The issues that trigger under-eye bags and under-eye darkness are quite similar to each other, but it should be underlined that these two are different problems. In many cases, the two can go hand in hand, and this can be aesthetically disturbing for people and can damage their self-confidence. However, bags under the eyes may not be as innocent as dark circles under the eyes and may be a harbinger of a dangerous condition. 

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The formation of under-eye bags is basically based on the loss of elasticity of the skin. This can sometimes be caused by aging and sometimes by slowing blood flow. Under-eye bags can be triggered by many natural physiological reasons and can also be affected by external factors. In addition to external factors such as looking at the screen for a long time, fatigue, stress, insomnia, gravity also triggers bags under the eyes. 

A healthy diet causes major changes in the bags under your eyes. If you consume too much salt and salty foods, your kidneys get tired and you may experience bags under your eyes as a harbinger of some kidney diseases. 

If you have an allergic constitution, you may experience reactions that cause itching and swelling in the eyes. You should be careful here and avoid scratching your eyes. Since the eye area has a very sensitive structure, you can irritate and damage it.

In addition to the reasons listed above, bags under the eyes may be symptoms of serious problems such as kidney, liver and thyroid hormone disorders. If you suspect you have bags under your eyes, consult your doctor immediately.

How can I get rid of bags under my eyes?

Cutting down on excessive smoking and alcohol consumption is a great place to start. After that, you can prevent the formation of under-eye bags by eating a regular and healthy diet. 

You can compensate for bags under the eyes caused by weakened collagen production by taking collagen supplements or food supplements. 

Since deficiencies of vitamins such as vitamin B (B12, B6, B9), vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E trigger bags under the eyes to a great extent, you should find out if you have a deficiency of these vitamins. You can find out by taking a blood test. In case of deficiency, you can take the food supplements recommended by your doctor or change your diet. 

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By massaging the bags under the eyes, you can accelerate blood circulation and lighten the bags. You can also relieve your under-eye swelling with a cold compress. These two applications will also lighten your under-eye bruises.

You can make cucumber and tea masks. Cucumber and tea renew the skin with the antioxidant properties in it and help it gain elasticity. In this way, it treats the main problem that causes bags under the eyes. 

If the above-mentioned options did not work and you cannot get rid of bags under the eyes yourself at home, you can resort to medical treatment methods. It is possible to get rid of under-eye bags with hyaluronic acid filling or mesotherapy applications. One of the most effective treatment methods for under-eye bags is laser treatment. Laser treatment is one of the applications where you can get the fastest results and the healing process is shorter than other applications.

If you have bags under your eyes that do not go away despite all your efforts, you can get rid of them with surgical intervention and get the aesthetic appearance you want. These procedures have started to be frequently performed and spread recently. Excess fat tissues under the eyes are removed and the surgery takes an average of one hour and is performed under local anesthesia.