapical X-rays are provided, as well as computer-aided tomographs are also provided within the unit.

Patient Rights Unit

It is a unit where patients can learn what treatments they can receive in the hospital, what their rights are. Patients can receive support from this unit when they have problems with treatments or services.

Home Health Services Unit

It includes home health services offered for patients who are unable to come to the hospital. Treatments are offered for patients with disabilities, the elderly and chronic conditions. The equipment included in the treatment is also provided to patients.

Treatment under General Anesthesia

It is the unit where general anesthesia is applied for uncontrolled or disabled patients. In this way, patients experience a general state of fainting, their treatment is carried out.

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