Dark circles under the eyes are a discomfort that can be seen in many people regardless of age. Since it usually does not indicate a serious health problem, there is no need to be anxious. Although fatigue comes to mind as one of the reasons that trigger its formation, there are many different reasons that trigger dark circles under the eyes. 

The main cause of this discomfort that gives a tired expression to the face is hyperpigmentation. Since it is not a symptom of a major disease that will affect your health badly, it will only bother you aesthetically. 

Why do the under eyes darken?

One of the conditions that trigger hyperpigmentation is sun exposure.The pigment that gives color to the skin reproduces when exposed to the sun and hyperpigmentation occurs.

The dilation of the vessels under the eyes affects the dark appearance. At the same time, the fact that the skin under the eyes is thin or becomes translucent due to aging over time also causes it to appear dark.In addition, genetically dry skin emphasizes under-eye bruises because the accumulation of dead skin cells reveals this dark appearance.  

Triggers other than hyperpigmentation, which is a chronic bruise, can be temporary illnesses such as insomnia, anemia, liver disease or the common cold. Allergic diseases that cause obstruction of the respiratory tract are the basis of the disorders that trigger dark circles under the eyes.

It is worth noting that some skin tones and races are more prone to dark circles under the eyes. In this sense, dark circles under the eyes can be observed in people of all age groups and genders.

Let us underline that dehydration in the body also affects dark circles under the eyes. It is much more important than you think for your body to control the dehydration factor, which has the same effect as stress and insomnia.

How can you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

After determining the causes that trigger your dark circles under your eyes, you can try appropriate treatments.  

For example, after paying attention to issues such as insomnia, unbalanced diet, water consumption, you can start using care products for your eye area and try to solve it with external intervention.

First of all, try to establish your sleep pattern for a healthy life.Efficient and healthy sleep will keep both your body and your skin vigorous and protect against aging.Take care to sleep on your back for a quality sleep. 

Feed your under-eyes with cucumber slices. Cucumber contains high levels of water and vitamin C. This nourishes and moisturizes the skin. 

Reduce smoking, quit if possible. Smoking, which is the biggest reason why the oxygen in your body is not enough for you, will age your skin and trigger bruises. 

Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Use sunscreen regularly. The sun triggers hyperpigmentation. Excessive sun exposure will also dry out your skin and make your under-eye circles appear darker due to dead skin.

Make a compress with a tea bag. The caffeine in tea has antioxidant properties and helps speed up blood circulation. If you keep the black or green tea bags in the refrigerator before applying, you can get rid of the swelling by taking advantage of the cooling effect. 

By using creams rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E, you can both moisturize and lighten dark circles. Massaging the creams while applying them increases the blood circulation under the eyes and removes bruises caused by poor blood circulation. 

Make sure that the creams you use are specially produced for the under-eye area because the under-eye area has a very sensitive structure and can be quickly affected by unsuitable products. 

Treatment methods for dark circles under the eyes

There are a number of medical treatments for under-eye darkness that you cannot get rid of with the above-mentioned applications. 
Listen to your doctor's advice for the appropriate treatment for you. You can use creams containing azelaic acid, colic acid and vitamins on doctor's recommendation. 

Your doctor will determine an appropriate treatment method after determining the cause of dark circles. If the cause of dark circles under the eyes is hyperpigmentation, your doctor will recommend one of the options such as topical treatment, PRP and mzotherapy application, chemical peeling and laser treatment.

If the cause of dark circles under the eyes is darkening due to skin thinning, he/she will recommend Salmon DNA treatment, mesotherapy, chemical peeling, gold needle treatment and laser treatment. 

There are also treatments such as filler treatment. In this injectable filler treatment, collagen production is stimulated to treat dark circles under the eyes while at the same time reducing wrinkles.

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